Omantel signs a number of memoranda of understanding in Dhofar to implement innovative smart solutions

Omantel is a key partner in the digitization of key projects in Dhofar
Provide innovative ICT solutions to Dhofar Municipality, Dhofar University, Dhofar Integrated Services and Port of Salalah
Dr. Ahmed Al Ghassani: “Our collaboration with Omantel will support our pursuit of the digitization and humanization of cities in Dhofar.”
Dr. Amer Al Rawas: “Innovative solutions contribute to the advancement of higher education and scientific research and provide a quality teaching experience.”
Engineer Ali Shammas: “It will publish smart solutions in line with future developments and enhance the stakeholder experience.”
Eng. Mohammed Al-Ma’ashani: “Omantel’s modern technologies such as 5G technology and artificial intelligence will contribute to improving the port’s position in the region.”

Muscat – Omani Affairs

Omantel contributes to the Sultanate of Oman’s march towards a prosperous and digitally-activated society through ICT solutions and services that contribute to enabling digital transformation in various sectors in the Sultanate of Oman. The smart solutions provided by Omantel – thanks to its extensive experience, advanced infrastructure and efficient partnerships – increase the efficiency of operations in these vital institutions, which are the backbone of the Omani economy, contributing to achieving faster growth and greater returns.

In this context, and as the key mediator of the digital transformation of the Sultanate of Oman, Omantel has signed a number of memoranda of understanding in the Dhofar governor with major government institutions and companies to implement many custom smart solutions.

Commenting on this, Talal bin Saeed Al Maamari, CEO of Omantel, said: “It gives us great pleasure to have chosen the preferred partner in the implementation of many projects of national importance, and we realize that this choice has not come out. . from nowhere, but rather because of the efforts made by the company and its active contribution.To be a major enabler of digital transformation and to support Oman’s vision to build a knowledge-based society and smart societies in the To build Sultanate of Oman. Omantel’s ability to provide smart solutions and Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies has been enhanced by technical and infrastructure acquisitions. Omantel was the pioneer and first in providing many innovative services, including the first to succeed in providing smart solutions in the market, and we have proven their effectiveness in various sectors. ”

The CEO of Omantel added: “The signed MoUs reflect the confidence placed by various government and private institutions in Omantel and reaffirms our leadership as the number one provider of ICT solutions in the Sultanate of Oman. We are grateful and proud that we have been chosen as partners in the path of sustainable growth and the renewed renaissance seen by the Sultanate of Oman. ”

The establishment of mOmkin – a company dedicated to Internet of Things solutions – and the acquisition of NXN to provide smart-city consulting and solutions in the Sultanate of Oman and the region, contributed to the improvement of Omantel’s technical capabilities, as Omantel was the first telecommunications operator to launch an Internet of Things network in the Sultanate of Oman and work to improve its use and distribution in various regions.

Omantel believes in the importance of innovation and the provision of new products and services that meet the needs of its subscribers. Therefore, the company is constantly investing in the latest technologies such as data centers, cloud services, IT solutions, blockchain, Internet of Things, SDWAN, big data, analytics, cyber security and sharing services. Omantel has maintained its leading position in providing innovative technology services and solutions by keeping pace with global ICT trends in terms of spending, solutions and access. It has also been able to meet the demands of emerging markets through new rapid response and reduce the time it takes for ICT innovation to achieve its practical application for individuals and institutions

Dhofar Municipality
As part of its collaboration with the Dhofar Municipality, Omantel will provide smart city solutions and innovative digital services. In commenting on this collaboration, his Excellency Dr. Ahmed bin Mohsen Al Ghassani, Mayor of Dhofar Municipality, said: “We are pleased to sign this Memorandum of Understanding with Omantel, and it comes within the framework of the joint efforts between the two parties to achieve integration in terms of digital transformation and slim present. Through this agreement, we seek to revise many of the works performed on paper, as well as those performed by fieldwork, so that modern technologies are relied upon to revise many of the works, such as traffic control and population density control in some places. and the mechanisms to deal with it through programs And the mechanisms and systems that will be adopted between the two parties, and this in turn supports our approach to improving jobs and the gradual shift towards digitalisation and humanization of cities simultaneously. ”

Dhofar University
Omantel has also signed a memorandum of understanding with Dhofar University according to which Omantel will provide information and communication technology services to meet the university’s requirements. In turn, prof. dr. Amer bin Ali Al Rawas, President of Dhofar University, said: “The higher education, scientific research and innovation sectors have benefited from modern information and communication technology technologies, and we at the university are eager to keep up with the development in these technologies and attracting new in this vital and renewable sector through initiatives presented by the university in strategic partnership with Omantel, which in turn offers innovative solutions that significantly contribute to the promotion of higher education and the promotion of scientific research , such as smart libraries, smart halls, and links to the Omani Scientific Research Network operated by Omantel. All these initiatives and contributions provide a qualitative experience for education at Dhofar University.

Salalah Port
With its accumulated expertise in the field of Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, Omantel Port of Salalah will assist in the development of smart solutions for upcoming projects to improve productivity and safety of dock workers.

In commenting on the signing of this agreement, Eng. Mohammed bin Aufit Al-Ma’ashani, CEO of Company Affairs at the Port of Salalah, said: “Salalah Port is the largest port in the Sultanate of Oman and one of the largest in the Middle East, and the port could – thanks to the efforts that everyone has made in the past period – an achievement achieved. My world was second in the world in productivity. ” The engineer added: “The port is constantly growing, and this growth requires taking advantage of the latest technologies, especially in the field of information and communication technology, so our partnership came today with the leading company in the telecommunications sector in the Sultanate. of Oman – Omantel – to improve our regional position and use the technologies owned by Omantel, in particular the fifth generation technology and the technology of Artificial Intelligence to take advantage of the day-to-day operations at the port to increase production and increase the level of security. ”

Dhofar Integrated Services
Under the memorandum of understanding between Omantel and Dhofar Integrated Services Company, Omantel will provide the company with smart electronic services that will provide a unique experience of its kind in the governor.

Engineer Ali bin Issa Shammas, CEO of Dhofar Integrated Services, said: “Dhofar Integrated Services Company provides basic services to the residents of Dhofar Governor, and we are eager in the company to leverage the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution to to develop the services provided to our subscribers. This agreement will provide smart solutions that will be implemented for the first time, including the use of digital solutions to develop call center services, the use of an automated transponder that works with artificial intelligence technology, the application of smart meters, the ability to to inspect the company’s stations and sites located in remote areas with drones, and the use of smart helmets, which will contribute to the development of subscribers’ experience of On the one hand, improving safety in the work environment on the other . We are pleased with our partnership with Omantel, which through its innovative solutions and services, in addition to network efficiency and wide coverage, has proven to be a digital partner for us to continue the growth and development of Dhofar Integrated Services Company. ”

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