Entrepreneurs: Small and medium enterprises have contributed to the promotion of economic diversification and the development of exports

Salem Al-Hakmani: We have improved economic diversification by creating a high-quality Omani product

Hamdan Alesayi: Our projects have increased economic activity, improved competitiveness and developed exports

Othman Al-Mantheri: Investing Young Talents and Developing Their Abilities to Build a Knowledge-Based Economy

Naim Al-Shibli: The success of institutions provides jobs and is a major driver of the economy

Othman Al-Shuaili: National competences exist in the field of industry and need support and development

A number of entrepreneurs, owners of small and medium-sized enterprises, have confirmed that the success of their projects greatly contributes to the promotion of economic diversification, as their products contribute to the achievement of self-sufficiency in various sectors, and contribute to the reduction of imports from abroad. They explained that their projects are one of the main pillars of contemporary economies, as they contribute to reducing the proportion of job seekers and increasing economic activity, in addition to improving competitiveness and developing exports. They called on all parties to provide and strengthen the material and moral support to entrepreneurs and to overcome the challenges and obstacles they face, thus contributing to the growth and expansion of their projects. .

sufficient to achieve

At the outset, Salem bin Humaid Al Hakmani, owner of Sidra International Industries, said: My project has succeeded in the pharmaceutical security initiative, by providing for the community’s needs for veterinary medicine, which is a local industry and an Omani national product. is. He added: We have strengthened economic diversification by finding a high-quality Omani product that meets the needs of the community in the field of veterinary medicine. He pointed out that his project specializes in the manufacture of veterinary medicine and veterinary nutritional supplements and aims to achieve adequate veterinary medicine in the Sultanate of Oman. His project also seeks to train Omani cadres in this specialty.

Pillars of Contemporary Economies

Hamdan bin Rashid Al-Esai, owners of the Lotus Oils Factory, said: The key to success in any project, especially small and medium enterprises, lies in good planning, setting the desired goals and expectations at all stages, whether during the project foundation. period, actual production, marketing and sales.It is very important for the emerging businessman to set reasonable goals and ambitions for his project, especially during the early years, to grow and progress.Therefore, all owners of new companies must plan well. and properly and set goals and expectations that can be achieved even under adverse economic conditions Dedication is the way to success, and the choice of the project To be attractive to the owner before it is attractive to the market, as there are a number of projects which fails because their owners do not believe in it, so the business owner must start an activity that no one has thought of before him and that is in line with his interests and appropriate for his skills while providing the public capital for the project. .

He stressed that small and medium-sized enterprises are one of the pillars of contemporary economies, as these projects contribute to achieving various economic benefits, including alleviating the intensity of job seekers, increasing economic activity, improving competitiveness and the development of exports. He said: Undoubtedly, the definitions of this street differ by country, as the tariff is based on two main pillars: the number of employees in the project and its capital, which contributes to the development of this type of project, and by various factors, including the creating a solid legal and regulatory framework, and government support through integration strategies between the various sectors in the country, to be a strong source of liquidity and a brake on reducing the number of job seekers and redundancies and increasing competitiveness; Small and medium enterprises need state support to become one of the mainstays of the national economy. We can refer to international experiences, such as China and Hong Kong, which are characterized by their open economy, and small and medium enterprises play a leading role. in achieving this success.

Alesayi indicated that he established his factory in 2015 and specializes in the manufacture and manufacture of high quality and high performance lubricants for vehicles and equipment of all kinds. He pointed out that the Lotus Company’s products have achieved a prominent position in the local Omani market and the Gulf and Arab markets, as it has established the factory according to the latest technology and international standards, as it consists of storage tanks for essential oils of various grades. , a storage for additives during the manufacturing process, and a fully automatic thermal liquid heater. Steel mixers for making various grades of lubricants, finished product oil storage tanks, semi-automatic and automatic filling lines, and finished product safe storage areas.

Investing in talent

In turn, Eng. Othman bin Maktoum Al Mandhari, owner of Innotek, said: We founded the company in 2013, to be the first Omani company specializing in 3D printing, and over time it has grown to expand into new areas. , including 3D printing of buildings, 3D printing of medical equipment, and other areas. He stressed that emerging technology companies are contributing to the promotion of economic diversification by investing in young talents, developing their capabilities and then building a knowledge-based economy.

Project development

Speaking on the link between the success of his project and the promotion of economic diversification, Othman Al-Shuaili, owner of Fakhr’s blacksmith and carpentry workshops, said: There is no doubt that all the work of entrepreneurs plays a major role in economic does not have diversification, as with adequate support for industrial projects will achieve that adequacy and will not need to import from abroad, National competences exist in the field of industry and are creative and need support and stand by them, to develop their projects from small workshops to large factories, representing the domestic and foreign market, and with the slogan “Made in Oman.” On his success, he said: The experiences and challenges I have faced have led to the success of my project, and I also plan and strive for more success by following well-thought-out plans, organizing promotional campaigns and ambitious future goals. set. . He explained that Fakhr’s blacksmith and carpentry workshop produces carpentry, all carpentry, Omani doors against termites, water and fire resistance, Moroccan decoration design, project decoration, security and safety works, and organizes gardens, huts and umbrellas.

Make use of initiatives

Speaking about his experience in the success of his project, Naim bin Salem Al-Shibli, owner of the VIP Landry drywash business, said: My success story began with the opening of one branch of my business in 2011, and the success story continued until the opening of 12 branches in the Sultanate of Oman, where the credit was The Great Company for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises and the Inma Fund through their support throughout the course of our success. He added: After the expansion, success, diversification of production lines and benefit from the wage subsidy initiative, it has become easy to push the wheel of success with national Omani forces. The national forces are successful by all standards wherever they are have the opportunity. Al-Shibli said: I have obtained a certificate of readiness, which will have a significant impact on the achievement and continued successes. He stressed that there is a close link between the success of small and medium-sized enterprises and the strengthening of the economy in terms of job creation and the main driver of the Sultanate’s economy on the one hand, and one of the most important mechanisms. of strategic direction to support the productive structure on the other.

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