Our governments are harmful and people are in the balance, and the lesson has been learned

Dr Louay Bawaneh

Joe 24:

When crises and disasters strike our countries (which are many), we unfortunately find ourselves immediately compelled to rush back to the past … especially for those who are eager to read the history of Jordan and its missing men now. Why do we go back to the past, because it is the most beautiful and purest in its men and responsibilities. They knew the homeland, its value and its institutions more than they are now in it. In such incidents, as happened a few days ago in Aqaba, we remember the history of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in a not so long ago .. in the eighties..we remember what happened, how, why and what was the reaction at that time. Let’s come to a well-established fact that Jordan was in a better condition than this, in spite of the simplicity of everything and in spite of everything they say about it today that it is the best. His officials were more loyal, sensitive and masculine than those who today occupy his positions and chairs … especially because we are at the gates of the third century festival, celebrating our day and night, about our progress at one time and our development on another time. time … and our pride in e-government and the availability and diversity of oversight bodies in terms of oversight, transparency and integrity of appointments. With all this progress, at the beginning of the new centenary, however, you are surprised that a metal rope is the cause of our disasters and martyrs, as it claimed 13 deaths and entered the party of all Jordanians. And in the new centenary we find that a simple error, forgetfulness and omission in the calculations of the weight of the load was the reason for cutting the rope .. unfortunately .. ignore that the real cause of it lies in sluggishness, corruption, and the poor affiliation of officials in my country and their mastery of the art of hypocrisy and their presentation of personal interest over any consideration.

The great disaster that took place in Aqaba and led to innocent victims, whose blood remains a trust in the neck of all Aqaba officials and all to whom the trust and responsibility in the government of Bishr Al-Khasawneh and before him has been assigned is. He failed to fulfill his duty or relaxed into accountability, monitoring, follow-up and others. This catastrophe has left confused and confusing questions for decision makers in Jordan. On their role and responsibilities .. First, a question to answer to every official in Aqaba .. Where were you before the report of the Al-Faraa Committee? Where is your conscience regarding the preservation of the fatherland, its people, its people and its hardworking workers. Where is the good governance you talk about in your conferences and reports submitted to His Majesty the King? Where is the fight against corruption by the debt of 713 port workers since 2016 in the form of workers and no need for them? Where is the director of the Aqaba Regional Authority in terms of administrative insomnia in Aqaba, and is he primarily responsible for Aqaba and its facilities? And where is he himself from the lack of precautions for public safety? .. Why is the president in a hurry to address the event as long as the obstacle involves officials? I’m not saying this to excuse the president from his responsibility. But the president rushed because the obstacle is without officials loyal to the country and its capabilities. The president rushed in recognition of the imbalance suffered by the state and government during his rule. And the covenant of his officials who tremble in the interest of the fatherland and its preservation, because they are only engaged in their interests and privileges, nothing more … His position has risen.). For history to record a position for you as recorded by you for Mudar Badran, not to be content with committees and to release a limited number of officials from their positions, but rather to punish the case be and serious liability to be a liability to others, and otherwise, Mr. President, you will be like others going through the Fourth Circle …

The question that confused me is what about those leaders in the Aqaba Ports Company, named by Interior Minister Al-Faraya with his reference, that the leaders treat employees in a functional capacity and not in a leadership capacity. This is what made it a cause of the problem and a reason why it happened, or a result they achieved. My question is not to the director of the Aqaba government, but to the prime minister himself, where do you come from the weak leaders? And you are the first responsible for managing the internal affairs of the country. And where are the beautiful days we have not yet seen? 13 (thirteen) Jordanian martyrs in Aqaba. The flower of their youth … Did not the state, with all its apparatus, know that these leaders in Aqaba were weak and unqualified ..? Did not the first official and the company manager know that the public safety supervisors did not have courses? Forgive me, Mr President, one dismissal is not enough. He rather likes them to be imprisoned..because the lives of Jordanians are precious..and for us and for you, what the president (former Jordanian prime minister) Mudhar Badran against corrupt, lax and negligent people in the eighties of the last century is an example of himself, his ability, his courage and his daring to take responsibility and prove death.

