The wife of the martyr, the deputy sheriff of the department of Kerdasa: The martyrdom of Amer, I saw him two years before his departure and saw him enter the gates of heaven

The wife of the martyr Amer Abdel-Maqsoud told Al-Ahram Cooperative: I hope to raise the issues for the wives of the martyrs, especially the vision of children and the personal status law

He refused to take the oath and defended himself to the death, calling me minutes before his death.

Martyr Amer Abdul-Maqsoud asked to be tortured with honor and honesty. His absence “is still a pain for us” despite the passage of 9 years

He was the Hafiz of 10 parts of the Koran, the captain of the Tarsana club and an Arab sheikh

Despite his martyrdom, he tied my shoulder while I collapsed in front of the Kaaba.

Soon, the security forces completed the distribution of the Rabaa al-Adawiya and al-Nahda sit-ins in August 2013, until the snowball rolled outside the aforementioned two places, to transport blood to other areas committing the crime and bloodshed of the terrorists Brotherhood, with calls to kill the police and the army in response to the spread of the sit-in. Although through him they disrupted the roads and disturbed the peace of life.

The language of revenge was present that afternoon at the scene of a gathering of a number of Broederbond youth and terrorist groups around the Kerdasa police station. The criminals attacked the station, armed with several heavy weapons, including RPGs, even stones, and through Molotov cocktails, set them on fire inside to force the officers and soldiers to leave. And when these people clung to their places, and chose to hand over martyrdom to a handful of evildoers, they smashed the doors and mutilated them before being killed by evil murderers, and the death toll was 14 officers, assistants and soldiers who in a bloody scenario when martyrs arose.With hands and solid bodies, no one forgot the scene of the criminal Samia Shanan who responded to the latter’s request for a drink of water, in order to give him a bottle of fire water which his stomach burned, then they cut the veins of his left hand and walked with him while he was fighting death through the streets of Kerdasa until he breathed his last.

In these days, as we live to commemorate the June 30th Revolution, we were eager to engage in a dialogue with Drs. Naglaa Sami, the wife of the martyr Colonel Amer Abdel Maqsoud, the deputy commissioner of the Kerdasa department, who was treacherously murdered. in the hands of terrorism. After leader Gamal Abdel Nasser stormed the group in an attempt to eradicate it from society in 1965, and after the famous incident of Manshiyya and the execution of the Brotherhood guide Sayed Qutb, the group took refuge in the “butterfly plan” which means that the organization’s methodology must be changed from confrontation to flattery and try to penetrate societies where the rate of education is low and ignorance and illiteracy abound like Kerdasa, and apply it by poison in honey sit, spread his extremist ideas and raise new generations to hate the state … The rest were in the following lines …

After these years of the martyrdom of the hero Amer, what are the changes that have taken place in the family in particular and in Egypt in general?

The last hours in the life of the hero Amer Abdel-Maksoud were difficult, he felt that he had been in danger since June 30, we were in the north coast, me and the boys because he was threatened with death, we are with him , but he did not want to worry me, and he took us to the north coast from 2/6 until he is far from us. He threatened his death threats, and Assad stood in front of the department today, and they came to Kerdasa Department, a group of terrorists to besiege the department. I remember he intervened with journalist Wael al-Ibrashi , may God have mercy on him, and ask for support for the department, and that they are trapped within the department, and since this difficult moment he knew of his voice And the countdown began to take revenge on the hero, because he is a symbol of the Ministry of Home Affairs and I was always afraid of my cousin, my beloved and my dear husband. I look he goes into Paradise, and everyone who enters through the gate of Paradise sees a paradise more beautiful than the one before it, until he reaches the seventh gate of Paradise, and our Lord spoke to him and for said to him, “Wish for me, my servant.” Then I told him what you asked for.

Tell us about the last hours of the martyr Amer, moments before he went to work?

Amer has been aware of the extent of the danger since the day of 30/6. I was afraid of him because we did not separate for a moment, and on the fourth night of dispersal and revival it was on August 13, 3013, our 21st wedding anniversary, and I was waiting for him to go out with him, but he was on his way, the warden of the department called him and asked to return to the oath again, and he promised me that he would come the next day to bring me a surprise that would shake my being, and then attacked the oath is, I asked him to leave the oath and walk, but he completely refused and told me I can not leave a place responsible for protecting it.

Did the martyr realize the extent of the danger on the day of the spread of the Rabaa and Al-Nahda sit-ins?

