Channel water receives officials from the government complaints system to discuss mechanisms for deepening cooperation

Major General Abdel Hamid Esmat, head of the Drinking Water and Sanitation Company in the Channel Governorate, stressed the importance of communicating with citizens and resolving issues and proposals submitted by them, which are some of the sources of early warning for the company is, and that the mechanism for dealing with complaints and proposals is related not only to the number of complaints and their resolution, but to the available opportunities for improvement Through requests for complaints and proposals, as it provides the opportunity to overcome the obstacles to the provide services directly, which calls for the establishment of an effective complaints and proposal system to address customer complaints in order to contribute to increasing the rate of customer satisfaction and developing the services provided by the company to all levels are delivered.

This came during a visit by a number of officials from the United Government Complaints System in the Council of Ministers to the Canal Governorates Company, the delegation included Major General Walid Tammam and Engineer Mazouza Al-Hagan, and in the presence of Mr.

The president of the company opened the meeting by expressing his gratitude and appreciation for the permanent and constructive cooperation between the united complaints system in the Council of Ministers and the Control Company for Drinking Water and Sanitation under the leadership of Eng. Mamdouh Raslan and his subsidiaries, who are primarily reflecting on the importance of the Egyptian citizen, already achieved by this successful system, and explains that Mohafazat Company The channel pays great attention to the development of a mechanism for the reception of various complaints with all technological programs to improve the services provided to citizens, so the company is always eager to communicate with citizens and solve the problems presented by them, and complaints filed by the company through the system received, investigate and work to resolve it and take the necessary measures as soon as possible, It is an essential, essential and essential part of the integrated system to improve the services provided to citizens.

Major General Abdel Hamid Esmat reviewed the number of complaints the company handled in 2021 last year, amounting to 23,034 complaints through more than one source to receive complaints, including the hotline, the website, WhatsApp, mobile application 125 and the government complaints system, as well as a number of the company’s projects in the water sectors Drinking and sanitation.

In turn, Major General Walid Tammam praised the accurate application and comprehensive activation of all the basic standards and requirements required by the complaints system and the service of citizens in the company, and expressed his congratulations on the efforts made by the holding company and its subsidiaries are employed. , which is considered one of the most important entities in the country, praising the efficiency and high experience of qualified human cadres.The company is working on this modern system.

Engineer Mazouza Al-Hagan also praised the efforts made to respond to citizens ‘complaints, which contribute to increasing the level of services, increasing the level of citizens’ satisfaction with those services, and increasing the citizens’ demand for handling the system, given the speed of response to investigate and respond to complaints.

The visit was witnessed by a visit by the Council of Ministers delegation to a number of work sites in the company, including the future water station in Ismailia, which has a production capacity of 34 000 m3 / day around the city of the future, the security forces complex complex, the educational complex, the industrial zone, the investment zone and a number of areas on Road 36 Military, and inspected the central mechanical workshop at the Future Water station, which was established by the self-efforts of the Canal Governorates Company. in order to provide the necessary maintenance for all malfunctions of pumps and vehicles in the various areas of operation at the level of the three duct governorates, accompanied by a number of technical and executive leaders.

The delegation listened to an explanation of the sections in the workshop and the role of each of them in the repair and maintenance work, and emphasized the importance of the role of those workshops in the repair and maintenance of existing pumps and their reuse. . safety and health team.

The visit also included a visit to the headquarters of the 125 hotline administration in Al Motakbal City, where examples of complaints lodged by some clients were presented and how to deal with the complaint and refer it to the competent authorities and legal channels to to respond to and respond to them.

The delegation visited the sewage treatment plant at the Sarabium plant, which is one of the oldest treatment plants of the company and has an actual capacity of 180 000 cubic meters per day using the dual treatment system, and the components of the plant, treatment tanks inspected and central laboratories. It has been used in non-productive crops and the use of large quantities of safely treated water, and the role of the central laboratory in carrying out all organic and bacteriological tests, and equipping it with the latest equipment to obtain the required results and in accordance with standard standards.

In turn, Major General Abdel Hamid Esmat pointed to the important interactive role of the United Government Complaints System in the Council of Ministers, which is a modern destination for government to achieve the highest rates of coordination and communication between citizens and the set by modern information and communication technology to keep up with the new digital age, as well as to keep up with the new digital transformation system it applies. The Egyptian state during the current period in a way that contributes to the upgrading and upgrading of the level of services provided to citizens and customers.

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