The Chinese Ambassador visits the Technical School for Maintenance Technology in Medi


Monday 04 July 2022

I wrote – Mennat Allah Abdel Rahman:

Dr. Mohamed Mujahid, Deputy Minister of Education for Technical Education, received Ambassador Liao Liqiang, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Cairo and his accompanying delegation where they visited the Advanced Technical School for Maintenance Technology in Nasr City, within the framework of cooperation in the field of technical education between the two countries.

This visit comes within the co-operation protocol that includes the establishment of a workshop “Le Pen-Egypt” at the Advanced Technical School of Maintenance Technology in Nasr City, with the Education Commission of Tianjin Province of China, which aims to create a modern model. for technical education reform focusing on the development of students’ innovation faculties Le Pen – Egypt by adopting learning methods based on the development and practice of engineering innovation, and preparation for participation in the activities of regional and international skills competitions, especially in the fields . of digital metalworking technology and car maintenance and repair technology.

Dr. In his speech, Mohamed Mujahid greeted dr. Tarek Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education conveyed to the Ambassador and the accompanying delegation, emphasizing the depth of friendship and strategic relations between the Egyptian and Chinese peoples, and the importance of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping in cooperation between the two countries in all fields, especially The field of education, exchange of experiences, and the development of technical and vocational education; To increase the competitive skills of technical education students.

The Deputy Minister explained that this school was established in 1996 to graduate students who specialize in the maintenance of health, construction and electrical works for buildings and facilities. It is a boarding school attended by leading students who have completed the basic education period with honors. He pointed out that the school now has about 670 students distributed in the following nine majors: Energy Solar, electronics, furniture joinery, construction and building, water networks, computer networks, electrical machines, machine industry, car maintenance.

Dr. Muhammad Mujahid added that the study system is being developed to comply with the 3 + 2 system, where the courses of the first three years are built to be based on the methodology of competencies, while the courses of the fourth and fifth years cover advanced technologies in the specialization in addition to some basic sciences that help the student when Postgraduate enrollment at engineering colleges or newly established technological universities.

The Deputy Minister of Technical Education has indicated that this school has been selected since 2019 as the headquarters of one of the two Chinese Luban workshops in Egypt, which in collaboration with the Education Commission in Tianjin, China by Tianjin Technical College of Light Industry and Tianjin Technical College or Transportation, and Luban workshops include advanced technological equipment and courses in the fields of autotronics that serve the field of modern automotive maintenance and CNC machining.

Dr. Mohamed Megahed explained that the vocational education practices and learning methods we saw in Le Pen’s workshops inspired the reform of Egyptian technical education on basic pillars, including quality assurance, confidence in the methodology of merit, partnership with the private sector, and innovation and encourage entrepreneurship, and explain that the establishment of two workshops (Le Pen – Egypt) is a precedent, the first of its kind, indicating the high position that Egypt enjoys on the Chinese side, and an appreciation for Egypt their role in Africa.

The Deputy Minister added that Le Pen’s workshops are currently being used to implement advanced study programs in a 3 + 2 system, first 3 years: car maintenance and repair technician + 2 years: senior vehicle autotronic technician (Luban) from September 2022, and second : 3 years: metal operator + 2 years: Senior Technician, Programming and Operation of Numerical Control Machines (Lebanon), from September 2022.

Dr. Mohamed Megahed said that cooperation between Egypt and the People’s Republic of China in the field of technical education is not only limited to Le Pen’s workshops, but we are currently working on the signing of a comprehensive agreement between Shenzhen Polytechnic, the Directorate of Education in Luxor and the Technical Education Sector of the Ministry of Education and Technical Education aimed at developing three technical schools In the field of industry, agriculture and hospitality in Luxor, most of the required approvals from each of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and international cooperation has been completed in Egypt, and it is expected that this agreement will be signed in September 2022.

The Deputy Minister noted that the Chinese language will be made available as a second foreign language to students from 11 general education middle schools, and this school is a technical school, from September 2022, with the help of experts from China and young teachers from graduates of Al-Alsun and Chinese language teaching faculties, and preparations are underway Chinese language curricula The Chinese language is expected to be available to students from the three technical schools in Luxor after the implementation of the collaboration agreement with Shenzhen Polytechnic.

Megahed added that consultations are currently underway to launch new areas of cooperation between Egypt and China in line with the nine objectives of the eighth FOCAC agreement signed in November 2021, which deals with the vision of cooperation between China and China. Africa until 2035, and we look forward to signing twin agreements between technical schools in Egypt and their counterparts in China in the future.

In turn, the Chinese Ambassador, Liao Liqiang, expressed his happiness and pride in visiting the school today and meeting experts in education, who play an important role in strengthening cooperation in the field of vocational education, and emphasized the depth of relations between the two countries, as Egypt and China enjoy an ancient civilization, and there are projects between the two countries mutual and mutual benefit, noting that opinions have been exchanged with the Deputy Minister, to improve cooperation in the field of technical education.

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