Tips for managing finances with your roommate

In Arabic / Finance is important Moving on your own is a step that one would very much like to take, but sometimes delays due to financial problems. This is why it is an increasingly common practice to live with “roommates”.

Living with someone is one of the most popular choices among Millennials who seek independence from their parents but cannot afford said independence. Next, we’ll share some of the benefits of working with a partner and what are the best tips for managing finances with your partner. the room and achieving a lasting relationship.

This new generation of young people between the ages of 20 and 30 wants to gain independence in all aspects of their lives. Housing is the most complex issue, especially on the economic front. In this context, it seems that the character roommate Or a closet is an excellent solution.

Pros and cons of a roommate

The most important feature of sharing the surface with a colleague in the room is that you can leave the house you live in with your family and be independent. This is because the cost of buying or renting a house Too high. Often it is impossible to handle it alone.

However, when you decide to share the cost of rent with someone else, the prospects become more encouraging and you are encouraged to start a new life.

On the other hand, when you live with another person on the same page as you, it is easier to travel this unknown path. coexist more Fun and fun when sharing goals and standards on issues such as order, schedules, visits and finances.

One of the disadvantages of moving in with roommate If they do not have the same priorities or do not have similar lifestyles, then it will be difficult to live together. of the main problems Finance And how to manage it so that it does not represent a cause for disputes.

Let’s look at 7 tips so that the experience is not terrible.

1. He entered the room

From the outset on and before the signing of the lease agreement, it must be made clear that The cost of renting a home should not exceed 30% of everyone’s income room . This is one of the main requirements that people who are going to live under one roof must meet.

First, make sure that they can cover the rent without, for example, losing food expenses. Second, because you ensure that no one will experience problems when it comes to contributing a portion of the rent.

Calculations must be done in advance so that there are no surprises when you pull with a partner.

2. Mixed amount

Does everyone have to pay the same amount of rent? In general, houses or apartments do not have equal areas, but some rooms are smaller than others or have different amenities.

It would not be entirely fair for someone who has a bedroom with his own dressing room to pay the same amount as someone with a smaller room. Consider the properties of the property. Ideally, it should be fair, not bigger (because costs increase) or smaller (because it can be inconvenient).

3. Responsible for expenses

It is necessary that they jointly choose a person responsible for expenses . In addition to rent, there are services and taxes that must be paid on time to avoid problems and late fees.

This is one of the most important tips for managing finances with your colleague in the room . You must be an organized person and have the necessary time to do the job.

4. Common expenses

One of the most practical ways to keep track of expenses is through an application, where everyone records general consumption in the same place. At the end of the month, add and split . However, the million dollar question seems to be which expenses are common and which are not.

As for food, for example, they can make a list and go shopping in the supermarket. What is purchased in this case is considered general.

Now, if I had a little room taste Whether preferences for expensive foods or certain brands, they should buy them individually to avoid problems. In such a situation, the labeling of the products should be carried out in the cupboard or refrigerator.

5. Extra expenses

This is another issue that should be more than clear when developing coexistence guidelines. What happens if your classmate is in the room Do you want to rent a satellite TV service and do not want to? If you are going to use it, share it. Common sense and good intentions are essential when living with a roommate .

Another topic that can cause stress is the topic of food. Suppose they went shopping all month, but one of his classmates Alive He called his friends and used up the week’s reserves in one night. To avoid stressful times like these, identify which expenses are common and which are not.

6. Home furniture

Our suggestion is to try to buy as little furniture as possible and hardware together . At the end of the cohabitation period, rupture can be stressful.

Make an inventory of what they already have and what each of the future occupants of the house can contribute. Then look at what is missing and buy with a lot of money they need.

7. Regular visits

Receiving a visit from time to time is not the same as hosting a roommate Base daily . It is fair to consider the extent to which a regular visit (overnight at the property) does not contribute to a portion of the budget for food and services.

Rooms angry for money.
If some problems are not resolved in advance, finances can mean a breakdown in the relationship between roommates.

Tips for managing finances with your roommate are based on talking

So far, we have made a brief overview of some of the financial considerations you need to consider to live with. roommate Probably. The best thing and first thing to do is Talk and talk about everything in advance: Customs, schedules, food, expenses, personal tastes and visits.

As the saying goes: “Obvious accounts preserve friendship” . And in order for the numbers to be fair to all, the smallest details must be determined in advance.

We hope you can take such a degrading step in your life and find the best roommates In this stage of independence that everyone longs for.

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