Organization and administration: We are committed to implementing the constitution and the law in the employment mechanisms of the state’s administrative apparatus

Saleh Al-Sheikh, head of the Central Agency for Organization and Administration, confirmed that in all its work, especially in the employment mechanisms of the state’s administrative apparatus, the agency is committed to the constitutional and legal texts emphasizing the justice of employment and equal opportunities for all citizens without discrimination, taking into account that efficiency is the only criterion for filling posts. He emphasized that the Egyptian state has the right to choose the best of its citizens to hold public positions, in order to efforts to increase the level of public services it provides to citizens..

This happened during the participation of the head of the agency today at the meeting of the Social Solidarity Committee in the House of Representatives, chaired by representative dr..

The Sheikh reviewed the axes of the administrative reform plan, which consists of legislative reform, institutional development, capacity building and development, in addition to building and integrating databases and improving public services..

With regard to the legislative reform axis, the head of the agency has the articles related to employment in the Public Service Act No. 81 of 2016, in particular with regard to the promotion of the right to inclusion for all groups in society, as Article no. (13) of the Act stipulates the allocation of 5% for persons with disabilities. It also provided the discussion of some posts for those injured in war operations, revolution casualties, veterans, and those injured in military, security, and terrorist operations, according to the needs of the authorities..

As part of the agency’s efforts to implement the constitutional and legal texts in employment, Al-Sheikh said the agency had set up the Capacity Assessment Center and competitions, which are an integrated and approved electronic system for assessing capabilities without the slightest human intervention, which was inaugurated on 9 July 2019 by the Prime Minister, and 85 203 were evaluated. So far, the device has used it for several purposes, including evaluation to identify training needs, such as evaluating a number of employees nominated to go to the administrative capital, and evaluating candidates for leadership positions, such as evaluating candidates for leadership positions. in the Ministry of Local Development, the Ministry of Social Solidarity, and the Department of Social Security General taxation, and evaluation of applicants for posts at the lowest levels, such as the ministries of water resources, irrigation, agriculture and transport, in addition to the evaluation of applicants for assignment, contracting or transfer in various agencies, or the evaluation of candidates for positions of labor attachés abroad..

He pointed out that the agency is currently setting up a similar center for the assessment of people with disabilities, which responds to the treatment of various types of disabilities, and the agency has set up a committee of experts with disabilities to supervise hold on the establishment of the center, in accordance with the latest international standards..

With regard to institutional development, the Agency has adopted the executive measures of the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 1146 of 2018, as well as the decisions of the head of the executive body affiliated with it, made on the creation of some organizational divisions in the units of the state’s administrative apparatus, which are human resources that included the power to equal opportunities , information systems and transformation to consider Digital, internal audit and management, legislative support, strategic planning, and monitoring and evaluation.

The head of the agency touched on the third axis of the state’s administrative reform plan, which is capacity building and development, the revision of the axes of the training plan, which the agency developed within the framework of the national training strategy and was implemented by the agency . through its training arm, the Public Administration Center in its two branches in Salah Salem and Agouza, and targeted at workers in the state’s administrative apparatus. .. note that it consists of 5 axes, the first is concerned with the programs aimed at new employees, which is a set of programs for the basic principles of public office, and it aims to introduce the administrative concepts of deepen the new employees and refine their skills and experiences to qualify them to fulfill their roles.The first (a) and (b) levels, and the second (a) and (b), and aim to help participants provide the information and expertise needed to increase their efficiency at work. It includes several programs, including the Job Description and Evaluation Criteria Program, and the Social Insurance System Program to learn more about the Social Security and Pensions Act. 148 of 2019, in addition to the program for management and internal audit skills in public administration works and the art of dealing with the public and customer satisfaction program. Watan, the strategic planning skills program, the loyalty program and organizational affiliation in the light of the ethics of public office“.

