MPs: The president’s decision improves the stability of life for low-income people

Mona Al Hammoudi (Abu Dhabi)

A number of members of the Federal National Council have stressed that the mandate of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, president of the state, “may God protect him”, to restructure the “social support program for low-income people” in an integrated program worth 28 billion dirhams, achieves many of the goals the UAE is pursuing. To achieve this over the course of the next fifty years, which is represented in life stability and financial independence for national families with limited incomes, who benefit from the support provided. to them, who support families financially and provide them with a decent life in light of the rapid economic and life changes.

Member Youssef Abdullah Batran Al Shehhi said: Since the founding of the UAE during the era of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan, may his soul rest in peace, and his brothers, their vision is that the state should be united and strive for happiness . of the people and citizens.The union and the imprint that Zayed placed in the founding of the state.
He added: Our leadership always strives for the excellence and progress of its people, and the command of His Highness the President of the State comes in the highest images confirming his zeal for a decent life and a stable life for members of to achieve society, thus completing the process of giving and loving to its people, who reciprocate the same feeling.
He continued: “We are in a good country, and wisdom and prudence are what lead the country to be in the ranks of the developed countries. And urbanization, but rather progress through excellent thinking and the progress of its people.”

The UAE’s development march
In turn, Naama Al-Mansoori, a member of the Federal National Council, reaffirmed that His Highness’s mandate to the President “may God protect him” to restructure the program to support low-income people and increase the budget from 14 billion dirhams to 28 billion dirhams, embodies his zeal to improve family stability in the UAE society, including reflecting on the quality of life and achieving social well-being.
She said that the wise leadership pays attention to man, as he represents the center of the UAE’s development and civilized march to build a more prosperous and better future for present and future generations.
She added that the lofty precepts of the wise leadership will be reflected on the lives of Emirati citizens, so that the path of goodness and giving continues in “Dar Zayed”, through support to low-income people in the implementation of the guidelines and support of an exceptional leadership built on the love of the fatherland and citizens, and work to raise the flag of the Emirates Highly exalted to heaven.
She pointed out that the wise leadership presented an inspiring model in its relationship with its citizens that embodied the great interest, solidarity and love between the leadership and the people in a homeland and the title of humanity, which is reflected in the successive decisions and prescriptions are reflected. to provide comfort, stability, reassurance, security and safety to all who live in the land of the Emirates.

generous hands
Member Muhammad Issa Obaid Al-Kashf Al Ali said that the leadership’s involvement in the community we have known for a long time, and that the insightful vision of the President of the State and his brothers, the rulers of the Emirates, that a decent life goes through many challenges and the control of these challenges comes from the generous hands of our leadership, taking into account all the changes and accelerations that exist in our economic societies and lives.
He added: “Praise be to God, we live in a country that has a view of support and trust for its people. Many families have been affected by the different economic issues the whole world is going through, and the future prospects of our society and initiatives come in parallel with these accelerations to bring joy to everyone and everyone who meets the conditions. ”

Strengthening family togetherness
Shatha Al Naqbi, a member of the Federal National Council, expressed her great congratulations on the decision, emphasizing that it reflects His Highness’ zeal to provide a decent life for all citizens and support low-income families, and the issuance of this decision by the guardian to place the burden of life on a segment of citizens who deserve this timely gesture. , to meet the requirements of a decent life that suits the citizens of the state, and emphasizes that these decisions contribute to a large extent to supporting and strengthening family cohesion and social security, the economic cycle and the revival of all components of society.
She added: The decision of His Highness, the President of the State, is the most beautiful Eid for his people on the occasion of the blessed Eid al-Adha, and for this reason it came down to the hearts of all with cold and peace. citizens, especially because it came at a time when high prices were affecting all sectors of life due to global crisis conditions, and therefore I see that it is nothing but good skin for the future.Bright wears more prosperity and happiness for the citizens of the state.

good life
Member Hamid Ali Al-Abbar, in turn, pointed out that the initiative is not surprising from a leadership that always strives to make its citizens happy, that comes on time and joy in the hearts of the deserving people of the country attracted, which is always overwhelmed by the leadership of the state with multiple initiatives that bring happiness and a decent life to them in the light of security and safety.And the presence of a leadership with a healthy orientation, who thinks of the coming Thursday of the next year for a different future, countries will always be at the forefront.
He stressed that the decision makes all citizens happy and motivates them to increase morale in light of the changes in life and life. Point out that our wise leadership always takes the initiative to make the people happy with initiatives that reflect its awareness of the demands of the people of the country, especially the low-income groups, whose cost of living has doubled in recent years.

Cohesion and cohesion
Member Ahmed Abdullah Al-Shehhi said: The wise leadership’s touch on the needs of the people of the country comes as a confirmation of always looking forward to the good, which we have been entrusted with since the founding of the state by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan, may God rest his soul, to repeat his government on Thursday next year, which our wise leadership is now going through.
He pointed out that the categories of low-income people enjoy attention and care in a country that strives to bring about a decent life and stability for all its children, with a kind of solidarity and cohesion between the leadership and the people. The mandate of His Highness, the President of the State, effectively contributes to the attainment of social stability for the Emirati family, who will benefit from these awards.

In turn, a member of the National Council, Sabreen Hassan Al Yamahi, drew attention to the uniqueness of the leadership of the United Arab Emirates with a sense of social and humanitarian and social cohesion with its people around a decent existence For them, emphasizing that the command of His Highness warmed the hearts of the President of the State and the people, especially those with limited incomes, rejoiced in what it provided.The decision is one of the ingredients for a happy life and family stability. She pointed out that the leadership is the result of the efforts of the wise leadership of the state, working with steadfastness and earnestness to support citizens, to achieve what is best for them and to overcome the obstacles they face. overcome to lead a decent life while providing comfort. and happiness.

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