To expedite a rescue government and to elect a President of the Republic within the time limit

The Metropolitan of Beirut and its Greek Orthodox Dependents, Archbishop Elias Audi, held the mass service at the St. George Cathedral in Beirut.

After the Gospel he delivered a sermon in which he said: “Today’s Gospel begins with a reference to an important organ in the human body, which is the eye. The Lord our God describes it as a lamp, and we know that the lamp is a tool we use in the darkness to be illuminated by the guidance of its light.Why is the eye a lamp? If we close our eyes and try to get up By any work, we will it cannot achieve that. ” The Lord continues with his statement: “If your eye is simple, your whole body will be bright. And if your eye is evil, your whole body will be dark. And if the light is in your darkness, how dark is it not!” ! ” Here the Lord Jesus not only speaks of the physical eye, but connects it with the eye of the soul, and to the mental state of man, from a member of the human body the eye represents a window to the human soul For example, if we want to know the extent of the other’s sincerity, we look into his eyes, and when he looks away, we know that he is not speaking the truth, and when a person wants to realize the other’s love for him he looks into his eyes.Then we go through the eye to dig into the depths of the human heart and soul.God connects the eye, between simplicity and evil, between light and darkness.

He added: “God created man in his own image and likeness. Therefore, every man should treat the other as if he were dealing with a divine icon. He should be simple in his vision of the other. He should not be in the other does not see. others only his good deeds, blind his eyes to his sins, and reflect it. ” The matter is in his view of himself, so he does not care about his personal belongings, so that he does not fall into pride, and he sees his sins so that he learns repentance and humility.According to our view of the other, we must remember the tenth commandment: his donkey, and not all that is your neighbor’s ”(Deuteronomy 4:13). We must also remember the words of the apostle Paul: “Love is not envious” (1 Corinthians 13: 4). The word of God is “evil.” A greedy, jealous, and malicious person whose soul has deviated from love cannot help but be evil, for evil has obscured the light within itself. Sometimes a person allows Satan to sow seeds of evil in the human soul, and then feeds those seeds until they take root. and rise, and cover the sun of divine grace. Divine grace is not absent from within man, but some people, with their personal freedom, prefer to live in the darkness and shadows of God. To die, the death of sin. If someone becomes a slave to his own sins and desires, “How dark is it not!”

He continued: “The darkness in which we live in our country is due to the evil dark eye. The citizen sees in his brother the citizen nothing but prey, so he monopolizes, raises prices, suppresses and strengthens, and instead of pouring out his the right place for deliverance and ascending from the well we find him deepening the gorge of death to be buried.His brother and only he lives.And manipulating those with power and money the fate of people in this wounded land and exploit them.Is not darkness we have reached because of the evil eye? What is the darkest thing that still awaits us? The Lord Jesus continues in today’s Gospel to say, “You can not worship God and money.” The person whose eyes are simple and light and who sees a divine image in the other, truly worships God. As for the one whose eyes are darkened and evil strikes his essence, he sees in people nothing but their money and possessions, and does not work except for his own benefit, until he guarantees himself a life, which he thinks is worthy, except It is based on the humiliation of the image of God that exists in people. “

He said: “Greed destroys nature, with all its elements. Man’s uncomfortable desire to multiply possessions and spend more than he needs has disturbed the balance of the environment, nature and society. The solution to this problems do not lie in theories, but in useful action, in dealing with the disintegration of the inner man from whom the official handles his greed for power and his attachment to positions and positions and exploits them for personal purposes, most of the problems will be solved because it will lead to the emergence of sympathy, love and respect for the other, each other.Or he died without medicine … If contentment, love and compassion triumph, and the love of money and power disappears among everyone, citizens and officials, will have taken the first step towards reform. ”

He added, “Our problem in this country is the empty evil eye that leads to the worship of money and the denial of God. For our country to rise again, we need human grace to bring God’s blessing on us with His to deserve divine mercy. Leaders and officials must be merciful to the people, and people must be merciful to one another. ” Our country is collapsing because every captain, trader, bloc, party or official is doing nothing but burdening citizens with burdens beyond their means and enduring despair in their souls. Great hope because of the flawed political life it observes. Divisiveness, inequality, loss and lightness in dealing with a very dangerous situation that worries the Lebanese. Opportunities are lost, despair takes root in the souls, and those who are called to change. still plodding without landing on the harbor of understanding and solidarity and to arrive at a clear and effective plan of action.To get out of their pride, selfishness and interests, and only to the interest of the country and welfare of the citizens to watch. They have a merit that goes beyond the formation of government, which we hope will be put together as soon as possible from people who just want to work, serve and contribute to the nation. Rescuers who do not cling to a particular pocket, or strive for a position and authority, or consider or want to disrupt a plan. Today is the time to expedite the formation of a government that carries a clear plan for salvation, a government that is at the level of the difficult circumstances and the great concerns of the citizens, with no portfolio dedicated to a sect or party, nor a portfolio to appease a party or party, but a government composed of ministers whose competence, experience, patriotism, morals and integrity are undoubtedly.Their concern is to waste time, even if it a little.

He continued: “The next right is the election of a president for the country, and the House of Representatives must perform its duty according to the provisions of our country’s constitution, elect a president within the specified period, intensify its meetings and engage in oversight and legislative work, so that democratic life flourishes again and bears fruit. “

And he concluded: “Finally, the Lord calls us to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, then everything will be granted to us. We do not reach the kingdom individually, and we do not complete the righteousness of God without a balance, which is the love of others.Therefore, our call today is to work for the establishment of love and all divine virtues on this earth and among our fellow men, and then God will fulfill all that we need without asking. ”

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