Behind the scenes of 45 love stories that rocked the artistic community in Egypt

“These lovers, they are the last vessels of light in this universe, women bathed in water and men whose longing does not rest, and in the garden of errors everything is possible … We are so much thanks to this love , momentarily and eternally, and to those gentle relationships that lived long or quickly broke above The broken water mirrors, which filled our paradise with a secret attraction as they shone their legends over the ruins of their ruined lives, are now in you hands, at the meeting point of regret of absence. ” With these words, Dr. Stars of the artistic community through different times.

Thabet focuses on the side of the romantics on the experiences of couples, who did not see age parity, as in the case of Shadia and Imad Hamdi, despite the love and understanding between them, but their story ended due to his beating.

The book talks about the private life of the most prominent artistic dualities in Egypt, and describes the relationship between them in a different and different literary way, so that the writing is between prose and poetry, as if each story is a poem in itself, and the primary concern is that each party addresses the other, in a manner of “accountability” for this relationship.From its inception to the engagement, whether it was in marriage or which ended without marriage, as Farid al -Atrash and Samia Gamal.

Some may think here that the book is just a historical narrative of the biography of the people of love of the people of art, but by flipping through the first stories you will find yourself with this belief in a murder, as Thabet at the general line of his book with history, but not by telling history but as a framework for the relationship, how was it? How did it develop? Rely on the outlines of the relationships by mixing them with imagination so that the audience knows how the relationship is subject to pressures, challenges or obstacles, and for this we find in the book that each party alone tells the details of the relationship, in ‘ a soft language and with graceful condensation, and without any arrangement where the book begins from the old generations with fleeting and fleeting relationships, until After the marriages of the seventies, such as Nour al-Sharif and Bossi, or recent marriages and associations, finally with the secret marriage of Abdel Halim Hafez and Souad Hosni.

Consistent commitment to his new project made him honest about writing about each party to the extent that he assigned the same number of words to each party, which means that if he awarded 100 words to Laila Murad to talk about her relationship with Anwar and Wagdy speak, the latter will also respond to her with 100 words, and you will be attracted to the first part of the book “Rushdi Abaza” is present three times with different stories with Tahia Karioka, Sabah and Samia Gamal, where the author found in the details of his relationships with this trio that deserve to be monitored, and you will also stop in the first part for wonderful details about cans of relationships we may not have heard before, such as The Case of Shadia, who fell in love with Salah Zulfikar, but were deprived of birth or had a miscarriage, so their love story is in shambles.

“We owe so much to this love, short-lived and eternal, and to those gentle relationships that have lived so long or broken so quickly over the bursting mirrors of water.”

Only 45 stories were chosen by Thabet to include in his new book, although the artistic community carries more than this number of duos and love stories … But the owner of the romantics has an opinion on this issue.

Yasser says: “Some of the texts I wrote from pictures, such as Souad Hosni, Abdel Halim Hafez, Nour Al-Sharif and Bossi, or Ahmed Zaki and Hala Fouad, and others I wrote based on the” case. ” I can not forget here, for example, the relationship of Omar Sharif and Faten Hamama, as it is an icon.Relationships, it is true that each left each other and went his way to a period of marriage, she has with another faithful, but the name remained attached to the name, as the relationship exceeded the connection and time, even parting makes the name greater splendor or the relationship greater eternity.

He adds: “I did not exceed more than 45 stories because I am not a biographical writer. I am writing a project that imagines things based on reality. When you come, you talk to me, for example, about certain famous marriages or even contained memories, like Fouad Al-Mohandes and Shwikar, how he declared his love to her and how he married her and said, “Will you marry me, his silence?” It was not his first marriage and she was a young widow.I imagined the relationship, the beginning and the end, and I wrote about that story that confused everyone, especially because after the divorce they worked together in more than one experience , although some also expected their separation artistically.

