Our real crisis is the absence of morals in our lives Articles and studies

I imagine that the crises in which we live in our lives, on several levels, have an original cause, that is the absence of the moral and ethical side in our lives. In fact, looking at the behavior of many of us at the moment is very surprised at what has happened to many societies in the Arab world!

The truth is that morals no longer have a place, in most cases, in our reality, as if it pushes us to stay behind in all areas! Without realizing it, we replace with our original morals called utilitarian or Machiavellian ethics, which justifies the means to achieve the goal any person wants in his life, no matter how contrary to our religion, our customs and our traditions .

This is clear at the level of individuals and society, even the state. If the individual does not have moral scruples, there is no doubt that it occurs in society, and has negative and frightening consequences, and this is what we have recently noticed took part in the murders between a student and his colleague, in more than one place, and between a judge and his wife, and many other unfortunate events.

Where is the problem?

I imagine that the origin of our illness is that we do not confront ourselves with the basic problem that affects the entire course of our lives, nor do we look for an effective solution to it, and we have not, in most cases, the true will to change situations and improve morals.

And then we must reconsider our accounts and review ourselves in our morals and actions, and look with the eyes of the critic of our actions, and ask ourselves whether the absence of morals will achieve what we want, and do theoretical knowledge of those morals . without its application we benefit, or is it necessary for us to live according to our morals, to communicate and to exist with them?

Ethics is the lever of society, so when morals are present in the behavior of any society, it means that this society is civilized and seeks progress and progress among nations, just as ethics is the measure of the survival of nations and civilizations , as the Prince of Poets Ahmed Shawqi said:

Only nations have morals as long as they *** stay away if their morals are gone they are gone

The purpose of morality in Islam

Undoubtedly, the common goal in Islam is that a Muslim should adhere to good morals, and this commitment is to please God Almighty and it should not be his goal at all to be praised by people; Because it is considered hypocrisy, and the wise person should not just aim for material gain. Islam also aims to build a society based on compassion, cooperation, altruism and love of goodness for people, through good relationships with parents, children, husbands, relatives, neighbors, and all Muslims, and even non-Muslims, and even further for animals and inanimate objects, Islam, praise to God Almighty, aims to make the Muslim to reveal noble morals, and live in his shadow.

Islam is fully aware of what would happen if moral principles were neglected in society, and betrayal, deceit, lies, theft, bloodshed and invasion of holiness and rights of all kinds prevail in it. Compassion and sincerity.

Ethics and social stability

Ethics and values ​​are of great importance in achieving a kind of social stability, in which the prevailing moral rules in society are respected. The prevailing moral norms, then the influence of values ​​and social control will be greatly weakened.

And there must be zeal to explain that Islamic morals are based on the principle (no harm, no harm), that is, the moral rules in Islam revolve around not allowing a Muslim to harm himself, or to harm others does not harm, in addition to being a source of great good for the individual and the group. The educator must be aware of this and explain it in every form of criticism or slander, and with an alternative come forth from the virtuous morals in Islam, and thus he has achieved what he strives for in terms of refinement.

The role of school, media and the environment in behavioral assessment

The educational role of the school is no less important than its educational role. There is no benefit to graduating educated generations without awareness, morals or skills that will enable them to exploit that knowledge. The educational role of the school has been associated with its educational role since its inception. teaching and raising, and the matter took development until we reached. the model of the educational institution we know today, that is education and training.

One of the most important pillars of behavioral assessment for all segments of society is; The media, which should play an important and crucial role in raising the levels of correct behavior, and the satellite stations and the press should take moral and behavioral corruption seriously, and not cover up those who cause corruption in society, and provide targeted programs with a focus on good manners, good education and good example Our Islamic history is chock full of such models instead of sterile competition over soap operas and dramas that have no purpose other than entertainment.

A moral society and a good environment play a big role in establishing good morals in the hearts of individuals. If the community is a believer and a monotheistic creed, then it is morally clean, and the moral law comes in. a second degree to faith. Because morality must emanate from a faith, and the stronger and healthier the morals in a society, the more cohesive society will be.

Therefore, we can summarize the causes of the moral crisis in: the weakness of religiosity in the hearts of Muslims, the misperception of the laws, rulings and spirit of Islam, the absence of good role models in many areas, the dominance of the material aspect and worldly concerns in relationships and business, the lack of awareness programs and activities concerned with the moral aspect, and the lack of moral education in educational curricula at all levels, fail to enact regulations and laws that preserve common moral principles and values. , and impose appropriate penalties on offenders of renewed moral crimes.

compass correction

And if we want to correct the direction of the compass again, we must pay close attention to morals in our lives, to rise again, and strive to be in a situation that suits the Islamic nation, which civilization to the performed all over the world. , when it was in full force.

There is no doubt that this nation is like rain whose goodness is not interrupted and there is much good in it, and no one should judge the whole nation for its loss of good manners, corruption, or the like of unjust decisions that feel despair , frustration and despair, and this is not the way of the believer who has insight into his religion, said the messenger of Allah.God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him: (If a man says: People have perished, then he destroyed them.), but the believer warns of mistakes, treats them and thinks well of his Lord, and does not cut off hope in Him, and is optimistic to correct what has harmed others.

The truth of the matter is that one of the characteristics of civilization and sophistication is to adhere to morals and live accordingly. This is what the well-known philosopher Will Durant said in his book “The Story of Civilization” that civilization consists of four elements: economic materials, political systems, moral traditions and the pursuit of science and the arts.

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