After he was accused of squandering public money … A reaction from the Energy over the Musailha Dam!

Today, Wednesday, the Information Office of the Ministry of Energy and Water issued a statement saying: “In response to the press conference that Representative Ghiath Yazbek held in the House of Representatives on July 4, 2022, in which he addressed the issue of the Musailha Dam and more under the title “presentation of documents and data proving the perseverance of the Ministry of Energy and Water.” “Energy and Water in the waste of public funds” The Ministry of Energy and Water is concerned for the thousands times to inform public opinion, and representative Yazbek, of the facts related to this project.

The statement added: “The mobilization experiments, which took place after the completion of the basic works on the dam and the lake, began in late 2019, as the Ministry of Energy indicated at the time that it would extend for at least a period. of two years. ”

He continued, “Here we point out that the timing of the mobilization should be during the winter and spring when the river floods, even if it coincides with the election period. It can not be during the summer and autumn when the river dries up. . ”

The statement pointed out that “these experiments were repeated three times, as the consulting alliance Coyne et Bellier, Libanconsult was able to collect important data on the stability of the dam’s body and its response to repeated filling operations as well as the extent of isolation from The lake.

And he continued, “According to these studies, the defects were diagnosed in the floor and sides of the lake, which led to leaks about which the ministry informed public opinion through its data, and by the way, things happen in most dam projects. to achieve the status of the dam and the lake under investment?

He added, “These experiences and treatments to which we have referred have, over the past two years, contributed to the reduction of the leakage rate by 40%, according to the reports of the international consultant, who did not directly or indirectly refer to the impact of the more on the international highway, as claimed by Representative Yazbek, and these allegations do not even meet the level of science fiction.

The statement pointed out that “this decrease occurred in the level of leaks, knowing that the ministry was unable to complete the list of treatments proposed by the consultant, nor to a water refining plant, tanks and to establish lines associated with the project due to the impossibility of securing hard currency financing after the collapse of the lira exchange rate and due to the coincidence of works with the Corona pandemic and closures.And here we are reminded , esteemed representative, to the law to extend the deadlines that apply to all contracts and which, if we apply it to the Musailhadam project, will extend the trial period by about 16 months, ie until May 2023. ”

The statement continued, “The objections that environmental associations made last month against the barrier of the dam’s gates with the aim of filling them, which they claimed led to the drainage of the course of the Joz River below the dam, urged the ministry, despite its need to keep water in the lake for as long as possible To open the dam’s gates and secure more than 20,000 cubic meters of water per day to keep the current under the dam feed, while the river’s discharge rate in the same period did not exceed 6,000 cubic meters per day, and this accelerated the process of emptying the dam.

He pointed out that “the conciliation contract referred to by the Honorable Representative has been duly sent to the Legislative and Consultative Authority, as has always been the case with such contracts, and is not smuggled under the guise of darkness. Maltauro Company, according to a public tender that took place in the Tenders Department and was approved by the Audit Bureau.This was guaranteed by the Ministry, and to facilitate the work of the Authority.

The statement emphasizes that “all the data and documents that help make a decision, including the central inspection report, which indicates the possibility of defects in the lake, which was indicated at the time by the ministry and worked with the consultant and the contractor about the recovery process. ”

He explained: “The Maltauro contractor has implemented what was required of him in terms of completing part of the required repairs, and paid in cash dollars the price of the required materials with his prior knowledge of the risks he would take. if the Lebanese state decides to pay him for his fees in Lebanese pounds at the official exchange rate, it was the duty of the administration to compile worksheets and include them in the reconciliation contract to be paid in case the Legislative and Consultative Commission agree to it.

The statement read: “Regarding MP Yazbek’s demand that the court act, we remind him that the Lebanese court has previously opened an investigation into the file of the Musailha dam and listened to those involved in the case. “, including administrators, contractors and consultants, where he may, if he deems it appropriate, request the competent references to review the file.”

And he added: “Regarding what the representative calls the stopping of pumping stations, if what is meant here is sewage or even drinking water, we refer to the famous parliamentary session during which the representatives of his bloc blocked the electricity from Lebanon. Corporation “of the acquisition of a treasury advance due to the need to buy fuel to operate the plants. It plunged the country and people into darkness and led to the cessation of many life services, not least water and sanitation.”

The Ministry of Energy and Water has appealed to Representative Ghiath Yazbek and others who wish to see the data and documents related to all sectors falling under the Ministry’s responsibility to access the Ministry building at the time they want, if His Excellency the Minister and the Administration are ready to provide them with everything that will expand their scientific horizons and help them make choices. correct.”

The statement concludes by saying: “The Ministry of Energy calls on everyone to join efforts to secure the necessary funding to move major strategic projects forward in the service of citizens, not to look for what hinders them and do not cancel. “

Yazbek said in a press conference of the House of Representatives on Wednesday: “The Ministry of Energy is trying to hide defects in Musailha Dam and is demanding additional funds for the contractor to repair them. The losses in Musailha Dam expected and to restore it may not be useful and its cost should be at the expense of the pledgee. “

He stressed that “the Musailha Dam was supposed to be development-oriented, but personalism and the appropriation of public projects prevented it and turned it into a scandal, and I will show it with the documents wrongly submitted to the Ministry. of Justice. “

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