93% of UAE companies plan to continue expanding into new markets

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Companies around the world are planning to make significant investments in digital technology to support ambitious expansion plans following the pandemic. New results from Equinix (Nasdaq: EQIX) annual survey among technology makers show that the move to a less connected world is still far from the plans of digital leaders across industries and geographies. Despite concerns about a possible recession coming to the World Economic Forum in Davos over the end of globalization, it appears that companies are still committed to their plans for international expansion.

93% of UAE IT decision makers surveyed by Equinix’s Global Technology Trends 2022 survey find that their companies intend to expand over the next 12 months, either in a completely new region (66%) or in a new country (47%). new city (43%).

The potential of the cloud has been around for a long time, but its capabilities are now really tangible. 48% of UAE IT decision-makers planning to expand are likely to start by virtualising cloud services in the short term and then building a permanent physical infrastructure in the new market, and 44% of them said they are expanding with existing teams.

Firms have identified a number of factors that could hinder international growth, particularly supply chain challenges. Worldwide, 59% of decision-makers surveyed said their companies suffer from global supply chain problems and shortages, while 58% believe the global chip shortage threatens their business.

These persistent supply chain problems appear to be reinforcing the need for more virtual machines, with growth aspirations and large-scale planned investments in digital infrastructure. (40%) of UAE respondents said they intend to facilitate global expansion plans through virtual deployment via the cloud, and (37%) of them would do so using a computing solution without an operating system.

The pandemic continues to have a significant impact on companies’ digital strategies. More than half of UAE IT entrepreneurs (53%) said they were accelerating their businesses’ digital transformation due to the COVID-19 crisis. In fact, more than half (57%) say their IT budgets have increased as a direct result, reflecting the current need for a robust digital infrastructure to keep up with changing business needs. The majority of respondents (55%) also believed that the technological changes and investments made during the pandemic continue to exist.

In this context, Kamel El Taweel, Managing Director of Equinix MENA said: “It is clear that the post-pandemic economy is currently taking shape as companies overcome the challenges of COVID-19 and accelerate their business recovery. They are adopting a digital strategy. and sees technology as a dynamic force transforming businesses.The Global Technology Trends Survey reveals that UAE IT makers are accelerating innovation, digitizing business and moving IT infrastructure to the digital edge as the top priorities in their see technology strategy. “

Conversely, significant concerns remain about cybersecurity, and the combination of economies of scale with flexible digital models is critical for business, especially with instability and rising global risks. Worldwide, 85% of respondents confirmed that the priority is to improve cyber security as part of the digital strategy. 84% believed that compliance with local market data regulations was extremely important, while 83% emphasized the need to strengthen their companies in the face of future challenges. What IT professionals fear most are cyberattacks, security breaches and data leaks (70%).

The survey in the Emirates also showed the following:

Technology leadership for business: 86% of UAE IT decision makers consider accelerating innovation, business digitalisation and shifting IT infrastructure to the digital edge as the top priority in their technology strategy.

Continue to migrate to the cloud: 59% of IT leaders say they plan to move more business features to the cloud, and 64% plan to move their database and security features to the cloud.

Private cloud dominance: Private cloud models were the preferred approach for 42% of respondents, and 31% of UAE digital leaders adopt hybrid clouds. The need for interconnection continues, with 39% of respondents seeing it as improving distributed security, while 39% also use it to enable peripherals.

Investing in Innovation: Many IT leaders seek to strengthen their businesses and take full advantage of advanced technologies such as 5G, the Internet of Things and the Web3. Eighty-five percent of respondents said they move to an “all-in-one service” model, whether to simplify their IT infrastructure (61%), improve flexibility (53%), or improve the user experience (48%).

Focus on Sustainability: As they continue to innovate, digital pioneers place emphasis on the sustainability of their IT infrastructure. 85% said they measure the environmental impact of their IT equipment and try to reduce it. 82% see sustainability as a key focus for their companies and are committed to science-based goals.

Additional quotes

Eugene Bergen Hengenuen, Head of EMEA, Equinix:

“Many companies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa showed remarkable resilience during the pandemic. According to 58% of respondents, the survey indicates that the technological changes that companies have made in this region still exist. Companies also have the opportunity had to implement their digital strategies, adopt the cloud, connect business partners and move on In fact, almost half (46%) of EMEA respondents spoke of more ambitious strategies and said their IT budgets had increased as a direct as a result of COVID 19. We’re glad to see technologies like Web3, 5G and the Internet “Things are getting more priority than ever as part of our updated and funded IT strategies. We work with our customers to expand global connectivity, improve cloud access and identify digital services that best meet their needs as they continue to evolve and innovate. “


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About the study

The independent study conducted by Equinix involved 2,900 IT decision makers in various companies in the Americas (Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, USA) and Asia-Pacific (Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea), including Europe, the Middle East and Africa (Bulgaria, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, South Africa,

Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom). Participants were selected from a webinar on the Dynata platform and the survey was conducted online between March 1 and March 29, 2022. Read more about the future of digital leadership.

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