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What does an intellectual do with books given to him? Does he read it right away? Does he care to give an opinion? A number of intellectuals claim that the issue of paper books represents a true date of birth of the text and the date on which the book will remain in the memory of generations, and the books donated represent a moral value that we must preserve and the content must see of it, and when the author gives his book to someone, it represents great happiness and joy, for the book is like a child Precious to its author, and the devotion that carries unusual and special phrases blooms with great joy in the heart.

They added to “Al-Khaleej” when one of the writers or writers gives us his books, we know exactly that he carries us with the confidence to respect his mind and spirit, so the gift book is a precious gift that we in a private library and it is not lendable like the rest of the books we buy, and the gift of books represents harmony between The author and the reader manifests the reciprocal and complementary relationship that develops between the poles of culture and literature.

The most important template

Poet and researcher Muhammad Abdullah Nour El-Din says: “I usually look for books, and I am eager to be at the forefront of those who receive the first gifts and celebrate with the author by issuing his book, because I know how important this moment is when the ownership of the author’s text is transferred to his audience or critics. The true birth of the text and the history of the book that remains in the memory of generations, then I immediately flip through the index and can move the introduction if it is short, and the books donated to the shelves of my library only after the shelves of my library after a few days have passed, i.e. after I have flipped through the book for page or read it in its entirety, then I care to contact the author if I am interested The book, or I propose it was a coincidence when I met him and opened it without harshly issuing a critical or personal opinion about his work, which he worked hard and exhausted to bring to us. “

He adds: “The more I see the old dedications, the more I am sure the book will remain the most important template for preserving information, dates and events, including the transfer of the book from the hands of the author to the hands of readers. Receive him to have the first copy at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair. As for the most important book I got, it was exactly twenty years ago, this is the book (The Breezes of Love) by the poet Hamad Khalifa Bushhab. It was and still is the most important book in many ways. The book contains the poems of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, and the poems of Hamad Khalifa Bushahab, and it is also one of the rare books, but the irony in the matter is that we are not a pen to sign, so we agreed that he would sign it for me at the next meeting, but unfortunately God died after the meeting without signing for me in the book.

special phrases

The poet Asmaa Al Hammadi says: “The books that their authors have dedicated to me have a special place in my heart and on the shelves of my library, especially those that reach me as soon as they are released, or those that are in search of me. arrive. for them, or which represents a critical study that deals with one of my publications or includes it in the scope of his study, or that arrives after they have crossed seas and oceans, and was not for the worries of life and his bonds in light of the accelerated pace of days, I would have read it as soon as I received it, and I am eager to express my opinion on it after reading it, and I can write an article or review about it on the “Good Reads” website according to what is available to me.

She continues: “I may be confused when I try to remember the last books I received from a gift, but the first of all is hard to forget. I forget that she has a very special phrase for me wrote in the dedication that left a special and deep impression in the soul, which is: “I expect you to change the map of eloquent poetry soon, then I will smile and say I knew it.” It was in my early beginnings that, while taking the first steps in the path of poetry, I am ashamed to publish. ”

moral value

Dr. Adeeb Hassan is a poet and novelist, he says: “Books donated by the author, like any gift, represent a kind of interest and kindness of the author towards those who give the book to him, and perhaps he is characterized by interest. and love for the book, which encourages him to give Mutually I give you my new today, and you give me your new tomorrow, and so the gifted books represent to me a moral value that requires me to preserve them and see them content, perhaps not immediately, but when time permits, I begin to read, and the question of expressing an opinion on it depends on the author’s desire. If he asks me to do so, I speak. an opinion in all impartiality, otherwise I will keep my opinion The first book I got in my life was “The Mawlid of Al-Hadi” which was given to me by the Arabic language teacher Sheikh Adnan Haqi while I was still in the seventh degree and I was 13 years old at the time, and d it included a lecture on the Mawlid.The last book I received with the author’s signature was this year at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair on the concept of beauty in the Arabic language by its author, poet and critic Dr . Saad Eddin Kulaib. among each other. ”

good luck

The poet Muhammad Wahba says: “When the author dedicates his book to someone, it represents great happiness and ecstasy of joy, because the book is a precious child to the heart of its author and considers it an integral part of it. And insist on following to know the contents of the book.The books donated to me represent more priority in terms of the beginning of reading it than the ones I buy, for several reasons, the most important of which is to pique my interest translate and fulfill my feeling for this gift, and on the other hand, so that I can discuss the contents of the book with the author or with those who read it if the opportunity arises, and in most cases I express my opinion through my lectures and my understanding of the content of the book, and I consider it enriching and weigh our information in culture, literature and poetry, which makes us win and give through the exchange of opinions. ”

Author Sana Abu Hilal states: “The first gift I received was a small booklet from my teacher, which is close to my heart because I was fascinated by the presence of my teacher’s name on the book, and I remember reading it more than once, but it’s been lost over the years. My handwriting and formality began with the many words I wrote here and there. The last book I was given was in March 2019 in Saudi Arabia during my arbitration in the Arab Reading Challenge initiative of a seven-year-old girl named Jawhara. She gave me her first author which consists of stories and mind maps she has about self-development. At the time, I was responsible for nurturing this amazing talent, because I knew there was a generation that was leaving the pleasures of the electronic age and flipping through the pages of the book. ”

precious gift

Author Nabil Al-Huraibi Al-Kathiri says: “The book is for me part of my intellectual and spiritual being. Therefore, when one of the writers or writers gives me his book, I know very well that he gives me the trust of respect. Therefore, the book that is given to me is a precious gift that I keep in my private library, and it is not lendable as The rest of the books that I buy from time to time, and due to large number of gifts, especially in book fairs, I put them on my desk to read them in order, and the book I finish in two to three weeks, I put on the shelves of my small library, which contains about 500 books, except for some books I put it back on the desk because it forces me to express an opinion about it, whether to those who wrote it, through social media, or within short articles, or because of the greatness, which is small, or because I I’m not convinced of the content and most of it. ”

special taste

Author Muhammad Shuaib Al-Hammadi says: “There is a special taste when you meet the author of a book in person to inform you, even in a small way, about the merits of the literary work he draws from his thinking. , took effort and effort. time to hand out this book to us. Since your presence in such a forum indicates your interest in the author and what he wrote between the two covers of the book, this feeling that no one can describe except for those who have passed, because you feel that you are the one which is meant. to read it, and writing the dedication is not just to document that you were there, but it makes it more beautiful. The words that the author wrote for you alone with his hand, whether a praise, advice or encouragement and this in itself you make close to the author, all these beautiful feelings force us to yearn for the books given to us and read as soon as possible so that we can explore the treasure that is in this book. And after we finish it, we add it to the books given to us as if it were a series of dated memories and in different periods, as if it were a witness that we were there one day. ”

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