The inside story of 10 startups that became worldwide

The most successful beginners have never been so successful in their early days. In fact, most of them had a completely different main product and served a different need and market. As is the case with most of the stories we hear, most of these companies were founded by people who did not have much money and suffered from multiple rejections and frustrations.

A researcher compiled a few inside stories of 10 startups whose success was impressive, and it seems that they all started with a very simple idea and looked step by step at their place, which elicited a lot of inspiration has:

1- Air with me that B (Airbnb)

This is the story of three guys who went from renting a mattress to a $ 10 billion company!

These young men could not afford to pay the expensive rent in their San Francisco apartment. There was a design show coming to San Francisco and the city’s hotels were full, so they rented three air mattresses in their living room and made breakfast for their guests. Then they created a small blog on the internet known as “The Blog”, whereby they could hire two guys and one girl for $ 80 per person.

And after a small success and product adaptation to suit the market, they invited their old friend from the apartment, a graduate of technical sciences, to participate in the project in exchange for the development of the website and web pages for they.

2- Twitter

Four friends gathered for a long, full day of brainstorming, and one of them, known as “Jack Dorsey,” who was not yet a graduate of New York University, came up with the idea that ‘one’ can send an SMS to a small group of people. Then his other friend suggested other details similar to showing the status to Facebook, and the third had the name “Twitter” similar to the message With a sparrow chirping.

3- Pinterest

Ben Silberman expected to become a doctor like his parents, and he joined the prestigious Yale University in 1999 and discovered a while later that he did not want to become a doctor. After a consulting tour in Washington, DC, which worked for Google, and a failed application, he came up with a new idea.

In 2009, Benjamin, along with his colleagues Paul Sciara and Evan Sharp, developed a website where people could display photos of groups of things they were interested in on a web page or interactive whiteboard similar to a blog or wall.

The owner of the idea personally wrote to the first 7,000 users of his new product and asked to meet with them and offered his personal phone number, many of whom refused. And it was his girlfriend who suggested the name of the application for the Thanksgiving dinner party.

4- LinkedIn

At the end of 2002, “Reed Hoffman” hired an old team of colleagues from “Social Net” and “Paypal” to work on a new idea similar to the giants of social networking sites. After six months of brainstorming sessions, he launched Red Linkedin from his living room, initiating 350 of his friends to join his network and build their own profiles.

The start was slow, with an average of 20 new users a day or less, and by the end of the year, the emerging company was able to attract the attention and interest of the well-known Sequoia investment fund to join it.

5- Facebook

At the age of 19 and in his second year of college, Mark Zuckerberg was able to start a social network for Harvard University. Soon, the site became popular and well-distributed, and it was introduced to include other universities. In the same year, Mark moved to the American Silicon Valley in Palo Alto, California, and received $ 500,000 from Peter Thiel, one of the pioneers of PayPal, to begin the journey in a story whose details were known in the Hollywood movie “The Social Network.”

6- Instagram

It’s the story of two guys who worked on an application in just 8 weeks. One of them is Kevin Systrom, a Stanford graduate who worked with Google in the Gmail Email and Corporate Relations Development department. Then, on weekends, they developed an application to display beautiful selfies with GPS and the ability to write notes, which they first called “Birben”. Here, Kevin met Mike Krieger, a novice user of the Burpen app and co-founder of Instagram. Thereafter, Perben’s subject was reduced to images only and named Instagram.

7- Angry Birds

How many times have the founders of Angry Birds tried to build a successful application for this game? 51 times!

8- WhatsApp

Jan Koum and Brian Anton are friends who worked at Yahoo and were tired of the many ads on any page on the internet at that time. They left Yahoo in 2007, took a year of relaxation and decompression, both of which applied for a job and was rejected. After many ups and downs, they launched WhatsApp in 2009, with the determination that the service without No advertising and it will focus on excellent and smooth service to its customers without any confusion.

9- Snapchat

Three friends were discovering their path to entrepreneurship, and then one of them accidentally said, “I wish these photos I sent would disappear.” A little later someone said I had an idea for a million dollars, they were working on an application they called Snapchat

10- Uber

After a conference in Paris, France, they were two friends standing in the street complaining about the constant problems they were experiencing in life and how difficult their lives were, and one of them easily had a ride or got taxi. What happened after that the two solutions to this problem sat and thought to find a car that would take them anywhere anytime!

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