The parents of a two-year-old boy were among the victims of the 4th of July parade shooting

Now another community in America is mourning the loss of family and friends: among them, the parents of a two-year-old boy, a former preschool teacher and a beloved grandfather.

Six of the victims were identified by the Lake County Coroner Bureau as Katherine Goldstein, 64, of Highland Park; Irina McCarthy, 35, of Highland Park; Kevin McCarthy (37) of Highland Park; Jacqueline Sondheim (63) of Highland Park; Stephen Strauss (88) of Highland Park; and Nicola Toledo-Zaragoza (78) of Morelos, Mexico.

The seventh victim died at a hospital outside Lake County, Dr. Jennifer Bannick said at a news conference Tuesday afternoon.

Christopher Coveley, deputy head of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, said at the news conference that a total of 45 people were injured or killed in the shooting.

Authorities believe the suspect who was shot, who was arrested Monday after a search, climbed onto the roof of a business about 20 minutes after it started and opened fire on the parade.

A total of 26 patients were admitted to Highland Park Hospital, Dr. Brigham Temple, medical director of the North Shore University Health System, said.

The patients ranged in age from 8 to 85 and had four or five children, Temple said. He said 19 of the 25 victims with gunshot wounds were treated and discharged from the hospital. He added that there were gunshot wounds to the limbs as well as more central parts of the bodies.

Here’s what we know about lost lives:

Irina and Kevin McCarthy

Irina and Kevin McCarthy, who died in the shooting, are said to be the parents of a young boy who was found alive.

Irina Colon, who is linked to Irina McCarthy, shared an undated photo of the newlyweds with CNN at their wedding in Chicago.

Colon said she was not on the program and found out about the couple’s death from Irina McCarthy’s father. Colon said the couple’s two-year-old son, Aiden, will now take care of the family members.

A verified GoFundMe campaign Kowloon began by saying that in the aftermath of the violence, community members took the young boy to safety before his grandparents were found.

The campaign said: “At two years old, Aiden is left in an unthinkable position; To grow up without his parents. “His loving family will take care of Aiden and he will have a long way to go to heal, find stability and finally navigate his life as an orphan. He is surrounded by a community of friends and extended family who will embrace him with love, and any means available to ensure that he has everything he needs as he grows. ”

“On behalf of his family, and with their approval, I am creating this fundraiser to support him and the caregivers who will have the task of raising, caring for and supporting Aiden as he and his support system embark on this unexpected journey,” he said. added.

The GoFundMe page raised more than $ 820,000 by Tuesday night.

Jackie Sonheim

Jackie Sonheim.
Jackie Sondheim So who was identified by her synagogue as one of the people killed.

The North Shore Congregation in Glencoe said in a statement that Sondheim was a lifelong chaplain and crew member, serving as a preschool teacher and event coordinator.

“There are not enough words to express our deepest sadness over Jackie’s death and our sympathy with her family and loved ones,” the statement said. “We know that you are praying with us in our deepest prayer that Jackie’s soul will be bound in the hiding place of the Wings of God and that her family will somehow find comfort and solace in the midst of this boundless sorrow.”

Nicholas Toledo

Nicholas Toledo.

A father of eight, grandfather of many, Nicola Toledo He was visiting family in Highland Park, Mexico, and was identified as a victim in Monday’s shooting, a Morelos state official told CNN.

Mexican officials have issued a press release identifying Toledo as Nicholas “N”, a common practice in Mexico where authorities use the letter “N” for any family name on official documents, under human rights law and the protection of victims’ privacy.

One of his granddaughters, Kimberly Rangel, told CNN affiliate CNN, Toledo loved fishing, painting and walking with his family in the park. WBBM.
The Toledo family has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for its return to Mexico.

“What was supposed to be a fun family day was a terrible nightmare for all of us,” wrote GoFundMe organizer and another granddaughter, Zochel Toledo. “As a family, we are broken and numb.”

She described her grandfather as a “loving man”, “creative, adventurous and funny”.

Six of Toledo’s eight children live in the United States, according to the Mexican authorities’ statement. One of them was wounded in the shooting, along with two others from the Toledo family.

What do we know about the injured?

Barbara Medina, 46, was wounded in the shooting – not from the shooting, but from the rush when showgoers fled the area to try to escape the chaos on Monday.

Barbara Medina.

The city was marching with a sign from Community Partners for Affordable Housing (CPAH) when it heard gunshots, she told CNN. A sea of ​​people rushed towards her, she dropped the banner, grabbed her 7-year-old daughter Caroline and her scooter and ran. Unfortunately, she is separated from her 12-year-old son and father in a mad rush to get away from the area.

Medina and her daughter escape through an alley but notice that her daughter is driving slower behind her. She reached out her hand to catch her and help, but she stumbled on her scooter and fell hard on her left arm. She said she immediately knew it was broken.

“I could see it was going in the wrong direction, and I had to go back to the maneuver,” she said. “It hurt a lot.”

After arriving at a stranger’s house, Medina learns that her son and father are safe and hiding elsewhere. She borrowed a sling and an ice pack and propped her arm up on some pillows to relieve the pain.

Hours later, Medina went to Skokie Hospital, a non-trauma facility, to examine her arm and doctors diagnosed her with a nearby broken radius just below the elbow. She now has a cast from her fingertips to the top of her shoulder, and she expects to be in a cast for 6 to 8 weeks.

Although her arm is sore, she is thankful that she and her family were not seriously injured.

“I am more worried about the children,” she said. I am grateful that we are all safe. ” “It will be a long recovery process.”

Amanda Moses, Chris Boyett, Anna Melgar Zuniga, Fidel Gutierrez and David Williams of CNN contributed to this report.

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