Muhammad Ali Al Yamahi … the UAE champion in the Arab reading challenge

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Much joy was borne by the Arab Reading Challenge in its sixth session, for all who took part in it, participated in its competitions and reached its final stages at the level of the Emirates, which today witnessed the coronation of the winner. of the Arab Reading Challenge title, the largest Arab initiative to establish a reading culture among young people, which falls under Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s global initiatives, to present the challenge as a beacon that shines the path of young people on their path to resumption of Arab civilization long demanded by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, «may God protect him».

The student, Muhammad Ali Al Yamahi of Fujairah, was the happiest at the coronation ceremony of the Knights of Reading in the Emirates, hosted by the Dubai Men’s College of Technology, to make Al Yamahi the champion of the challenge in his sixth. session, performing better than 350 thousand students who participated in it at the level of the Emirates.

During the ceremony, which was attended by Her Excellency Sarah Al Amiri, Minister of State for Public Education and Advanced Technology and Chair of the Emirates School Education Foundation, and Sarah Al Nuaimi, Director of the Office of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives the organization of the Arab Reading Challenge, the second and third placeholders, namely the student, were also crowned. Muhammad Issa Al Hammadi and Ahmed Muhammad Al Hammadi respectively. Al Nouf School for Girls from the Sharjah Educational District was awarded the Distinguished School Award, while Mona Shaheen Al Hammadi from the Khörakkakkan Education District was awarded the title of “Outstanding Supervisor”.

generations read

In her speech, HE Sarah Al-Amiri stressed that the resumption of civilization requires generations of readers who have no limits to their knowledge, armed with knowledge, science and skills. She said: “This challenge creates a passion for knowledge of all kinds and sources, and which translates the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum into how to prepare future generations, to be fit for the responsibility of the way to achieve the achievements of the UAE at all levels, where the challenge is tackled With the support of His Highness and his great interest, it will be an important station in our students’ knowledge journey, and lead their passion in all stages of their development and progress. ”

She pointed out that reading was and still is a passion that fills our lives with pleasure and allows our students to learn about the world around us all the time. And she continued: “The Arab reading challenge, including noble concepts and values, embodies the message of our exalted state and its authentic human vision. Through this challenge, our beloved state gives every year to the whole nation reading, creative and ambitious generations who share their “will make a mark throughout this region, will be able to make a mark, in the humanitarian and cultural spheres, worldwide.”

Her Excellency continued: “The wise leadership of the state has placed education at the forefront of priorities over the past fifty years of the union’s life. It has also been given a crucial place in its vision for the coming decades. guidelines emphasize the need for education to keep pace with the technological and knowledge needs of the future, while strengthening the link with heritage and cultural values, and culture for the people of the UAE to consolidate the development model of the state and its global status. . ”

She added: “Students are the focus of the educational process in the UAE, and we are eager to surround them with an educational environment that enhances their abilities, develops their curiosity and learning and supports their future skills, already supported by the Arabs are reached.Reading Challenge initiative, which provided an innovative model through advanced technology solutions and the integration of smart tools with traditional teaching methods to serve students and develop their experience.Her Excellency continued: “We are proud of the results achieved by UAE students, and we look forward to more educational and cognitive achievements that contribute to the preparation and empowerment of students for the future, especially with the acceptance of the reading challenge for advanced technology solutions and its integration of smart tools using traditional educational methods to serve students and develop their experience. “

Extraordinary wishes and wishes

“Reading is the watchword in the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, for the role of this region in the future of mankind through the resumption of civilization,” said Sarah Al Nuaimi the impact of reading and its role described in the promotion. of mankind.

In her speech, she said: “The Arab Reading Challenge returns this year with the wishes of more than 22 million students, who took part in the challenge from more than 92,000 schools and 74 countries around the world, under the supervision of more than 126 000 supervisors “, note that the idea of” The challenge stems from a man who believed that the Arab person needed a real scientific renaissance, which can only be achieved by the demand for various knowledge and languages, and by the years of challenge we have been overwhelmed by hearing the stories and opinions of the supervisors in the Arab world, and they say that the Arab reading challenge has returned The spirit of the activity of reading and reading, and contributed to the revival of clubs and libraries in schools, and has restored the spirit in the Arabic language. ” Achieved by the challenge under the umbrella of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives.