He added that the third is as the “middle leadership programs”, which include a package of programs aimed at the incumbents of the next level of leadership positions, which are the supervisory positions held by the head of department and department manager, and focus mainly on development of management skills and behavior for administrative leaders at the level of middle and supervisory management In the government sector to ensure the construction of a second row of future leaders, while the fourth as related to a set of preparation programs for holding leadership positions, which aimed at candidates for leadership positions, and aims to develop the leaders’ awareness of the state’s administrative apparatus of economic, political, social, local and global variables, and their impact on the work environment to adapt to it Develop the necessary strategies to confront them, providing preparation programs for residents of excellent and high-grade include these positions and a general manager.

The head of the agency also reviewed the fifth and final axis of the training plan, called “A New Beginning”, related to qualifying employees who are about to retire, to hone their skills and culture in developing the direction of self-employment, their personal investment potential, expertise and experience, and assisting them in the correct planning of the retirement stage, and presented a number of success stories in this framework. Note that the national human rights strategy is included in all the training programs offered by the agency. The agency is also working to create a training platform to provide all research training programs so that all employees of the state’s administrative apparatus can receive any training they need to ensure justice and equal opportunities for all employees..

Dr. Saleh Al-Sheikh explained that the agency completed the implementation of 344 senior management programs, which benefited 7,713 employees, and 254 middle and supervisory management programs, which benefited 5 221 employees, in addition to the implementation of 244 specialized and office management programs benefited. 5 thousand and 935 employees, and the implementation of 122 information technology and computer programs, benefiting two thousand and 169 employees.

The head of the agency referred to the executive plan for the training of employees nominated to move to the administrative capital, which he implemented in collaboration with the equipment and construction taking place in the new administrative capital around a different environment to create the nature of government The development of a training plan to build the capacity of employees to adapt to the new work strategy that will be applied in the capital, and it consists of various training packages, namely basic principles, competencies , specialization and applications, and implemented in collaboration with a number of relevant authorities, and has so far completed the training of 71 954 beneficiaries..

With regard to the fourth axis of the administrative reform plan, which builds and integrates databases, dr. Saleh Al-Sheikh, head of the agency, is reviewing the national project to update the work file electronically, as the agency has finished updating the data of 3,231 thousand and 275 employees, in addition to the Taqat database, which is maintained by the agency was established with the aim of developing a map of the manpower available in the Egyptian state and includes (data from experts, consultants and trainers).

The head of the agency also spoke about the fifth axis of the plan, which improves public services, and said that in June 2019, the agency launched a website that enables employees – which is addressed by the provisions of the Public Service Act No. . 81 of 2016 or who the law represents for them the general Sharia – to know The extent of their suitability for promotion, in addition to preparing an electronic application for the requests of employees who have been delegated for 4 years and want to transfer to the units where they were delegated to.

In the context of improving public services as well, Al-Sheikh said that the agency had implemented the institutional memory project, in which it converted the data of 13 million paper documents into electronic copies, and set up a system for internal working procedures in the automate agency. , which is scheduled to be an alternative to the internal documentary work cycle, within the framework of The device’s readiness to move to the administrative capital, supported by a digital work system that adapts to the requirements of the new phase of the history of the state’s administrative apparatus.

He added that the agency also completed the creation of the digital institutional communication system and started working on it on the first of October 2019, with the aim of electronic communication with state agencies, so that it trained those involved in the bodies that the agency completed. the implementation of the national project to update the work file electronically, and provide them with a computer to (Lab Top), a scanner (scanner) and a flash (for a secure connection to the device), so that colleagues in the parties can communicate with the device electronically .. He indicated that the device has already connected with 297 parties, of which the device has received 143 thousand and 566 electronic communications to date.

The head of the agency also reviewed his government job portal, which includes advertisements for 581 government agencies, and announced a request to fill 45,418 vacancies, distributed among 3,989 job titles..

From July 2020, the agency has also compiled a monthly report that includes the topics studied during the previous month, with the names of the administrative authorities attached to it, with the possibility of inquiring colleagues with the topics in the said authorities through this link dedicated to it..

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