Riaad Newspaper | Wise leadership .. anticipates crises and addresses needs

Wise leadership .. anticipates crises and addresses needs

Researchers and specialists have praised the royal decree to allocate 20 billion riyals of financial support to deal with the effects of rising prices worldwide, based on what His Highness the Crown Prince – may God protect him – has raised, with knowledge of the leadership’s zeal to improve family stability, in line with the social security system, and provide a decent life. For people, they are not polluted by inconvenience, or a sense of distress, which emphasizes that the rulers are an integral part of the people, they are not separated from them by obstacles, and this close relationship is the basis of stability , security, development and progress.

Leadership priorities

Historian Dr. Bin Awadah Al-Faydi said that the generous order to grant a large financial support to face the consequences of the price increase, based on what His Highness presented to the Crown Prince, confirms the closeness between the leadership and the people , and the great interest in the groups of society, especially the most needy in light of the circumstances the world is going through and its impact is reflected on all countries.The royal decision touched everyone’s conscience and set the most wonderful examples in the good governance of rulers who made the most. of their attention to the people of the land, and note the images of togetherness, the most prominent feature of the Kingdom since its unification in the hands of the founder King Abdulaziz – may his soul rest in peace May God Almighty the Keeper of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz and His Highness the Crown Prince, Prince Muhammad bin Salman, and perpetuate the kingdom of good security and prosperity Everything that concerns the citizen comes before the priorities of the rulers – may God protect them – This and others decisions are not surprising from those who exchange love for us with love and loyalty, and whenever we see all the remarkable developments The great leaps, and the huge developmental achievements in the various economic, educational, health, social and other sectors, which in total constitute gigantic achievements characterized by comprehensiveness and integration in the building and development of the nation.

generous gesture

The jurist and thinker, Sheikh Abdullah Fadaq, said: Good news has come in the issuance of the order of the Guardian of the Two Holy Mosques, based on what was submitted by the Crown Prince, with the highest approval at 20 billion riyals to deal with the repercussions of the rise in world prices, adding that happiness included all the people of the Kingdom. And not just those who deserve humanitarian grace, we in the Kingdom are one entity, goodness reigns, joy is shared, and everyone cares, adding: Despite what the whole world suffers in this dark period of our contemporary history, economic crises , as a result of wars and pandemics; This royal commission confirms the leadership’s zeal to improve family stability, in line with the social security system, and to provide a decent life for people, free from inconvenience or feelings of need. And long live, and may He preserve it for us. , and keep us from it, and protect our precious kingdom from all evil.

ample support

In turn, legal adviser and researcher Sheikh Ziyad bin Mansour Al-Qurashi praised the large, generous and unlimited royal support by the Guardian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz – may God protect him – based on what was submitted by the Crown Prince , His Royal Highness Prince Muhammad bin Salman – may God grant him success – to approve the allocation of 20 billion riyal to address the repercussions of rising world prices, including 10 billion for social security beneficiaries and the citizen’s billing program, and the payment of an additional pension to those who are entitled to social security Our rational government and our guardians – may God give them success – who seek the needs of male and female citizens and people with limited incomes and constantly stand by them and they and the needy support groups and help them meet their needs, and meet the life requirements, especially with the rise in prices worldwide and facilitate them, taking into account the needs of needy families and opening the way for all The groups of society that meet the eligibility requirements for registration in social security and the citizen’s account, and the benefit a Increase in direct subsidies, which helps alleviate their vulnerability to the effects of rising world prices.

Price repercussions

He added: The government’s support decisions have taken into account smallholder farmers to help them cope with the rise in feed prices, and an amount of 10 billion riyal has been allocated to increase strategic stock of basic materials to drive up the rise in prices worldwide. to deal with, and this reflects the leadership’s faith and interest in its citizens and to anticipate the dimensions of the current crisis, and this step is seen as a stabilizing factor. For needy families, the generous mandate also included support for all social security beneficiaries in the old and developed systems. whose suitability has been announced since June, and to grant additional support to those registered in the citizen’s account in continuation of the guardians’ interest in supporting the families most in need to help them cope with the effects of deal with rising world prices, and recover The opening of registration in the Citizen’s Account Program to expand the circle of those eligible for the eligible support that qualifies for eligibility. And happiness and joy be upon the Saudis, male and female, and the supplication of God Almighty in these important days a Blessing – the ten days of Dhul-Hijjah – to balance these good deeds of the good deeds of the Keeper of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz and his trusted Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman – may God preserve them – and to increase the reward for them, and to preserve this blessed land and its guardians and to preserve it immortalized She has the blessing of faith, security, safety, stability and the prosperity to live under this rational government.

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