If a woman loves a coffee shop, it is loved by everyone … Women and the right to aesthetics

Until recently, the presence of a woman in one of the city or town cafes in my country was strange, reprehensible, and questionable. In fact, this is still the case in many places, in a large number of parts of the Arab world. But the sharpness of the gaze attached to a woman drinking a cup of coffee in a cafe, opening her eyes to meditate, or sending her tongue to a conversation, begins to soften in strangeness, in the light of the appearance of habit and the breaking of her “abnormality” on the shores of social imperatives that gradually forced themselves.

Thus, women’s tendency towards cafes eventually became based on choices imprinted with desires, tastes, and sentiments with certain characteristics, after it was a step in a thorny field, and in defense of a right, and an attack on ‘ a previous ban. Finally, the cafe is chosen in terms of its service, architectural, artistic or natural privacy, not random, with the aim of storming the obstacle and challenging the forbidden.

This rise to the realization of the pleasure of space as aesthetic, and to enjoy its aesthetic vocabulary, especially after the number of cafes has increased and their service offerings have been diversified in a way that enhances their suggestive power, makes a clear horizon open to consider the quality of taste choices. characterizes women’s decisions to go to one cafe without another. After the obsession to feel safe in the cafe space was a basic condition for women to check, and after the scene of their presence in it became normal, and after the justification debate and the debate about the right to visit regularly , the choices have become based on specifications that go beyond the safety feature that has become widely available in most of the cafes, let us face very sensitive and clear aesthetic motives.

After the obsession to feel safe in the cafe space was a prerequisite for women to visit, the choices became based on very sensitive and exceptional aesthetic motives.

If a group of women consider a session in a cafe to be a passing thing, then groups of them program this session as a ritual or a time out in the cafe space, just as a trip to a distant tourist city can be programmed word. Some of them choose the cafe after aesthetic qualifiers, in which cafes are distinguished for their uniqueness in terms of interior decoration, and the extent to which they offer an aesthetic alternative to the parental home where there may not be a vase or painting, or set ideas front for decoration and decoration, and thus the quality of the drink and the waiter service may become the last thing noticed mechanism. Hence the sitting of women, especially young women, in cafes characterized by a kind of economy and neutrality in their interior design, i.e. those that provide only tables and chairs without a formal benefit, and surrounded by walls that do not call the spirit of beauty, in a neutral color, do not try A rumor that represents my beauty, most of them do not like it, and it is rare to find a cafe of this type preferred by them.

“Drama. I love drama in cafes, and I consider it a prerequisite to choose. By drama I mean that the cafe has an idea that makes me jump from my reality to a temporary reality like a dream. “… Women and the Cafe

The women’s eyes prefer the spaces that favor their taste in representing elegance and organization, and triumph over their desire to be in a clean and populated center with tables with rags evoking a memory or a dream, with their quality and elegance of vases and napkin holders above them, and chairs and benches that tend to refurbish the walls and keep up with the fashions of home furniture and on paintings, The wall across the stairs, remember artists, actors, singers and scenes taken from movies, or from streets through the lens of photographers full of visions of beauty. Women also pay attention to cups, the shape of cups and napkins, the paper of knives and forks, to the pots with plants in the corners or hanging from the ceiling. This is definitely a bigger problem than just drinking a cup of coffee, tea or juice, or eating a food item. It is a complete consumption of the space of the cafe, with all its details, the type of air freshener used, the paper of lighting and the uniqueness of the furniture. It’s an intimate sip of caring vocabulary for a place where “claiming” a seat has never been an easy task.

“I prefer cafes that make plants an intrinsic part of their space, where I find them every time I turn around.

“Why should I go to a cafe that does not promise something special? I like to spend time in cafes whose owners in parallel with financial profit think of an artistic vision for their spaces. Otherwise, I can always enjoy a cup of coffee at home . ” Salma talks to me, and signs of appreciation are visible on the faces of her friends who share her opinion and regularly visit the city’s cafes, especially the new ones that have recently opened.

“It’s an aesthetic advance that can only be praised. After social security, we finally enjoy the possibility of choice here. I prefer coffee shops that make plants an intrinsic part of their space, where I get them every time I turn around. Go read a book I opened … “My collaborator, Souad, a professor of philosophy, tells me.

Cafe owners are eager in their interior design to have aesthetics that “a woman will like.” If she did, it would be easy for the rest to like him.

“Before I go into a cafe, I do a little research on the internet, looking at his photos and his interior decoration, to decide if this is my next destination. I tend to go to cafes that provide small libraries, or spaces that are suitable. is for reading, and whenever it has a specific spirit or theme, the celebration of a historical period or personalities Artistic or furniture-oriented, for example, the better.Sanaa (51) is an employee in the tourism sector.

“Drama. I love drama in cafes, and I consider it a basic condition to choose. By drama I mean that the cafe has an idea that makes me jump from my reality to a temporary reality similar to ‘ a dream, as if the cafe offers me a session in a space designed in a vintage style, with service of waiters, background music, cups and dishes And other elements that all belong to the same spirit, or for example to the Bohemian style of furniture.This is how I feel about the generosity of the cafe, and the renewal of my psychological connection with myself, as I, although for a limited time, could belong to a refined aesthetic alternative in the midst of the amount of ugliness and stereotypes around me. ” This is how Rabia sums up her opinion on the subject, a housewife with a master’s degree in geography, who emphasizes the need to visit cafes at least three times a week to renew her energy.

“I tend to provide cafes that have small libraries, or spaces suitable for reading, and the more it has a specific spirit or theme, the celebration of a historical period or artistic personalities or a trend in furnishing, for example, the better. “

It is an opportunity to escape the austerity of traditional home urbanization, a date with aesthetic perceptions in furniture and decoration, and the provision of space with art, paintings, formation, colors, furniture, lamps, mirrors, statues, plants and music, and an aesthetic alternative to women’s eyes of asceticism, laziness or the economy in which their homes may sink, for various socio-economic reasons. , in terms of rehabilitation and care.

Thus, cafe-goers live in these spaces, with a special view, which interferes with making them a distinction of their history with them on the one hand, and their innate nature which tends to embrace details, and the privacy of the deserved moment to celebrate the other hand. They also want good backgrounds to take pictures with their company, those backgrounds that truly express the grandeur of the place, and the joy of its choice and enjoy the many aesthetic suggestions it offers, in addition to the menu of drinks and food. Perhaps this is what many cafe owners rely on, in their interior design, through their zeal to be the type a woman will love, and if she does, it’s easy for the rest to love him.

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