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Al-Wusta School – Lens of the Media Center in Riyadh Club

Every time the name of Al-Riyadh Club comes, the fourth side in the composition of Al-Wusta Clubs, a spiritual image is formed for me related to its location leading to one of the most famous valleys of the capital of Al-Bayadh and decision-making from the southwest of Najd, the Riyadh club in this geographical location and before its urban and population expansion in the city that codified itself Capital of the Middle East with the rise of Vision 2030, which propelled it and gave an indicative and descriptive guide. Anyone who wants to divert “Wadi Lane” describes it in its easy and simple slang by saying “Where is the Riyadh Club” and all the question marks and exclamations disappear because it is more like a (Google Map) area. valley and its passages, and then you have reached your destination.

Riyadh, or as his fans like to call it “The Middle School”, is the school whose passion has been extinguished for a long time, after years of neglect, which has kept it away from its position and its decisive and leading role in the composition of Saudi sports and its stars. Talents are at the heart of Saudi football and its competitions.

This venerable club is adorned with the color of love, radiance and warmth across its elegant and formal black color areas, with strong feelings flowing to it that draw all the sensory and perceptual meanings of this slogan, which you can organize: “Like a swimming pool of red and black beads, the first bead does not meet with the last, but it harmonizes and becomes elegant! ”. Many of his symbols left him and rolled him from the top of the deep valley to the bottom, between the first and second degrees, with sticks in the two degrees – if we put the combined history in his palm, and the history of the Riyadh Club in the palm of his hand, his palm will undoubtedly weigh heavier !. And she was the one who watched him and watched his stars – just – and she could not play with him, like the moon and the stars in the sky, you would like to see them without touching them.

It delivers and there is no rest from moaning! “

Prince Faisal bin Abdullah bin Nasser (may God have mercy on him), do you remember him?

He is the one who wrote in the pages of the history of the Riyadh club, a passage of a verse written by a great poet and for (17) years, stuck and orphaned, this section without anyone the other half came to complete. The actual founder of the Riyadh Club School (administrative) in the presence of large administrative schools at the time, during his presidency, had the presence of Al Hilal, Al Nasr, Al Shabab clubs represented by Abdullah bin Saad, Abdul Rahman bin Saud and Khaled bin Saad, but this young man, may God have mercy on him, was of a high standard In the establishment of a private and independent leadership charisma, in spite of his father’s crescent, could attract late attention and the neck of Her Majesty’s court distorted. to the Riyadh Club, and presents a wonderful generation with his presence, as the famous flutist “Rida Badir” in the note scale (Your Voice Calls Me) to (May the nights return! And still.

The names of that generation are repeated when the name of the Riyadh club is attended. All the administrative names mentioned above, including those who left the scene after death, or with a personal desire of his, while she was still alive, lost her clubs behind them and continued to search for themselves in a pile of those who look like the deceased, between landing and competing for relegation and moving away from tournaments other than Al-Hilal, who marched to the top and widened the gap with its rivals as its men realized the importance of it in the conscience of its supporters, and therefore there is no deviation from the platforms and the steady and developed Blue Line, administratively and technically over the years.

And with the mention of Al Hilal, we have seen that the chairman, Fahd bin Nafel, who strengthens his personality like Alwaleed bin Talal, adorns his presence at the Riyadh club’s podium in the match against Esperance Club as support and motivation, which gives a positive window. given that Riyadh club is supported by players either from the club or by sponsoring a professional A foreigner makes the difference with the team in the first division, especially since (Al-Zaeem) as one of the richest clubs in the Asian continent is considered. on the pages of history.

Here it remains to point out that the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Riyadh, Mr. Bandar Al-Muqbil, “urgently” in this regard must initiate and communicate with them and strive for business and financial men and direct invitations to them. as well as some media professionals who feel responsible towards this ancient club should visit it and shed light on it.To highlight it from time to time and the others in the media, and the need to establish and activate a “Hearing Board” around a link between the club and its supporters in which opinions and ideas are presented, a step that brings the club’s boys together and gathers their diaspora of the senior supporters, media and those interested in the general affairs of the club, with my assurance that the Board of Directors and its members make relentless efforts to achieve the desired goals to increase the name of the Riyadh club, according to the available capabilities, although I consider 17 years of absence to be sufficient and very stressful and it is time to return to stop.

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