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The hoped-for support is not available to international non-governmental organizations that defend the values ​​of the family and promote its role, and have not disseminated and promoted sufficient information about it. Among the most prominent of these organizations is the Family Watch International, which was founded in America in 1999 and seeks to preserve marriage between men and women, combat homosexuality and abortion, and protect parental rights. She is internationally recognized as a world leader in support of the pro-family movement, and she has supporters in 170 countries representing different cultures and religions. The organization works to achieve its policies by: monitoring and analyzing policies and decisions affecting children and families, participating in United Nations conferences and international negotiations, and coordinating efforts to defend the family to protect its interests. ensure with the content of international documents and decisions.

While the gay movement receives unlimited political, financial and media support from governments, the media and some companies and banks in the West, without any regard for the values ​​and legislation that tampered with this human instinct leading to the destruction of the family structure and the extinction of the human race.

In terms of financial support, the National Report of the Gay Movement in America for the year 2018 indicated that its total revenue for the fiscal year 2017 amounted to $ 270 million. FundsForNRO’s website reports that support for gay programs internationally is gaining momentum as donors become increasingly interested in the causes advocated by the movement. The most prominent institutions and funds that funded homosexuality programs worldwide were:

American Jewish World Service

Arcus Foundation of America

Barry and Martin’s Trust

The Ford Foundation of America

The Dutch Hivos Foundation.

Political support is evident in US President Biden’s speech to the gay community on February 9, 2022, saying, “I protect you, and my administration will continue to fight for the protection and security you deserve.” And his speech before the United Nations General Assembly on September 21, 2021, when he said that America “will defend freedom and equality for gay rights so that they can live and love freely and without fear in all countries of the world.” And the U.S. State Department’s affirmation in its May 17, 2022 statement “that the human rights of homosexuals are the same as the human rights of all persons, and America’s commitment to end intolerance and discrimination against homosexuals.”

It has enabled the homosexual movement to spread not only in America and Europe, but also worldwide, and has included their demands on the priority list of issues in which Western governments are interested within their relations with other countries or within the scope of international organizations . The Washington Times’ exclamation in its June 27, 2022 article, “Schools steal parental rights and cause permanent harm to children,” expresses the extent of the suffering that American families are currently experiencing as a result of the persistence of the gay movement. When you walk into the school, the gay flag will meet you to encourage students to give their allegiance to foreign concepts, rather than the ideals represented by the national flag. ” Indeed, pessimism has reached such an extent that the U.S. Congresswoman, Mrs. Marjorie Taylor Green, tweeted on May 31, 2022, saying, “The sincere people will become extinct and everyone will become gay, almost within the next 4 to 5 generations.”

The confusing question here is, why this huge rush from America and its followers to support homosexuality? Their claims to protect human rights are not taken seriously, for two important reasons: homosexuality is fundamental to human rights because it leads to the cessation of reproduction, and they are the last to protect human rights in terms of the growing crime, rape, racism and homelessness they have and they did not pay attention to them. Is there then a strategic plan for hegemony formulated by American think tanks that takes advantage of anomalies like Othman’s shirt?

The axes of that scheme will be revealed in the coming years, and the case could result in it dying out if the magic turns against the wizard, with homosexuals controlling the control joints in the West, and both cases are a plague and destabilization of the world. The Arab and Islamic countries, if they want pride, development and stability, must have solid positions, proud of their identity in the face of these destructive currents, as the position of His Highness, Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, when he declared to (The Atlantic) on March 3, 2022 when he said, “The Kingdom is based on Islam, Arab and Saudi culture and beliefs, which are our soul, if we get rid of it, it means the collapse of the country.” Also, everyone should strive to:

(1) Crystallisation of integrated national strategies to address the expansion of the homosexual movement, enabling the promotion of virtue and immunization of society of all programs aimed at spreading and promoting malice, whether commercial or in the media. And the zeal to purify the homelands of the stinking algae of the West has stuck with some local media, culture and social communications.

(2) The enactment of firm regulations to punish the perpetrators, promoters and supporters of perversion, as there is no stability and development for nations by allowing individual personal freedom that is contrary to the values ​​and norms of society. These regulations should also include the boycott of companies, consulting firms and foreign financial institutions that have been proven to support and fund deviation programs for national security violations.

(3) Beware of the activities of Western embassies aimed at spreading mischief among young people.

(4) The establishment of Arab and Islamic alliances within the framework of the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation which emphasize the spread of virtue and the fight against homosexuality, and an appeal to a world summit in an Arab country around the mobilize international bloc against homosexuality.

(5) The launch of funding programs to support the activities of the promotion of virtue locally, regionally and internationally. And closer cooperation with NGOs that are internationally active in the fight against homosexuality, and the financing of their programs.

(6) Intensive popular participation in supporting anti-homosexual organizations, such as Family Watch International, and supporting their views by registering support for their petitions submitted to the United Nations, such as the international petition “I support the family” via the electronic link (https: // familywatch. org / petition).

Conclusion: From the words of the poet Khalil bin Hadlan:

Who does not roll up for situations like a snout

He had no worries and he did not get a law.

What are you hiding among the creatures?

As long as that which is borne of glory is borne

And he who is in distress is weak in determination

The world is trampling underfoot

And stay away from the humiliation and humiliation of time

No, his reality became out of hatred

He who avoids impurity, no one can blame him

What improves the facilities of libel and fraud?

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