The moment Amer was tortured, I watched all the events, and when I asked him to leave the department, he vehemently refused. To him last time and he recommended me to my sons Ahmed and Alaa and said: Pray for me, Najla, that you see me again, and I shouted with him that I want you and my children, but he has reassure me, do not be afraid, come back, Najla, and if I die, I will be awarded the certificate with honor and honesty The martyrdom of Brigadier General Amer Abdel-Maqsoud, the Deputy Commissioner of the Kerdasa Police Department.

How did you and the family feel when they received the news of the martyrdom of the hero Amer?

The news of the martyrdom came upon us like a thunderclap, and I had a stroke at the time that left me speechless and unable to move from the shock.

What are his interests in sports, cultural and social life?

Amer was an officer and a well-known football player at Al-Tersana Sports Club. He was loved by all people and his biography preceded him and served all people and at his age he never gave up his duty towards his work in which he spent everything he did not leave his life or any creature and loved the young before the old has.

We know he’s close to you about the romantic aspect that brought you together about the idea of ​​the marriage project, and how was the martyr as father and husband?

Amer was the love of my life, may God reconcile between us and be born with us a love that no one thinks.I did not imagine my life until his absence for 9 years and he is not with me.I have not sleeping in me. room until now for 9 years.I still sleep in the reception and did not enter my room until I met him.Negativity is a positive energy in science.Amer was a sports enthusiast, interested in between his work and the club.He won the Egypt Cup in 86. He was a professional player. He was a midfielder. He was loved by everyone in the Tersana club. All Egypt mourned for him. Amer was a husband and father in the sense of the word. He was beautiful in everything. He was a boy a True death. He was an approachable servant and was elegant in every need. His time was already up for his job. I could not see him even after his return from Fayoum after a 10 year absence. He came to Cairo after the January 25 revolution to stay with us for two and a half years until his body was proposed and wetted with a hundred fires while fasting for something ugly. His death is so horrible.

What about his relationship with him?

Amer was a hafiz of the Holy Qur’an 10 parts and prayed in time. The terrorist Brotherhood considered Amer going to them, but he replied that I was an officer. My concern is to secure my place. I came to provide services only and not with legitimacy or others. He was baptized an Arab sheikh in Kerdasa to solve the problems of revenge between people and some of them were All people love him but he never submits to them. Amer was a true hero who did not fear. dead for the last moment.

Was the verdict proportionate to the retribution, or did the verdict have to impose greater punishment on the sinful offenders?

The decision, regardless of his age, will not bring my husband back, but the Egyptian court is exalted and just is his right with our Lord alone, but my beloved husband did not come to me again except when I met him and told of his heroism, why and I say that all Egypt speaks of you, my dear martyr.

At the level of responsibility does the state stand with the families of the martyrs, or are there negative spots that represent ambiguous spots?

The state has never fallen short, nor has the Interior Ministry, of course, because of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s directives to respect the families of the martyrs. dear Egypt commanded.

What does the June 30 revolution represent for you and your family as a whole?

The June 30 revolution is a real revolution to rectify what happened in the January 25 revolution, a popular revolution that wanted stability. Everyone said yes to continuity and progress. He said no to terrorism with all its supporters. The people came down with a popular will and chose the president who left Egypt out of a dark tunnel We could have been Iraq, Syria or Libya but the presence of the president It came at the right time.

Mentally, did the martyr Amer appear to you after his death in a dream or even in a waking dream?

Amer was the first time I saw him, I swear to God, during the Hajj of the Ministry, giving it to the family of every martyr I saw in the Ihram clothes, and I collapsed in the Kaaba. Before you cry and do not grieve, I am in a much nicer position. Keep in mind about yourself and Ahmed and Alaa. Every time I feel he is horrible, I run to the cemetery and talk to him as if he hears me and I feel that he is waiting for me Every opportunity I sit with him in Ramadan, Eid, Martyrs’ Day and Police Day, I feel he wait for me with longing and talk To him and I cry so hard because I lost him and I miss him so much

President Sisi honors the martyrs, what are your comments on this position of the president?

I would like to talk to President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, but I was not lucky enough to talk to him, but I saw him like that once on International Women’s Day, but in the end I did not talk to him. him not spoken. .

Want to raise an idea about the families of the martyrs or Egyptian public issues?

My idea for the boys of the great heroes is that they participate in the youth festival because it is their right to participate in the youth festival and the president enjoys them because they all have hopes and ambitions as youth and every election period there must be the women of the martyrs in each period until each one presents any suggestions with which we serve the citizens and each time new faces with ideas New, I have seen many problems for the wives of the martyrs and their families because of the vision for the children. status laws must be changed.In the end, we all redeem dear Egypt.President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi honors the righteous son of Egypt.

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