She said: “This year’s edition of the Arab Reading Challenge, which is the sixth year of this competition, was an exceptional station by all standards. It was the largest, most extensive and most influential session. We are well aware that investment in reading is an investment in the future..Reading opens minds, broadens perceptions, increases curiosity, consolidates values ​​and contributes to the sovereignty of nations. ” She added: “Because the Emirati dream is the dream of every Arab, the Arab reading challenge has wandered around in all Arab countries. It gives everyone moments of reward and happiness, as this year we face the challenge across the Arab world and from there to the Arab world. Arabic speakers in the world. ”

And she continued: “The Arab Reading Challenge is building Emirati generations that achieve the goals of the 2071. Strategy. Reading is the path to the acquisition of knowledge and knowledge, and therefore it is the best investment in future youth, to get them from the skills and knowledge needed to cope with the rapid changes in a world full of challenges, and present and future generations will carry the flag of the UAE. ” To be the best country in the world by the centenary of the founding of the United Arab Emirates in the year 2071. ”

Top ten

Fierce competition observed through the challenge at the level of the Emirates, which led to the qualification of 10 students representing all cities of the country. The list includes Muhammad Issa Al Hammadi, from Al Adwaa Private School in Al Ain, Ahmed Muhammad Al Hammadi from Secondary School of Applied Technology in Ajman, and Aisha Abdullah Al Souqi from Fatima Al-Zahra School in Sharjah, Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Mansoori from the Applied Technology High School in Ras Al-Khaimah, Aisha Abdullah Al-Zahmi from Merbah Secondary School in Fujairah, Rawda Saeed Al-Kaabi from Al-Shaheen School in Al-Ain, Fatima Amer Saleh from Mariah Al-Qibtia School in Dubai, and Muhammad Hassan Al-Kfoury of Al-Shaheen School in Dubai. The Prince of Secondary Education in Umm Al Quwain, and Abdullah Muhammad Ramadan of Bida Al Mutawa School of the Al Dhafra Educational Administration.

The competition was not only limited to students, but also expanded to the challenging supervisors, where Mona Shaheen Al Hammadi of Khörakkan Education District won first place, outperformed 1,300 supervisors, and Al Nouf School for Girls of the Sharjah Education District the title of Distinguished School Among the 680 schools that participated in the challenge from across the country, in exchange for their efforts to engage their students effectively in the challenge, and to provide innovative mechanisms to empower them with reading and knowledge, and to provide various forms of support that students need to achieve the goals of the challenge and to read books that bring them the desired benefit.This is the second time that Al Nouf School has won the title of Distinguished School in the Arab Reading Challenge win.

flowing tongue

With high confidence and in an eloquent Arabic tongue, the student, Muhammad Ali Al-Yamahi, apparently expressed his joy at the taste of winning and on the throne of the sixth session of the Arab Reading Challenge, describing reading as a “” journey of thoughts ”, and said:“ Reading to me was like a journey moving between the thoughts of the great. ” He pointed out that “I was very interested in reading the books of successful people like His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who founded this beautiful initiative that gained our experiences.” Al-Yamahi, who has 200 books in completed this session, recommended to his peers the need for zeal on reading, which he said is the basis of societies and their progress, adding, “I benefited greatly from my stay at home during the” Covid 19 “pandemic, as my reading rate increased by about 40%.” He said, “I used to sit in our home library as it represents a source of knowledge.”

“Everyone who took part in the challenge is a winner, and every reader is a winner,” an expression uttered by student Muhammad Issa Al Hammadi, who discussed second place in the sixth challenge session, in his conversation with “Al-Bayan” his pride and pride in obtaining this position, and at the time himself wished that he would be able to achieve first place in the coming years, and described the competition he had with his fellow students as “fierce He said: “There is nothing impossible in reading, I have participated in the challenge since its first year until I reached this stage, and in my estimation that the challenge does not end when the awards are handed out, but the its importance lies in the ability to prepare students to face life, which is the biggest problem, “and note that he read 300 books during this session, and that the best book for him” My Story – 50 Stories in Fifty Years “by His Highness S heikh Mohammed bin was Rashid Al Maktoum, and he said, “Every page in this book has wonderful messages and benefits.”

Joy lived in the characteristics of student Ahmed Muhammad Al Hammadi, after rising to third place at the state level, especially as this is not the first time Ahmed Al Hammadi has participated in the Arabic Reading Challenge, but rather the third, as he said to “Al-Bayan” and added: “I reached the This center after many efforts, during which I worked to improve and get rid of my weaknesses, which led me to the third place, and in my assessment that participating in the Arabic reading challenge in itself is a gain, and it includes self-improvement, overcoming mistakes and improving many other aspects of life. ” Mohammed Al Hammadi, who completed 150 books during his three participations, said he benefited greatly from the challenge, and thanked His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum for launching this initiative, saying: “Thank you to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum for this initiative he made for both Emirates and Arabs, to restore the glory of the Arabs, and in my appreciation that through this challenge His Highness was able to end the era of our ancestors for us. “


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