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Did you know that certain foods lead to the appearance of “acne” or accelerate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles? Here are 11 types of foods that doctors say are best avoided to maintain the freshness of the skin, according to the (It This) website, which specializes in nutrition.

“We know that the environment, genetics and how we care for our skin are factors that affect the appearance of our skin, but what is less known is that the food we eat plays a role in how our skin looks and feels, “says dermatologist Michelle Green, MD.

“There are some foods that can cause more harm than we realize. Fast food, dairy, sugar, chocolate and fried foods all have the potential to contribute to the formation of fine lines, wrinkles, acne and uneven skin tone,” she explains. . .

Processed meat

Processed meat contains large amounts of saturated fats and nitrates that lead to inflammation, ”says dermatologist Yoram Harth, including sausage, bacon, pepperoni, and more.

fatty meat

Michelle Green says that eating meat that is high in saturated fat can contribute to acne formation because fatty cuts of meat are associated with high concentrations of insulin growth factor that stimulates the production of sex hormones (androgens) leading to an increase in sebum production and acne formation. .

Instead of fatty meats, Dr. Michelle suggests eating leaner cuts of meat and lean proteins, such as chicken, fish and turkey.

Processed meat contains large amounts of saturated fat (Getty Images)

Cow’s milk and other dairy products

Dr Harth points out that “research shows that eating a large amount of dairy products (especially cow’s milk) can cause acne breakouts.”

“Dairy products from cow’s milk (such as yogurt and cheese) have been shown to increase insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), leading to an increase in the size of the sebaceous gland in the skin, increased sebum production, and an increase in acne. outbreaks. “

“Interestingly, skimmed and low-fat milk causes more acne breakouts than regular milk, and the reason may be the higher sugar content in low-fat dairy products,” he explains.

And if you are committed to keeping dairy products in your diet, make sure the types are low in sugar.

whey proteins

Dermatologist and beauty expert (Anna Gaunch) says that whey protein can cause acne, as drinks containing this protein increase the production of androgens and mimic testosterone, which can create an ideal environment for skin breakouts and acne. by increasing the production of oils and thus increasing the chance of infection with acne bacteria.

microwave food

Microwave meals are linked to skin damage because plastic dissolves in meals, causing the body to absorb plastic toxins, according to some doctors. Microwave meals also tend to be salty, which can affect the insulin factor and have a negative effect on the skin.

Microwave meals associated with skin damage (unsplash)


Mayonnaise, rich in rich omega-6 oils, stimulates inflammatory processes, which are detrimental to the appearance of the skin.

Sweet pastries

Although delicious, pastries such as cakes, donuts, etc. full of sugar, which can contribute to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. And diets that contain high concentrations of sugar and processed carbohydrates have the potential to negatively affect collagen production that makes the skin look youthful, according to doctors.

Salted biscuits

Due to their high sodium content, these biscuits can wreak havoc on your skin. Salt and other ingredients in it are drying out on the skin, as well as alcohol and coffee, which contribute to the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.

Donuts and donuts are full of sugar, which can contribute to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles (Getty Images)

artificially sweetened foods

New York dermatologist Hadley King says artificial sweeteners can affect hormones in the same way as regular sugar, and can therefore also contribute to acne breakouts.

“We believe it promotes insulin secretion and the production of hormones (such as IGF-1) that are known to be a major contributor to the development of acne.” Foods that can contain artificial sweeteners include everything from sweets to ice cream and even some types of instant oatmeal.

white bread

Refined carbohydrates, such as white bread, are one of the biggest contributors to a process known as glycation, a process in which sugar binds to collagen as the collagen becomes hard and crackable.

Doctors recommend eating whole grain bread instead of white, as in addition to not being a source of refined carbohydrates, it is also an excellent source of fiber, which helps you feel fuller for longer.

Foods with a high glycemic index

Sugar (which has a high glycemic index) is the enemy of collagen in the skin, whether in processed foods such as sweet potatoes, daily candy bars and soft drinks.

Sugar raises insulin levels, causes inflammation and free radical damage, and high blood glucose damages small blood vessels that contribute to microvascular disease.

Studies of diabetic patients show poor skin elasticity, slow wound healing, accelerated skin aging, wrinkles and brown spots.

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