The Brigadier General has restored the glory of the Kuwaiti hand and looks forward to it.

  • Al-Ghanim led “the Brigadier General” to Asian glory with right decisions and a far vision
  • Kuwait and Qadisiyah on the Asian podium .. a big comeback for Kuwaiti handball
  • Barcelona, ​​Al-Ahly, German champions and Brazil await “Super Globe” World Cup
  • Al-Rashidi was on time after the dismissal of Pereira
  • The brilliance of the children of the “Brigadier” and taking responsibility … the tactical map is in the hands of Al-Rashidi

Hamed Al-Omran

With raised heads and eyes corresponding to the flag of Kuwait as it flutters, and hearts beating with love and affection for the homeland, and with a loud voice shaking the corners of the hall hosted by the Asian Clubs Handball Championship hosted by India , and with smiling lips the people of Kuwait and the Kuwait Club sang with pride and pride after playing the national anthem of Kuwait: My homeland, Kuwait delivered For glory and see happiness on your forehead.

Yes, these are the boys from Kuwait and it is their custom to stand on the podium in Asian events, even though this practice was absent for 13 years after the Sulaibikhat won the 12th championship in 2009, but the boys from the “Brigadier” led by the ship’s captain and club president Khaled Al-Ghanim insisted on restoring the glory. The Kuwaiti handball match, amid the development that the Gulf teams in particular testified to, but proper planning and insight by Al-Ghanim and joint technical and administrative efforts led to the coronation of Al-Abyad as a champion of the 24th Asian Club Championship hosted by the Indian city of Hyderabad during the period from 22 to 30 last June, and it was At the end, a musk smelled of gold so that the boys of Kaifan became admirable in the last match and could show their dominance against the Bahraini star enforces and wins 28-23.The Kuwaiti newspaper announced the writing of a new history at Asian and local level by registering the name of the Kuwait Club as an Asian champion for the first time in its history.

Qadisiyah .. merit and superiority

Before addressing the crucial technical and administrative issues that put Al-Obeid on the winning line, we must praise Al-Qadisiyah’s performance in the championship and his third place after leading his group and losing to Kuwait in the semi-finals, and then returned. and playing with the Qatari Arab, and the boys of “Bani Qadis” were able to muzzle everyone Whoever doubted their victory over Al-Arabi in the group matches, to repeat the victory with a goal difference, for Al- Asfar to take third place, and two Kuwaiti teams stand on the podium.

As for the Asian champion, Brigadier General “Al-Kuwaitawi”, he had all the means to win the championship, as the great interest of the club’s board of directors is led by Khaled Al-Ghanim, who is a lieutenant from the team from the first day to the end of his career in the championship, with the club’s vice-president Bader Al-Osaimi, who was the right arm of his president, and a member The board of directors, Dean El Din , and nearly 20 people who are white fans and supporters, and this remarkable presence has had a huge psychological impact on the players.

Al-Abyad supported his ranks with two professional players, Cuban Valdez and Portuguese Borges, in addition to the main professionals with the Portuguese team, Hernandez and the Qatari of Cuban Franques, in addition to the presence of a constellation of local players, stars in all positions, to be available in the team the main and alternative player.

Al-Rashidi .. a brave decision

The technical start was for Portuguese coach Palo Brera, who was contracted by Kuwait specifically for the foreign matches, but Palo was not on time and Al-Abyad lost in the group matches against the Bahraini star by 29-30 so Al-Ghanim present with his brave and decisive decision to fire Palo and hand over the task to national coach Haitham Al-Rashidi, who knows his team’s abilities are good and he is fluent in technical reading of the matches, and that is what actually happens so that the dean achieved one victory after another, which put Al-Rashidi as coach and Al-Abyad on the Asian summit.

The truth that everyone should be aware of is that Khaled Al-Ghanim’s insight into preparing for more than one scenario for the championship is what contributed to the achievement of the championship.

The brilliance of the children of the “Brigade”

One of the reasons for winning the title is also Al-Abyad’s investment in the union’s decision to return the professional player to the Kuwaiti league and register two players, which Kuwait did by recruiting high-caliber professionals. contracted and they spent an entire season with Al- Abyad, who created a great understanding among the local players to facilitate the coach’s task in the tactical aspects, and the best witness that the Portuguese Angel Hernandez won the award for won the best player in his position in the tournament, and the large percentage of assists from Francques to his teammates.

We noticed the incompatibility of the Cuban professional Valdir with the group on the attacking side, so he was only used on the defensive side in a clever and successful move by coach Haitham Al-Rashidi, to strongly rely on local players Abdullah Al- Khamis, whose experience has appeared in the last two games and led the team skillfully, along with the young Saif Al-Adwani, who has played at intervals with Nawaf Al-Shammari and Mahdi Al-Qallaf, while the right wingers were on time and shone remarkably, the duo Saleh Al-Moussawi, who won the Best Player Cup in his position, and Mishaal Taha, and in the left wing, Abdulaziz Al-Shammari and Yaqoub Asiri participated, while at intervals in the tournament appeared. Positive was the player of the circle, Meshary Siwan, who also participated with Abdulaziz Al-Dosari in the defense, and in the goalkeeper there was a brilliant trio, Ali Safar, Abdulaziz Al-Dhafiri and Hassan Safar.

“Super Globe” .. wait

But how does white stay on top? It requires firstly not to pay attention to the side conversations of some, who move forward as well as to strengthen the ranks in the future will hinder, because as you work, others will work, especially those from whom the top has been snatched away. , so the upcoming participation in the championship must be taken into account.The Super Globe, hosted next October by the Saudi city of Dammam, in which the continental champions will participate and is considered the strongest tournament, and the Whites qualified for it as the Asian champion.

And from this tournament we have to go to the world by contracting with new professionals who will contribute to getting Al-Abyad to the semi-finals. That the “Brigadier” achieves an achievement for Kuwaiti handball by achieving the advanced roles amid the participation of 10 teams, of which 7 will be determined, namely the German Magdeburg, the champion of the last edition, the Spanish Barcelona, ​​the European champion, the Egyptian Al-Ahly from Africa, the Brazilian Taobati, the South -American champion, and the Saudi representative, the Mudhar and Golf team. In addition to Kuwait, the Asian champion, and 3 seats left for the North American champion, the Oceania champion and the Arab Cup champion, and the three teams will be determined next August, so Al-Abyad must work from today to to appear an honorable appearance and achieve a new achievement that contributes to the return of Kuwaiti handball to its former glory.

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