Newtanics supports the digital transformation of educational institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Nutanix (Nasdaq: NTNX), a leading multi-hybrid computer company, is strongly focused on supporting educational institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as it seeks to modernize its information technology infrastructure and digital transformation initiatives in those institutions in the Kingdom.

“Learning in the coming period will increasingly rely on the use of a hybrid approach that combines flexibility and harmony between classrooms and distance learning processes – and makes it possible to use both the latest digital technologies. Educational institutions in Saudi Arabia are keen to make advanced and adopt improved learning pathways, posing significant challenges to heritage IT infrastructure.New trends such as distance learning, educational portals, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept and virtualization work Teaching applications and educational videos create new models of teaching and learn and require support through the university’s IT systems. IT infrastructure needs to be more adaptable to deal with these trends with tighter budgets and limited IT resources. Newtanics recognizes these imperatives and offers simple, futuristic IT infrastructure solutions to support modern educational institutions. “

Newtanks Enterprise Cloud Platform is the leading hyper-integrated infrastructure solution that fundamentally combines computing, virtualization and storage through a single flexible, software-defined solution with rich machine intelligence. Newtanics solutions offer critical elements to the organizations that depend on them, such as cost savings and scalability even with the most intensive workloads. With a simple scalable architecture, educational institutions will be able to start with small deployments and gradually grow into large installations. The advanced architecture of the Newtanics platform allows it to work across all system components for an unlimited number of concurrent users. The platform’s ease of configuration enables organizations to use it according to permitted budgets, by university, department or class.

From virtual desktop services (VDI) and desktop as a service (DaaS) to email servers to management tools like Infinite Campus and Pearson Education products, Newtanics offers the flexibility to run multiple applications on a single infrastructure. Without the need for expensive and dedicated resources for every application, while meeting electronic information protection systems. Enabling comprehensive software and updates eliminates many points of failure, reducing the need for maintenance and the potential for failures.

Newtanics Prism is the ideal end-to-end consumer category management solution for educational institutions that offers unparalleled simplicity by combining various aspects of management and reporting. With the support of advanced machine learning technology,

Prism extracts large amounts of system data to automate common tasks and generate workable insights to improve virtualization, infrastructure management, and day-to-day operations. New resources to support research and curriculum projects can be made available and deployed in minutes rather than weeks or months.

Newtanics solutions support all popular Hypervisors, allowing IT teams to manage the data center with the tools of their choice. All Newtanics solutions include AHV virtualization – providing high-performance, license-free with built-in management, providing the capabilities needed by educational institutions.

Mr. Hassan concluded his remarks: “Technology can accelerate the transformation of digital education and make it available to all and facilitate the learning process for life. Mid-career education plays an important role in a changing economy, education is no longer reserved for young people. Only people Geographical component is no longer important or even The need to move to places of study Digital technology will enable institutions to significantly expand their educational scope Newtanics provides technical solutions that accelerate digital transformation and shape the future of education.


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