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ABU DHABI, 5 July / WAM / The local newspapers issued this morning, in their editorials, focused on the precepts of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, “may God protect him”, to the ” social “to restructure. low-income people support program “and increases the budget from 14 billion dirhams to 28 billion dirhams. He confirms that the UAE has the best social welfare systems in the world, as it is based on flexibility, taking into account changes in living standards, and of national families in the light of these changes.

It highlighted the international appreciation of the UAE’s efforts and its successful experience in combating money laundering, and the speed of the country’s recognition of the challenges associated with this issue and addressing it in systematic and organized ways.

Under the title “Citizen Families .. Stability and Welfare” .. Al-Ittihad newspaper wrote the instructions of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, “may God protect him”, to the “Social Support Program restructuring “for low incomes”, confirming that the UAE has the best care systems, based on flexibility and taking into account changes in living standards and the empowerment of civilian families in the light of these changes, in a way that achieves of the best aspects of ensuring a decent life for them and their children, from providing food and daily necessities, through insuring the unemployed, and even education, health and housing.

It has added an integrated program worth 28 billion dirhams, which includes major benefits, the most important of which is the expansion of the segment of those eligible for support by increasing the margin of age groups, which increases the level of entitlement to low-income families increase to 25 thousand. dirhams per month, in addition to increasing the number and types of benefits in a way that covers all aspects of life, based on the vision of leadership. The rationale aimed at improving family stability in all its forms and ensuring the quality of life, in line with the social welfare system, and in line with the state’s orientations in building a cooperative and dependent society.

She stressed that the citizen is always a priority, and attention to his housing, education, health, standard of living, well-being and happiness is the basis of the strategies and plans implemented by the state, and is considered the compass of the development process over the next fifty years.

At the end of his editorial, Al-Ittihad said that such an initiative, embodying the interest, solidarity, love and cohesion between the leadership and the people, would have a significant impact on the lives of civilian families by strengthening the community safety system. . , in addition to the revival of the economic movement in society, and the promotion of participation in the development process of the homeland of mankind.

On the same subject and under the title “The happiest people led by Mohammed bin Zayed” ..

Al-Watan newspaper said that the power of nations lies in the happiness of their people, and their civilization revival is based on the stability, support and security of their people who enjoy the elements of a decent life and its sustainability. Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, May God Protect Him, is an exceptional relationship between the leadership and the people, based on togetherness and an approach that reflects the spirit of our great union. pillar of the Renaissance and at the forefront of the state’s plans. Everyone today enjoys the fact that His Highness’s historical words “Do not paralyze them” are a pillar of permanent and lasting reassurance in all areas and reflect what our authentic people enjoy. .

She pointed out that the generosity of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, president of the state, “may God protect him”, and the lofty provisions of “restructuring the program to support low-income people and the budget of 14 billion dirhams to 28 billion dirhams “, is a station within a good path that aims to provide a comfortable and lasting life for the happiest people, and confirms what the” Zayed’s children “enjoy and how the leader of the nation carries them with his heart and mind and consolidates the stability and tranquility they enjoy as a basic trend in the Emirates gaining momentum and efficiency in the state as it enters a golden era of happiness as it the passage is and prosperity, and a blessing that all live thanks to the vision of an Inspirational leader and a leader as he works to raise the ceiling of challenges to maximize the glory of the nation through pioneering achievements. It races against time with a uniqueness of its counterpart.

She emphasized that man is guided by the path of giving and giving is the basis, the goal and the eternal winning bet. The Emirati model is an epic in building the person and the nation with the vision of an outstanding leader whose paternalistic views on his people form a compass to double the quality of life with all that it contains of confidence, ease and luxurious, and made the name of his fatherland that Magic fell in love, exalted and exalted in the hearts of his people and the world, and it strengthened his position in the ranks of adults and among the most advanced and advanced, and at the forefront of nations moving with confidence to the future of their generations, knowing that the compass is carried by a good hand that does not shake and deviate from its purpose.

Al-Watan concluded his editorial by saying: “No words express what beats the hearts in loyalty to the leader of the march of glory and glory. The noble” Makarama “, which improves the system of stability and social welfare and carries many new awards., reflects the extent of security, trust and reassurance in which our people live thanks to their acumen towards His sons, so that the UAE remains the safest oasis of life, with fatherly care making the difference and the genius of the leading thought in the most beautiful homeland. ”

In turn, under the title “Thank you, Mohammed bin Zayed.” The newspaper, “Al-Khaleej”, has said he has not mentioned any Emirati achievement since the founding of the union, almost fifty years ago, which built its lines and its characteristics, the founding father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan , may God bless him.His riches, along with the founding fathers, would be filled with pride; Because the UAE follows in the footsteps of goodness and humanity, with all their meanings.

And she went on, as we are accustomed to the shining sun, we became accustomed to our wise leadership, led by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, “may God protect him”, the leader of giving, philanthropy and goodness, initiatives and guidelines, which radiate hope in souls, and illuminate the paths of obstacles … The sun of his giving is absent from our reality, so that his presence always shines with growth and giving, with loyalty and generosity, which itself sets an example in generosity.

She explained that His Highness’s initiative to target the restructuring of the “low-income social support program” to become an integrated program by doubling it to 28 billion dirhams, introduced new grants that included housing, university education, the unemployed and include the unemployed. allowances for the unemployed person looking for work, and allowances for the inflation of fuel, food, water and electricity.

She pointed out that this initiative, which is being implemented today, is the tip of the iceberg of our country, so much happiness to our country, and happiness to his sons for this distinction, which raises them to higher ranks, brings more comfort, calmness and happiness to the Emirati family, and spread harmony and affection.

Finally, the “Gulf” said that our future in the UAE is happy and secure, under a leadership that is eager to provide decent livelihood for the people of the country. Thank you, Mohamed bin Zayed, from the hearts of all the people of the country. country.

On the other hand, under the headline “An Effective Methodology”, the newspaper “Al Bayan” said that the UAE continues to reap the benefits of its tireless efforts to combat financial crime and illegal financial flow, as the country ‘s strategy in combating money laundering and terrorist financing has been widely praised worldwide, given its major role in the development of its national anti-money laundering system.

She added that the country’s unwavering commitment to combating money laundering is a large part of the integrated vision of the UAE’s position as an attractive global trade center that keeps pace with the latest developments in growth and development, where all effective measures and measures taken by the government and the private sector, to ensure the stability, sustainability and integrity of the financial system.

She stated that the UAE was strengthening its approach to international cooperation in order to coordinate the fight against financial crime, which is now exploiting technological development to evade prosecution. Its collaboration with partners, as money laundering and terrorist financing crimes are complex and transcontinental, requires high coordination at the international level.

She noted that as a highlight of the Emirati’s efforts in this area, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) last March took a decision to place the UAE within the group’s “enhanced monitoring” framework, and the UAE has succeeded in record time, thanks to a package of laws, legislation and initiatives related to combating these crimes and restriction Among the practices associated with it, the introduction of 44 international standards for combating money laundering is in its working system, thus improving the state’s position in the fight against these crimes, in line with international standards, and the financial intelligence units in the UAE are equipped with the equipment and expertise needed to analyze and investigate suspicious transactions. , and the Emirates Bank The Central Bank offers money laundering training at national and regional levels.

At the end of his editorial, Al-Bayan emphasized that the international appreciation of the UAE’s efforts and its successful experience in combating money laundering emphasized the speed of the country’s recognition of the challenges associated with this issue and systematically and address organized ways.

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