Reflection on the book “Affairs and Joyous” by Ali Al-Qaisi

Criticism of Muhammad Ramadan Jabour

The follower of the literary production of Professor Ali Al-Qaisi knows very well that he is distinguished from other writers and writers by this comprehensiveness which is characterized by him, since he is a comprehensive writer and writer, who in the story and in the mind writing and the article, and the topics of his writings differ. Today we have evidence of this. The author and author Ali Al-Qaisi has chosen for himself a title that matches its content, “Affairs and Shoun.” Many of the book’s articles, which have exceeded sixty articles or more, speak of public affairs, whether through observation or direct criticism. Most of the topics that the author deals with in his book make us feel sad about what man has achieved in our present time. About him, in an article entitled “There is no joy for the holidays,” the author compares the holidays in the past and the present, using the occasion of one of the happy Eid al-Fitr holidays, and he sees that the joy of the holidays in the past was much more beautiful due to the absence of cell phones and technological advances And sometimes Professor Ali Al-Qaisi criticizes something he does not like, in this book he stops at an article by Professor Hosni Ayesh titled “For the sake of the veil, not the homelands.” After presenting the article with which he liked his beautiful words, he stops and criticizes some of what is mentioned in the article that is contrary to Our faith and customs, he says, “But there are wide gaps in the article, which the in-depth reader sees and is jealous of his Arab identity and his Islamic faith, as the author addresses us from a foreign pulpit and with ideologies far removed from our Arab and Islamic civilization ”p. 17

And it has not and the style of Professor Ali Al-Qaisi always expresses his opinion, and criticizes those who deserve criticism, and that is another feature that distinguishes this book. Look and feel what matters to the literary and social arena, with short articles, and in a smooth and fresh language, far from verbal complexity.

One of the issues that received attention and the author devoted a reasonable and acceptable space to the religious and religious aspect. The book includes a group of articles that discuss the religious and religious aspect, because of the importance of this aspect in the life of society People whose results dwarf morals and spirituality in many people and fight hypocrisy in all its forms, spectra and colors , and among the titles in which the author addressed the religious aspect, for example, but not limited to, “Values ​​of Faith and Belief,” “Culture of Piety,” “Inappropriate Behavior in Ramadan.” “Khulu” or divorce is the most hated legal thing, “” Emotional Reflections “…. and many topics that simulate this aspect.

Amidst these many articles and topics, the author Ali Al-Qais did not forget to broadcast his feelings for the fatherland, so his pen overflowed into many articles telling the fatherland, and his longing and love for the fatherland, sent in cards he adorned with his beautiful letters, and with vocabulary emanating from the heart and conscience, therefore he spun in his beloved city Amman with an article entitled “Amman is in the heart.” It ends, and he mentions in an article the National Library, which describes it as a leading cultural building, referring to his main activities and interest in writers and writers, and his support for the Jordanian author by providing time and space for holding evenings, seminars and exhibitions. We, in turn, address everyone in charge of this prominent cultural building with gratitude and gratitude, and to the kindness of the Director of the National Library, Dr. Nidal Al-Ayasra, who is trying to make an extraordinary effort to reach everyone’s hearts.

Many topics and titles addressed by the author in his book, in which he once spoke in the tongue of the critic and again in the tongue of the adviser, praised those who deserve praise, and those who deserve slander has, and has written briefly and well, and has published most of these articles in newspapers and websites, and it goes without saying that the author has dedicated his book to his deceased and deceased wife if God wills, the book is issued by the Jaffa Scientific House, and the great poet Muhammad Samhan presented him with a beautiful introduction, saying: “Ali speaks in this manuscript in a simple language close to spontaneity, a language far from complex in its structures and meanings All he wants from the recipient is

Good reception of his ideas, and acceptance of his opinions, away from forgeries, forgeries and misunderstandings, and the truth of those who said that the author is the style and that the style is the author, which means that Ali puts his distinctive stamp on his personality in what he writes. .

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