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Is the state responsible for collecting citizens?

The path of a state of truth, law and justice without exclusion or discrimination in the social and political structure, and the assurance of life within equal standards of security, community peace and dignity under the title of state and homeland for all, is one of the most important components of the establishment and continuity of the state.

We begin with a question related to the concept and framework of the strategic view on, can Jordan continue to contradict the prevailing and different concepts between the citizen and the governments? Why do we ignore statements issued by activists representing Jordanian tribes rooted in the country and conscience in Jordan and Palestine. We remember some of them in 2018, and the same slogans are still repeated, at that time a loud and exceptional statement was issued in a loud voice still echoing in the squares of the Fourth Circle by political activists and leaders of the movement The popular after their inauguration before the royal palaces under the title of addressing a major conspiracy against the homeland by senior handing over leadership positions in the political and economic (decision-making kitchen) of the symbols of the liberal trend. This is according to their description, and as the activists showed their anger, and expanded the areas of objection, and protests broke out in the squares and streets of the Fourth Circle, and the protests ended after hearing the news of the resignation of the Prime Minister at that time.

We follow the questions raised: Can Jordan continue the game of swapping chairs (dual powers) at home and playing the role of the victim internationally? At the time, a report released by Foreign Policy magazine indicated the statement of the Jordanian foreign minister in an interview conducted by the famous CNN channel, where he said (that Jordan It is not appropriate for the problems he faces, and he blamed the imams on the conflicts in Palestine, Iraq and Syria, saying that Jordan is going through a very difficult economic stage, it has nothing to do with failure within the state, while the voices of the protesters attack mismanagement and corruption and say that the Jordanian economy stumbles or stops due to the situation In the region, this is a message that is not sufficient and useless, and it can not be marketed internationally later, but the directors of (neo-liberalism) sharpened their programs through financial and economic policies that widened the political divide, and relied on the citizen’s pocket despite the increasing rate of poverty and wer closeness and the increase in The deficit in the Jordanian family’s budget to record limits has become of concern to internal and external observers, acknowledging that the official discourse is not convincing and is in the direction of the Jordanian street. to deepen the crisis of doubt among citizens Nin and the growing gap of loss of confidence and its transition from a crisis of confidence in governments, to a crisis of confidence in the state, which at the same time makes the situation more difficult for the government and the state, to accept the continuation of the government to implement its policy according to previous programs that have proven that it failed and the failure of the team in managing the crisis The truth and results indicate that mismanagement continues, and the extent of the problem and the financial crisis at all levels is the continuation and increase of the state budget deficit, and the financial and business community is living day by day, as the head of the Amman Chamber of Commerce recently said, and is becoming more dangerous to the majority of citizens and the destruction of the middle-class structure that is considered a valve The political security of the state, on whose shoulders social stability is given grow old, on the grounds that it is one of the most important instruments of local development for any society. Let us acknowledge that this economic model and its management staff have proven its failure and inability to organize, plan and manage Yes, it is not wise to keep it The first step is to sacrifice this team to become Of the history and approach of failed management. Through my personal follow-up as a political observer, and with a view to being a professional economist, I remember what was written in the American newspapers at the time, and I quote one of them (that this model is unreliable and causes problems for the main ally of the United States in the region).

Yes, we are not idiots or fools. We hear it many, many analysts and politicians repeat it. Yesterday I was a guest at the Islamic Action Front Party’s political salon. The dialogue was moderated by the party’s secretary general, the Jordanian MP, Eng. Murad Al-Adayleh. I put it forward by forming a national team under the umbrella and protection of His Majesty the King, and the new Jordanian strategy began from the path of rebuilding the components of the future state, on the path of political and economic reform, while the political and economic strategies were plentiful, and we did not notice a direct path that shows us a direct path to economic and social renaissance with the aims of Development, under the title of political reform, which His Majesty the King laid the table for discussion and decision for all state institutions, as a final product that achieves the goals of the sustainable development index in line with the development agenda of the third millennium. To the new Jordan came according to the initiative and Hashemite leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II to serve all the sons of the land. They are united by a concept and a political and social framework that combine and do not distinguish, to promote the values ​​of citizenship with equal rights and duties. Yes, let us all stand united as an impenetrable dam to strengthen the home front in the face of geopolitical challenges and obstacles to development, with thinking, position and action on the ground towards the path of progress and the deepening of the road of political and economic reform as well as social reform within the framework of the management of state institutions and the management of their affairs. The basis for the establishment of a just state is the strengthening of citizenship, the rule of law and institutionalization as a basis for the form and nature of the provisions of public administration, the building of the foundations of active citizenship, and the adhering to the value of the citizen’s opinion as a constitutional right to be only a citizen. The most important game changer in Jordan is the distribution of wealth. As few as 100 people run the wealth path in Jordan

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