e & money launches a leading Fintech application and developed eWallet brand

Digital Wallet transforms into a Fintech company as an arm of e & life, offering a premium financial platform

The platform offers innovative and integrated financial solutions that serve both clients with or without bank accounts, intermediaries and the business sector

The platform works to achieve the goals of economic and social development in the UAE to promote the cashless economy

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: e & (formerly known as “Etisalat Group”) today announced the launch of the new e-wallet brand eWallet under the name of e & money in a move that represents its transformation into a leading financial technology company and the arm of e & life, one of the pillars of the e & group, in an effort to enhance customer experiences through an innovative and integrated financial platform.

This announcement follows the success of eWallet, which provides secure, flexible and contactless payment solutions to UAE citizens and residents to help them complete their daily transactions smoothly. Furthermore, eWallet, as the first wallet licensed by the UAE Central Bank, has opened up many new growth opportunities in the telecommunications and financial services sectors. With the rapid development of the FinTech sector, consumers and brokers are looking for an integrated financial market or a customized smartphone solution to simplify the way they conduct transactions.

With the new brand, e & money will transform into a one-stop platform that caters to a variety of clients’ financial needs, giving them access to financial services such as payments to brokers and sellers, transfers, account payments, lending, investments, co-branded financial cards and other services.Insurance.

In this context, Khalifa Al Shamsi, CEO of “& e Life” said: “We are building our business on solid foundations for growth through a range of related financial products and services that enhance the lives of clients and increase business value for brokers and companies. The financial technology company e & money reflects the scope of our commitment to the development of digital financial technology solutions that have a positive impact, as part of our contribution to creating a comprehensive and innovative financial market that meets all the financial needs of our customers, outside of traditional services. ”

Al Shamsi added: “In line with the development of the financial system, e & money will be a boon for boosting the cashless economy by enhancing the e & group’s brand value and its strong customer base in the UAE and other markets. We also welcome strategic partnerships with emerging companies and pioneers in the financial technology sector to provide the best innovative technologies and solutions such as AI-powered platforms, credit score systems and advanced analytics platforms that will benefit our clients and meet the growing demand for advanced financial applications. ”

e & money will enhance the experiences of citizens and residents of the UAE as well as UAE-based companies by enabling them to conduct their financial transactions in a smooth, convenient and secure manner that will stimulate the cashless economy.

The e & money platform will also provide more digital financial solutions that will serve clients with and without bank accounts in the UAE. Currently, about 55 percent of all payments in the UAE are made with paper money, making this platform a suitable option for both digital and contactless payments in the country. This step will simplify clients’ experiences in the use of financial services and also support the aspirations of the wise leadership in the continued social and economic development and promotion of the cashless economy.


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Etisalat Group launched its new brand e & on 23 February 2022, which through its strategy aims to accelerate growth through a flexible business model representing the group’s main business sectors. The telecommunications sector comes at the forefront of these sectors, as its operations are managed by “e & contacts” in the main market of e &, and by subsidiaries of “e & international” around the group’s legacy and excellence in providing superior telecommunications services in the UAE and on international level. To focus on technology investment for customers, to enhance their experiences and their lifestyle, “e & life” comes to make the digital world of the next generation of digital services consistent and responsive to the daily life requirements of customers, including entertainment , retail, mobility and financial technology services. To drive technology investment for governments, businesses and enterprises, e & enterprise focuses on maximizing the value that e & brings to businesses and governments through robust cyber security, cloud computing, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, as well as the service of mega projects. Through “e & investment”, “e &” will focus on investment opportunities and acquisitions to enhance its global presence and the returns provided to shareholders.

“e & live”, from “e &”

“e & life”, is the business pillar of the “e &” group that promotes customer happiness; By providing next-generation technologies, smart platforms and applications in entertainment, retail, mobility and financial technology.

As a leading player in the individual customer ecosystem, it harnesses the benefits of next-generation technology and superior applications; To provide a smoother and more comprehensive customer experience.

Emirates Vision “E-Vision”, is one of the products of “e & life” known as the largest content platform in the region, which has seen an expansion in the provision of services across its operating companies, through cloud-based content , platform solutions, multiple screens, and mobile and broadcasting service platforms.

E-Vision is the largest content and multimedia platform for the Middle East, Africa, Pakistan and West Africa region, which will enhance the lifestyle of customers and empower them in all walks of life.

e & life is also a strong player in the financial technology space in the region; It focuses on breaking down the barriers that customers face when accessing mobile financial services. Fintech capabilities are reflected in many mobile financial services such as eWallet, the first regulated and licensed digital payment service in the UAE.

To learn more about “e & life”, please visit the following website: life.jsp-and-https: //eand.com/en/e

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