Queenmena enters into strategic partnership with Visa

– Coinmena and Visa work together to innovate and deliver next-generation digital payment solutions

CoinMENA, the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the Arab world, has announced that it has joined Visa’s Fast Track Fintech program. With this step, the platform aims to accelerate the process of integrating the services of the world’s leading digital payment company, Visa. The Coinmena fast track program will allow the platform to take advantage of the broader coverage, capabilities and security features offered by Visa’s global payment network, known as “Visa Net”, in addition to the ability to launch a range of services exclusively Visa and provides it to Coinmena users, including the issuance of the Visa Coinmena card. and introduce it to the market.

By joining the Fast Track program, CoinMENA will also be able to work with Visa partners to develop and customize its products to facilitate crypto and cash transfers for its users. If you want to be one of the first to receive a Visa Coinmena card, hurry to register here in the waiting list: https://www.card.coinmena.com

Coinmena is a Bahrain-based cryptocurrency services company licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain. By allowing investors to link their bank accounts directly to their Coinmena portfolio, the platform offers them unconventional investment options, enabling them to participate in the new digital economy in the Arab world. CoinMENA users can also securely and reliably buy, sell, store and receive cryptocurrencies on the platform, as well as make deposits and withdrawals into their local currencies. Coinmena aims to become the first digital currency services company in the Arab world.

By joining the Visa FinTech Fast Track program, Coinmena is able to join the growing network of Visa partners and experts that can provide the solutions and expertise it needs to advance its career and business promote with the highest levels of efficiency and professionalism. Learn more about the Visa Fast Track program at https://Partner.Visa.com

Commenting on the partnership, Coinmena founders Dina Samaan and Talal Al-Tabbaa said in a joint statement: “We are delighted to enter into a strategic partnership for the next five years with Visa. of the largest payment technology companies in the world will enable us to expand and improve the trading experience Coinmena’s user base is growing day by day.

Al-Tabbaa said: “By joining the Fast Track program, Coinmena will gain access to the privileges of the global Visa network, not to mention endless opportunities for new partnerships. This news will definitely benefit us. users rejoice, especially because they will benefit from a variety of incentives, new services and greater flexibility. since when. “

In the same context, Semaan added: “Being a Fast Track program partner with Visa, we will be able to offer better payment solutions to our users. This partnership is also a great achievement for Coinmena and the entire digital sector, as it shows that the adoption and acceptance of cryptocurrencies has become the prevailing investment trend.

Alex Macrea, Vice President of Visa and Director of Strategic and Corporate Partnerships for Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said: “Visa strives to serve as the bridge connecting crypto-technology to its global network of 100 million merchant sites and 15,000 financial institutions.We are very excited to join you.Coinmena to the Visa FinTech Fast Track Program companies because of their continued growth trajectory and plans to provide innovative payment solutions.The Visa program will provide leading cryptocurrencies such as Coinmena with everything they need for fast integration, necessary financial sector knowledge and investment opportunities as well as access to the full potential of the Coinmena network Global Visa.


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Coinmena, headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain, is a digital currency trading platform regulated and licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain. CoinMENA seeks to empower established and emerging investors in the MENA region who want to take advantage of alternative and non-traditional investment options, by giving them the opportunity to participate in the new digital economy. Through CoinMENA, users can buy, sell and store digital currencies safely and reliably, as well as deposit and withdraw in their local currency. CoinMENA strives to be the most accessible, seamless and reliable cryptocurrency exchange in the region thanks to its competitive fees, high liquidity and educational approach.

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