America’s summer announces Covid’s “defeat”? – Saudi News

The new Corona virus, despite its genetic mutations, which was recently manifested in the dominance of the BA.4 and BA.5 strains, has failed to prevent millions of Americans from taking the United States Independence Day holiday , which fell yesterday (Monday). ), the fourth of July. It seems that the Americans have decided to take advantage of the fundamental changes that have taken place in the Covid-19 virus. Despite the dominance of the two tribes descended from the Omicron tribe, which led to the continuous outbreak of infections in the United States, at a rate of at least 100,000 new cases per day; The virus has become less capable of causing death compared to the strains that accompanied the outbreak of the Corona virus at the end of 2019. Although it still kills hundreds of Americans every day (387 deaths Sunday), the majority of Americans feel that it is no longer with the same mortality that characterized last fall and winter. They also feel that the ubiquity of COVID-19 vaccines, particularly the mRNA-based vaccines Moderna and Pfizer-Biontech, has changed the epidemiological landscape, at least for the time being, so much that it is nothing more than an annoying and ridiculous disease. for them. for many. And U.S. doctors have said they are seeing a very small number of inpatients with Corona in intensive care units for the first time since the outbreak of the Corona virus. The numbers say that the number of new infections in the United States did not exceed 20,000 last year. Although the number is currently averaging no less than 109 thousand new cases per day; This has not prevented Americans from leaving their homes to squeeze the country’s airports, and from suffocating traffic on the main roads with the cars of vacationers seeking fun in a large number of places, inside and outside America. Scientists believe that the reassurance in the hearts of Americans is due to the growing immunity that results from Covid-19 vaccines, and the natural immunity obtained by recovering from infection with the virus. They add that the American citizen’s body has become accustomed to knowing how to deal with the virus, due to vaccination with Covid vaccines for at least three consecutive doses, without the need for an excessive immune response, as was previously the case. case was. the emergence of Covid-19 vaccines. Official estimates indicate that 8 out of 10 Americans contracted the virus at least once. The new mortality rate due to the virus has dropped to a level almost comparable to the number of deaths during the flu season. However, US scientists acknowledge that the apparent difference between the new Corona virus and influenza is not a sufficient reason to be completely reassured at any future moment about the behavior of the new Corona virus. But the fact remains that the atrocity and atrocity of the virus during the months following the outbreak of its infection in the United States, which resulted in at least 2,600 deaths daily last February; This is mainly due to the lack of adequate immunity among the Americans, the absence of anti-epidemic vaccines, and the fact that effective drugs to stop the virus have not yet appeared at that stage. Scientists and health experts fear the sudden emergence of a new genetically mutated strain that could survive the effectiveness of vaccines. Therefore, these scientists believe that it is wise to accept the possibility of the emergence of a new tribe that could terrorize Americans later this summer, and then during the coming fall and winter seasons.

Corona’s relationship with diabetes and stroke

A study conducted by researchers from Japan suggests that infection with the Covid-19 virus causes a defect in the activity of a number of genes (genes) that control chemical processes in the human body, including the mechanism of the handling of blood sugar. The Japanese researchers examined samples from hundreds of people with Covid-19, with mild and severe injuries, and studied the effect of injury on the work of the genes that normally produce insulin to burn sugar in the blood, thus increasing both growth and fertility. influence. at the same time. Study team leader Professor Ichiro Shimomura at the University of Tokyo said that infection with Covid-19 affects the process of insulin production, including its effects on other organs, such as the lung, liver and pancreatic cells. He concluded that this disruption of the process of controlling the mechanism of blood sugar management, in turn, affected the functions of other organs. In Britain, scientists are studying the possible link between symptoms of Covid-19 and the occurrence of blood clots, and even the occurrence of long-term effects on the functions of body organs. British scientists are studying whether it is right to give Corona patients medicine to thin the blood, to avoid possible clots. They explained that they were fully aware that there was a close link between infection with the new Corona virus and strokes, and that those who contracted the virus were at greater risk for conditions such as strokes, heart attacks and to develop narrowing of the arteries. . They added that studies in South Africa have confirmed that people with chronic “Covid” disease suffer from the problem of micro-blood clots, while studies in Britain indicate that a third of the number of people with “chronic Covid” have abnormal blood clots , but British researchers say that generalizing the dispensing of blood thinners to treat these cases requires further study, as these drugs can lead to cases of internal bleeding that are very dangerous to human life.

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