The conflict of ministerial portfolios slows down the formation of the Lebanese government

The National Current says that it supports the rotation between all ministries and that it does not meet “energy” (Hussein Baydoun)

Consultations between Lebanese officials to pave the way for the birth of the new government have so far made no progress, given the ongoing battle between President Michel Aoun and the designated Prime Minister Najib Mikati over some ministerial portfolios, led by the Ministry of Energy, whose change Mikati made to the presidential team and who was not satisfied with it.He was succeeded by the head of the “Free Patriotic Movement” LP Gebran Bassil.

Attention is focused on the third meeting that will be held between Aoun and Mikati since his assignment on June 23, and it comes after a series of sharp mutual positions on the “two fronts”, which begin at the gate of the leak of the cabinet has. formation, and was completed with the statement of the designated president of Diman, the headquarters of the Maronite Patriarchate, the day before yesterday. to form government.

On Saturday, after his meeting with Maronite patriarch Bechara Al-Rahi, Mikati launched sharp positions in which he addressed messages to the presidential team, which “can not say I want this and that and impose the conditions thereof, and he “announced that he does not mention his name” the prime minister, does not want to participate in the government, and does not want to give it confidence, “as he put it.

In turn, in his Sunday sermon, Maronite patriarch Bechara Al-Rahi issued remarkable views by demanding, in addition to forming a new government, the election of a new president of the republic before the end date of the republic. president’s term (end of October) with a period of at least one month or at most two months, indicating that the Lebanese people are waiting for the president to be promising. Lebanon is being ripped out of the ground that the political community, whether ruler or bystander, has brought about.

The Central Committee for Information and Communication in a statement on Sunday called on Mikati to leave the decision not to form a government and to form a government in accordance with the principles and constitution, and note note that the President-elect has no intention of forming a government. government, and asks: “How can he allow himself to address the President of the Republic of Diman that he may by giving his opinion on two or three names in a government of which he is a full partner according to the constitution to form?

Mikati presented a cabinet series to President Aoun last Wednesday that was quickly leaked to the media amid an exchange of accusations about the party that took this step and his disruptive intentions, which Mikati insists on “removing” him and to replace with Walid Sinno. of the Sunni sect, known for its opposition to the Covenant.

Senno was recently accused by supporters of “Hezbollah” and “Amal Movement” (led by Nabih Berri) and their media circles of calling for normalization with the Israeli occupation, following positions he had launched in connection with with the file of maritime border demarcation and national wealth.

According to the information, the designated prime minister does not hold Sinno and accepts talks with other names, but he places a kind of veto on Fayyad in particular, and he does not stick to the whole cabinet line and is open to President Aoun’s remarks, therefore he is eager to meet him in detail and hopes to work together to expedite the formation process.

The circles of Aoun’s team began to focus on the importance of rotating ministerial portfolios and not holding on to energy, but in exchange for acquiring a “fat” ministry, led by the Ministry of Home Affairs, which Mikati considered part of his share.

Former Mikati bloc deputy Ali Darwish told al-Araby Al-Jadeed: “The government’s path will be set in the coming hours. Either things will take a calm direction or they will go somewhere else. , and we hope for the first and correct path to form the government, while Presidents Aoun and Mikati remain the first to be involved in this process. ” .

Darwish indicates that there is a discussion of five basic ministerial portfolios and other matters requested by President Aoun, but in summary, President Mikati wants to maintain the formula of balance that exists in the caretaker government in the proposed government, because to any to enter full bazaar months, while only 4 of them remain To elect a new President of the Republic.

Darwish does not place Mikati’s move at the level of the Ministry of Energy in the circle of provocation, confrontation, or previous intention to disrupt; He rather points out first of all that the reason for his choice of a personality is far from the present that the latter is the one who announced that he does not want to participate in the government or give it confidence, therefore he proposed to except that the electricity file was inflated in Lebanon and Mikati decided to make a break in it in light of the stalemate that particularly affects him The Ministry of Energy has been in the path of the political trend for many years.

A leading source in the Free Patriotic Movement told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed that “President Aoun does not completely reject Mikati’s cabinet formation, although he prefers it to be expanded and open to discussion with the incumbent president, and it is a constitutional right for him as co-author, and he is expected to present it in a new format after making amendments to it.

He added, “It is not true that Bassil is the obstructive party, as the formation in which a clear and honest provocation was presented, first with the personality he also chose for the Ministry of Energy and his sect, while Mikati publicly announces that he is reporting to the Ministry of Finance (Amal Movement) and he has elected a party and a former affiliated MP.Hare is Yassin Jaber, and that this bag is out of research to avoid problems he does not does not want to continue now, and it has been proven that the current is not an obstacle or obstruction and a set of conditions. ”

On the other hand, the source indicates that the current is with rotation in all ministerial portfolios, and therefore does not stick with the Ministry of Energy, but the team represented by a weighty parliamentary bloc in Parliament must be basic and sovereign ministries, indicating that it is not acceptable for Mikati to put red stripes on some ministries, and others spread to the blocs that mentioned it, as if he were punishing the current for not mentioning it.

He pointed out that the movement linked its participation in a program of work to be done by the Mikati government, in particular the economic file, and to take a stand on the Governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon, Riad Salameh , and did not close the door. on his representation therein.

At the level of political meetings, the banner of the visit by the head of the “Progressive Socialist Party” Walid Jumblatt to Ain al-Tineh yesterday, Sunday, to meet Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, and he expressed his hope in his statement that some parties within will not impose impossible conditions regarding the formation of The Government, noting that Jumblatt’s parliamentary bloc has announced its non-participation in government and its provision of all support to assist authors.

Mikati kept Abbas Al-Halabi in the new formation at the head of the Ministry of Education, which is affiliated with the “Socialist”. He also chose another Druze figure for the Ministry of Industry, represented by businessman and industrialist Walid Assaf, who had given Jumblatt his name to a government in an earlier period, but he apologized for not doing so at the time. did not participate due to special circumstances.

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