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French novelist Françoise Sagan made her star debut with the release of her first work, “Good Morning, Sadness”, as it simultaneously aroused the interest of the cultural community and the readership. Her cunning and cunning maneuvers Sagan is known for recording her statement of rebellion on her school papers and declaring, “I do not belong to this puritanical world at all. I do not like being the daughter of a rich family.” On him she dared to pursue her destiny elsewhere, only to hear the roar of desire.

And what the owner of “A Smile” experienced from various experiences in her existential struggle was a key factor in the maturation of her ideas about life and creativity. Here, in the framework of this dialogue, the Lebanese novelist Katia Al- Taweel Françoise Sagan’s vision of life and creative concepts, begins with fame, through love, and ends with loneliness.

It is noteworthy that Al-Taweel has published two novels, “The sky escapes every day” and “Paradise is more beautiful from afar,” and derives her renewed awareness of the global creativity movement through her ongoing follow-up to the literary scene and her academic study.

1- The lack of a sense of humor is an intellectual lack that I do not like. Do you care to retain a sense of humor in your character?

I think humor, art and love are some of the few pleasures in life that give one something of comfort and breath. Life is tough enough, so let a person lie to himself and leave happiness, even if it is for fleeting moments. I have always believed that circumstances and tragedies are events that a person cannot control, as the Stoics say in their philosophical doctrine: We do not control the “action” that takes place, but we can control the “reaction” that we take , control. We are just reactions to actions happening around us and we have no power or strength in them. The person who can not control his feelings, the person who can not create a distance between him and the disasters of time, and can laugh from time to time, will not be able to continue. A person can grieve as much as he wants when he is alone, but between people he must have a sense of humor, lightness, circumstances and the ability to reduce matters and rise above them.

2 – “Everything that is not safe with me attracts me.” Can you live in an area where you are not safe?

I think we are doomed in our precious East to a life of uncertainty and conflict, which does not bother me and does not motivate me to move away. On the contrary. The areas of uncertainty are the areas of creativity, love, anger, revolution, despair, fear and stormy emotions. The hunger for peace and contentment is a tremendous motivator. I find that the uncertainty around me is a mirror of the uncertainty in me. I am an anxious and scared person in general, and the areas of reassurance will aggravate my anxiety because those around me will not understand my emotions. I fear death just as much as I fear life, and from the title of my second novel, “Paradise is more beautiful from afar,” you can see that I am a lover of areas of uncertainty. Heaven itself frightens me, and I think a wise man and a lonely reader would “be miserable in the uneducated with his intellect,” just as the prophet said. Every place in this world is unfortunately an insecure place.

3 – I believe in desire, which can last no more than two or three years, but love, do not ask me about it. Where does your vision of love intersect with the content of the words of the owner of a “smile”?

I also do not ask myself about love, because I looked at it too liberally. I believe that man is a changing being, and as soon as he loves he will also cease to love. It is acceptable, natural and human. I believe in love and loyalty, not marriage or sacrifice. Marriage, society, family and sacrifice are necessary and good things for society, but they are different from and not like love. Whoever seeks continuity in love is like looking for a drop of rain in the desert. I wish for myself to live many love stories, not to get married. Marriage is for the one who fears loneliness, and love is for the one who falls into an abyss that has no bottom and whose end is not known.

4 – Money can not buy happiness, but I cry in a jaguar rather than on the bus. Do you think there is a difference between luxuriant misery and non-lavish misery?

Life is a sad place. There is death, sickness, betrayal, betrayal and cruelty. The wise man is sad in his depth because he knows that everything he does is in vain. The wise person realizes that he is just a character in a great book in which he has no power, strength or word. Life is short, people are terrifying, fate is unpredictable, and the winds never run as the ships desire. To this day, I still do not understand the meaning of our lives as human beings, we live years of fear, hesitation and stress, we live disappointments, pains and losses, and then we do it every day. Personally, I believe that money buys happiness, it buys everything one needs to live happily in light of all this predicament.

5- Writing has given me the double pleasure of telling others and telling myself. It’s like walking in an unknown and magical land, but it’s sometimes a source of humiliation when one can not write what you do not want. Do you find yourself the author in what Sagan says about creativity?

Writing is a pleasure that elevates the writer to the ranks of the gods. The writer is a little god, who makes himself the commander in chief in a world he creates and breathes his soul, his self and his past into it. Every writer dreams of a wonderful writing that immortalizes his name. In publishing after writing, there is a desire for eternity and immortality, a desire that has existed in man since the book of Genesis. I do not agree that writing can be a source of humiliation, writing is an accumulation of efforts and experiences. A writer does not become a writer overnight. The person who writes every day is a writer’s project, every day is a creativity project. He looks around, observes the details, meditates on life, people, temperament and writing. Everything in life exists to serve the writer, but creativity is the biggest dream, the only dream. For a writer to write one masterpiece is enough to live thousands of years with his body underground.

6 – After the success of her first novel, Sagan declared that she was upset about success, which became a permanent decision. Does success really turn into a source of boredom?

Success for a delicate writer is a source of burden, fear and anxiety, not boredom. It’s a responsibility. Success is the name of the author and his life after his death. Personally, if I am happy, I hope to succeed after I die, and not while I live. As for boredom, I think no writer can get bored. Life is full of faces, situations and details. The books themselves are endless adventures. Boredom is a feeling that haunts only an arrogant person. I myself want to live a lifetime of two: Omar to read and Omar to live with people and understand them. Man is a complex being, and society is a rich space. We may feel alienated from some temperament, but the real writer does not judge or harden, absorb and contain his environment. Flaubert and Tolstoy, when writing the stories of Madame Bovary and Anna Karenina, wrote stories of love, dreams and escapes from emptiness, and did not judge their two heroines as an ordinary man who would see in them two unfaithful women not. The author is not bored or hardened, the true author has eyes that stare, ears that suck, and a heart that is not satisfied.

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