Thabet focuses on the side of the romantics on the experiences of couples, who have not seen age parity, like the case of Shadia and Imad Hamdi, despite the love and understanding between them, but their story ended because of his beating of her, and although he tried to apologize for this situation, Shadia refused and the story of their association ended, as did the story of Laila Fawzi and Aziz Othman, who sang the song “They have the song sang, “Let’s stop it and listen to this, the crow, O Qa’at Suda, Jozo is the sweetest pigeon,” and her words applied to him because he was a friend of Laila Fawzi’s father, and ten despite the big age difference, she agreed to marry him. “

Not all stories went unnoticed, as some stories stood before him that he found difficult to complete.

The author says: “One of the most late-writing stories is the story of Mahmoud Yassin and Shahira,” I can not find a snapshot in their story, “just as it happened with the story of Ahmed Ramzy and Najwa Fouad with their short, transient marriage, and although it was a quick marriage, it took me more time than the stories, the others, because I wanted to imagine the general atmosphere and the relationship, not to obscure any of them.

As for the easiest stories to write, it was the story of Hussein Fahmy, Mervat Amin, Nour al-Sharif and Bossi, who divorced and then returned to each other and remained with him until his death. Also, the story of Omar Sharif and Faten Hamama was one of the easiest and easiest stories to write, according to Thabet’s assertion.

While the story of Abdel Halim Hafez and Souad Hosni remains, and what is said about the association of Dina El-Sherbiny and Amr Diab, one of the most prominent stories that occupied the audience, and here also in the romance, you will ‘ a special space in which Yasser Thabet spoke about those controversial relationships, where he built the story of Nightingale and Cinderella based on the image of their marriage contract. The custom signed by Youssef Wahbi, that document that closed all doors for conflicting conversations, which sometimes confirms their marriage and denies him on other occasions.He could not be the man any girl wanted, yet she kept it to himself loved and agreed to stay in the shadows as Halim wanted.

Thabet says on the lips of Halim: “Souad al-Halabi, who invents the coquetry and wears the night without buttons, the flower of forgiveness in the basket of the labyrinth, monopolizes the splendor and sings like the song of the seasons. Inside her tight shirt, who drank the sea, I draw you to me, I am the only one who has mercy on others.

Cinderella replied: “Halim, your wandering melody that scratched my heart, come, dwell in the light of a magician, draw me to you with warm passion, come, we connect the veins with the veins, and we cast the night out of the window, love is secretly prepared between us, let us release longing from the prison of lips. “

As for the story of Amr Diab and Dina El-Sherbiny, who held the interests of the Egyptians, especially since its two sides did not officially announce their association, although a large part of the public began to believe so, the author of the book The Romantics said of it: “No matter what is said, the confirmed fact is that they are a couple, and I did not write their biography. I just talked about their relationship as a couple together written, and once again I emphasize that I I do not make value judgments about any couple, and I was not authorized in this book. ”

“Halim was eager to hide the marriage for fear that he would lose his fame, and Souad loved him very much, even though the disease affected him, and he was unable to be the man any girl wanted. but she loved him for himself and agreed to stay in the shadows as Halim wanted. ”

In addition to the stories of celebrities from the stars, Thabet also wrote about some “underwater relationships” that occupied the artistic community, such as Ahmed Abdel Wareth and Souad Nasr, as well as Hassan Mustafa and Mimi Gamal, their marriage was long but on the sideline, and in spite of that it lived and persevered to the end, full of details Humanity, which constitutes a special case, where Abdel Wareth remained loyal to Souad Nasr despite going into a long coma, and although they divorced before her, as well as with Hassan Mustafa and Mimi Gamal, as many confirmed that the relationship would not last long due to the age difference, but they overcame all problems and jumped over All obstacles to them one of the inspiring models in emotional relationships in the artistic community, who are always told that his marriages are short-lived.

Reactions to the book have ranged across social media platforms, and although the accusation is now clear that young people no longer read, most of those who read the book were young people, who praised a consistent style and method of presentation and how he removed the book. narrator in the stories to happen to each party in the audience face-to-face hearing and bring him closer to his story, and although some stories have passed unnoticed by the audience, such as Farid Al-Atrash, Samia Gamal, Ahmed Ezz, Angham , Kinda Alloush and Amr Youssef, most of the stories received the attention of the audience, most of whom came from girls, as they confirmed that consistent use of vocabulary was sensitive and wonderful. their important aspects of the lives of stars they have long loved on screen.

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