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A happy marriage is a mixture of open communication, hard work, honesty and love, and a happy marriage can be described as being happy, content and grateful for what you have, and not expecting everything around you. ‘ a certain way will not go, as in movies and romance novels, and that is true happiness, says dr. Amal Ibrahim, the family expert for “Sayida”: Happy marriage: Two people share things equally; Though the household chores were washing dishes, doing laundry and cooking together; So that one of the parties does not feel that his presence is taken for granted or that he has a great burden, and no feelings or other matters should be hidden from the spouse, and the spouses should be honest with each other.

The foundations of a happy marriage

Commitment to the marital relationship

Commitment to the marital relationship

Thinking of marriage as a sacred bond that is hard to break is the solid foundation for achieving marital happiness. Just thinking about divorce or separation puts a lot of pressure on the marital relationship; Even if it was just a thought, and these thoughts were never expressed … Also, thinking about how to improve marriage is much better than thinking about what life will look like after divorce.

Mutual respect between spouses

You should always, whether you are a man or a woman, think of the best qualities of the partner, and give up and try to forget the other bad qualities; Man is by no means perfect. This constant remembrance of the qualities of a wonderful person who made you marry him will help you to strengthen the relationship between you, and to just express love is like ‘ place some deposits in the bank; You may not make withdrawals without making any deposits; So always make sure you love and respect your partner no matter what the issues are.

Regular communication is an important factor in a happy marriage

Communication is one of the most important foundations of a successful marriage; So, talking openly about your life, interests, dreams, frustrations and feelings is an important way to improve the marital relationship, to enjoy a happy marriage. It is also important to listen to your partner as he expresses his thoughts; So you can set aside 30 minutes a day to communicate without any interruptions or distractions.

– Organization of financial affairs

Communication between spouses to develop a plan to handle money, by drawing up a special budget to meet the needs and wants, is important, and to provide funds for the purchase of gifts, entertainment or other activities that can contribute to the improvement of the marital relationship.

Give personal space

You need to balance the times you bring together and the times you both need to be alone or do things you love, such as spending hours with friends. The key to marital happiness is that you both make a real effort to spend quality time together while making room for each other.

To express love

Keeping the flame burning in a happy marriage, by continuing to express love and flirtation, can also make time for a date night every week; Even if it’s just for a walk or an ice cream, if money is a concern. Also try to leave small love notes for your partner; Where he can get it, make him coffee in the morning, or buy him one of his favorite things.

Tolerance is the most important foundation for a happy marriage

Tolerance is the most important foundation for a happy marriage

Tolerance is one of the most important foundations of a successful marriage. Often marriages begin to fall apart when one harbors a grudge against the other; So try to forgive your partner as soon as possible, and remember that forgiveness is a gift you give yourself; Keeping resentment takes up mental and emotional space, and affects your health and stress levels. Choose a spirit of tolerance and you will reap the positive benefits such as better sleep and stress relief.

Do not try to control and control

In a happy marriage, both partners enjoy mutual respect for each other, and marital problems often arise from the attempt to impose control and supervision over the other, and the process of control is done by observing each other, and the freedom of the other to limit; Therefore, the spouses should avoid the idea of ​​control, censorship or control, and try to strengthen the bonds of the relationship through mutual trust to achieve family stability.

– Learn how to solve differences

One of the foundations of a successful marriage is knowing how to solve problems. Happy couples have learned how to get out of conflict, or how to rectify the situation before the argument gets completely out of control. There are many ways that can help solve marital problems; When an argument is sharpened, for example, you can use humor or try to calm things down, looking for common ground. Generally, when a disagreement worsens, take a 20-minute break; Until you both are completely calm.

– Focus on the positive

In marriage in general and during the discussion of problems, we find that many couples try to seek out the negative aspects of their spouses, but in a happy marriage; The partner is always looking for the positive, and from this point of view we find that marital problems find their way to disappear, and this is one of the foundations for achieving family stability.

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