With “Doomsday Shelters” .. prepare countries for the Third World War scenario by building underground cities

Global panic among the inhabitants of the planet, especially with the deteriorating situation between Russia and NATO against the background of the Russo-Ukrainian war, which some see as a prelude to a third world war, in which each party its nuclear and technological weapons may use to destroy the life and destruction of mankind.

In this regard, many European and foreign countries resorted to the establishment of many shelters in what are known as “Doomsday Shelters”, to take precaution and protect their citizens in the event of a third world war. In the following lines, we review the most important information in this regard.

“Doomsday Shelters” A Special American Idea

Doomsday Shelters are private American shelters built by Rising S, Texas, who have been building shelters for over 20 years, and these shelters protect people from nuclear bombs, and are designed of steel, and are buried underground to a depth of up to 3 meters, and the demand for the purchase of these shelters in America in less than 14 days increased by about 10 times, especially after the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine. And Italy, and others from Denmark and Canada, and citizens demanded the “Rise. S ”company for more accurate information regarding its prices and how to build it, according to statements by the company’s director.

The company responsible for building these shelters said according to previous statements that some of these shelters contain bedrooms and elevators, and others contain recreation rooms that include swimming pools, saunas, theaters, cinemas, shooting ranges and bowling alleys. , these shelters are sold at prices ranging from 40,000. The Doomsday Shelters can accommodate up to 44 people, and the list of customers who are reluctant to buy these shelters includes major political leaders, celebrities in arts, sports and technology companies, in addition to the Ukrainian army.

Sweden creates ‘shelters for everyone’

Sweden, on the other hand, has begun building more than 65,000 shelters for a capacity of seven million people, hospitals and rocky rooms with military command centers, and Sweden’s slogan differs in this area “shelters for all”, not just for the government not. and the army, and it recommends to turn to the nearest shelter at the time of warning Until the end of the warning is heard. In addition, France established 1,000 shelters, including 400 for special groups and 600 for the army, which are modest numbers that are not sufficient for a country with a population of nearly seventy million people after the start of the Russian war in Ukraine has requested requests for ready-made shelters received by the company a French leader in this field, with 700 applications, and the shelter areas range from six square meters to 100 square meters, and their prices start at a cost of 150 thousand euros, but they will only be delivered to their owners after four months, and possibly after the destruction of Basra, and some residents turn to digging shelters in their home gardens to protect them from storms, hurricanes and bombings.

Increasing demand for shelters in Germany

In Germany, the only manufacturer of private shelters reported that it had received an unprecedented number of orders since the outbreak of the war.

Mario Peid, CEO of German BSSD, told local media that the company receives more than 1,000 calls a day, noting that people are terrified and that “this has been the case for six weeks.”

The magazine noted that the German government had announced earlier this month that it would start pumping money to strengthen shelters in the country in anticipation of any war.

There are now 599 public shelters in Germany, and we are studying whether we can develop more of them, German Interior Minister Nancy Weser said earlier this month.

Chinese city underground invention to resist nuclear war

This is what China built under the capital Beijing in 1969. The Cold War was not just an experiment to carry out its highest goal of another US bombing with nuclear warheads, as there were many other countries launching their own missiles and had their own developments after the war, even the relationship between China and the Soviet Union was involved over ideological differences and quarrels, a number of border disputes, and a small military conflict that lasted seven months, leading to the death of ‘ several hundred soldiers, and considering that things could degenerate into a worse and more intense conflict with the Soviet Union.

The then Chinese president (Mao Zedong) worked to excavate one of the largest bunker systems ever designed, and the phrase “the work of the Chinese president” actually means that he had 300,000 residents of Beijing, and perhaps’ some schoolchildren, ordered to dig 85.47 square kilometers out of tunnels by hand while spanning his imperial palace, and the resulting shelter provided not only living space, but restaurants, schools, medical facilities, factories, grain sheds, cinemas, ice rinks, a mushroom farm, and all other amenities, the primary goal being that in the event of a fall a looming nuclear attack on Beijing, any resident can use one of the 90 entrances strategically placed around the city, enter with the aim of reaching the shelter.

In theory, the underground city of Beijing would be able to house all of its six million inhabitants for about four months, at which point they could be safely released at the end of the world.

Doomsday Shelters

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