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Never .. the “daughters of Egypt” and the future mothers, in the shadows of our new republic, have not and will not submit to the calls to close and retreat behind the stone walls in the houses; or behind the tent of black velvet curtains, like pieces of the dark night; We see how they are on their way – with all the grace, flexibility and beauty of the formation of the divine human body – to win gold, silver and bronze medals; at the 2022 Mediterranean Games, the 19th Mediterranean Games; For those who do not know, we explain that this is an international multisport event currently taking place from June 25 to July 5, 2022 in the beautiful city of Oran in the sister republic of Algeria; The city of Oran was announced as the host city after its victory over the Tunisian city of Sfax; After the official vote of the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games on the Tunisian city was won by 17/15 votes, these matches – after being initially scheduled for the summer of 2021 – were postponed to the period from 25 June to 5 July 2022 due to the Corona virus pandemic, which disrupted the Olympic calendar at the time.

I have all the honor of honoring them by dedicating a “line” to each of them .. for acquaintance and documentation in the records of the beautiful time of the rising generations; When the face of the Nile River clears and enjoys freedom in its flow – under the shadow of its loyal national leadership – the results that herald good, growth, victory and progress to prosperity must come. Here is the list of the “daughters of Egypt “which at the age of flowers is on the branches of the Garden of Life; These are the flowers that announce the good and the launch to the horizons of glory and dignity, and the honorable representation of our guarded Egypt; In the activities of the international sports community forums:
The Egyptian champions started:
“Feryal Ashraf” .. to win the Karate gold / weight of 86 kg.
And celebrated these days for her great athletic brilliance, “Basant Hamida” … for winning the gold in the 100-meter sprint / athletics.
And “Reem Ahmed” .. to win the Karate silver / weight under 50 kg.
And “Ahlam Youssef” .. to win the Karate silver / weight under 50 kg.
And “Israa Owais” .. to win silver in the long jump / athletics.
And “Duha Hani” .. to win bronze in badminton / women’s singles.
and “Samar Hamza” for bronze in freestyle wrestling / 76 kg.
and “Youmna Ayyad” .. to win the bronze in box / weight of 54 kg.
And “Shaimaa Muhammad” .. to win the bronze in freestyle wrestling / 54 kilos.
and “Basma Emad” .. to win bronze in weightlifting / weight of 54 kg.

For these sincere efforts in mathematical representation; I find that they have every right to be honored by the sovereign authorities in the state. In particular, the Ministry of Youth and Sports; the need to award them honorary membership in clubs, associations and civic organizations; It is they who, in spite of all social conditions and the struggle against the remnants of the hordes of terrorism, have passed the barrier of fear of going out into society and practicing sport with full freedom. They did not sit down to wait for the next knight to take them on horseback to the House of Justice; To be at the service of the ideas and behaviors of the patriarchal society that sits on the throne of “Si El-Sayed”; Under the pretext of maintaining the female barrier and a barrier between them and the normal and creative human communication between the members of society – as claimed by some segments who wore the cloak and mask of horrific ideological extremism – and which was formed and fortified for some time (under) compelling emergencies which, thank God, passed away like a dark summer cloud guarded over our Egypt But it quickly disappeared forever, thanks to the mighty lions of Egypt who knew its fate and with the help of the Almighty make her fate.

The beautiful thing – and this is not surprising – is the unanimity of the fraternal Algerian people about the love and encouragement from the heart for all our heroes in this session held in the arms of the beautiful city of Oran.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Youth and Sport explained that there are new achievements to be added to the Egyptian sports record, noting the support of the Minister of Sport for athletes through continuous communication with them and with coaches; To reaffirm the support of the Egyptian state, which is loyal and serious to represent Egypt and to motivate them to win medals; He pointed out the importance of providing financial and moral support to the players of the political leadership in various matches, with the highest level of honors awaiting them in honor of this great sporting achievement.

It is not surprising that he declares and praises the achievements of our guarded Egypt in the sports field, although we appreciate his words of deep appreciation for our sports apparatus, which contributed to their efforts to achieve victories and sporting victories after victory, and the rising stars under the rug of our good country was the focus of the world’s attention, and we expect the state more of Attention to adopt these Egyptian talents to ensure the continuity of their superiority along with the popular support they emotionally supportive, and provide them with positive fuel to reach higher ranks in the sports matrix worldwide, so God willing .. Thank you, the heroines of Egypt, and her pride and dignity!

* Former head of the Creative Production Division at the Academy of Arts and a member of the Egyptian Writers’ Union

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