Mudar mentions Badran in his memoirs and book, entitled “Al-Qarar”. On one occasion, he entered the prime minister’s office, so his secretary, Haitham al-Qusous, informed him that an Irbid citizen had called and asked him to inform the president of her story with the water director in her area. as she responds to his call for her to drink Pepsi when she was thirsty, “a metaphor for the shortage” of water and its interruptions. . But she told him she did not know how to use it in the bathroom. He provoked the president’s position, “because he saw it as disregarding the citizen and exploiting his needs and persisted in injustice and abuse of the people, thinking he would not be held accountable.” The Irbid woman threatened to hold a protest against the government and the women of Irbid if they did not receive water. President Badran arrived in the governor and met with the local council and discussed the cause of the problem with them, and they assured him that the pump of water is in a good condition, but there are other problems of which they do not know. . It descends in a fine line, and because the well is deep and empty, the sound seems to flow powerfully. He says (and the speech is attributed to the president) I asked about the problem of the pumps, and if it breaks constantly, they said we will fix it. I asked about the water officer, and if he was an Englishman, I asked him to leave his job immediately, and I asked about the place where the electric pumps are sold, and there was one dealer selling pumps monopolized. The assistant manager of England was a Jordanian employee who charged a brokerage fee from this dealer, and one of the employees confirmed this. I therefore ordered my bodyguard to arrest him and hand him over to the director of the Central Prison, Hashem Qamouk, in preparation for his submission to the trial. I called the director of intelligence, Tariq Ala El-Din, and asked him to bring the dealer and keep him in the intelligence prison to find out the story of the brokers charged by an official employee. This was the occasion of Eid. After the Eid, President Mudar Badran asked the Director of Intelligence, and he told him that he had released the trader after taking his advantage. The president became angry and said to him, “Did I not tell you that I wanted to confess?” Tariq Aladdin told him: “He confessed from the first question,” which proved the accusation against the Assistant Director.The Water Authority and he were arrested …. We told this story to show what Mudar Badran, as Prime Minister, had the courage and strength to hold the corrupt accountable, through powerful and personal follow-up at times, especially those in which he saw an assimilation of the rights of citizens and the abuse of the corrupt on them.I was almost certain that as I read his story, I felt his prestige, his concern for the fatherland and the fear of his wrath in the truth … and how much we need his parable … today.

I was stunned by what was reported by the media that the composite committee was aimed at holding the negligents accountable, and identifying the shortcomings and weaknesses to accept his recommendations. What stopped me more was the state’s seriousness in handling the event. And we have not yet forgotten what happened in the Salt Hospital when there was a shortage of oxygen, and what the composite committee came up with about the magnitude of the government’s sluggishness there. Does the president not know that the government’s laxity has reached its limit … This makes us wonder … Where is the supervision in the various state institutions? Where is the accountability in the state agencies? Where is public safety before the event takes place? before the disaster occurred. Where are the officials in Aqaba all without exception of what happened? Or are they out of opportunity, have no income and have nothing to do with them because they are innocent, where are the representatives (note that the representatives of Aqaba are better than others). Where are the officials of Aqaba who receive fantastic salaries and enormous privileges? . Where is the singing of Aqaba, and it is Jordan’s only enforcer, and what progress has it made? Where is the public safety in Aqaba, O head of authority? , O Minister of Environment and O Minister of Transport. Are the lives of Jordanians so cheap for government and government officials? I see that all senior officials of Aqaba are responsible, and they should all also be fired and held accountable, not just their dismissal. This is the least duty that can be imposed on the country and on the souls of the martyrs. To be a lesson to anyone who adopts an insane government .. to think of punishment before reward if he erred, shortened, slackened or stole.

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