The feelings of the pilgrims between tears of joy and overwhelming happiness reach the greatest pillar of “A Safe Peace”

Volunteers watch over the reception and service of the pilgrims

Tears overcame the pilgrims of the House of God who came to the purest parts of the earth, the moment they arrived in Saudi Arabia through its air, land and sea ports with ease and ease, on the journey of ‘ a lifetime to perform the greatest pillar (Hajj), when they were received by a group of Saudi volunteers who served the guests of Rahman during the performance of the rituals, received deposits and servants to facilitate all their needs.

A group of volunteers greeted them, as usual, with traditional dress, and their beautiful voices resounded with welcoming songs, which offered them Zamzam water along with dates, mint and city roses.

When the pilgrims walk into the main reception hall at Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Airport in Madinah, the first thing their eyes see is a welcome sign in different languages ​​that says, “Welcome to the Guests of the Most Merciful.” sing “The full moon has risen upon us”, with the most beautiful art of celebration and the warmest kind of reception; The tears of the pilgrims precede their words and reactions at the sight of the scattered roses when they hear the welcoming songs, it seems clear to a group that volunteered for the mission co-ordinated by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah with the Ministry of Education.

The pilgrims do not hide their sincere desire to embrace the welcome and exchange feelings of love and joy for them. of their arrival The depth of brotherhood.

The people of Madinah, Makkah and Jeddah rush every year to find their place among the ranks of the recipients, to have the honor of those moments documented by the cameras of the pilgrims themselves and by photos and videos on all social networks sites are circulated. , and they enjoy a lot of likes of different nationalities, as they are not limited to over a specific geographical area.

The entertainment programs are based on the strategy of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, to improve the reception and welcome of the pilgrims, and to provide for their needs from the time they set foot in the access points until they enter their homes in Makkah Al -Mukarramah reaches and Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah, and creates positive impressions on the pilgrim who remains until his return to his country, to return to his family. And he bears the most beautiful impression of this country – the government and the people – for his sake. reception and treatment embodying the authentic Arab and Islamic values ​​of hospitality, from the moment he arrives in the lands of the Kingdom until he leaves, bringing together the fondest memories of the people of this good country.

The recipients provide examples of the urban heritage for which the people of Medina were known in receiving the guests of the Most Merciful from the visitors of the Prophet’s Mosque throughout history. The program begins with the city hymns that were repeated in the past when the pilgrims arrived in Medina.

The scene is evident in the smiles on the faces of the pilgrims, to express the extent of the love and hospitality and to welcome them as guests of the Most Merciful in the land of the Two Holy Mosques in general, and visitors to the Mustafa Mosque, may God’s prayers and peace be with him, in particular.

The programs of welcoming and welcoming the guests of the Most Gracious, in addition to the welcoming and gracious welcoming of the pilgrims, aim to bring the positive value of the service of the pilgrims of the Holy House into the hearts of students and young people sharp, and to cultivate a culture of honor and welcome of pilgrims, and to get the honor of this service with which parents and grandparents grew up, and to explain its importance and virtues, and to the bright face of the sons of Saudi -Arabia, by harnessing the energy of the youth, showing the meaning of appreciation for the pilgrim, the pilgrim and the visitor, and the meanings of Islamic brotherhood that Saudi Arabia applies as a method for all guests of highlight the Most Merciful, regardless of their nationalities or affiliations.

Customs are still inherited in the people of Medina and Mecca, with dedication to the service of those who come to perform rituals, in a modern and sophisticated way that is manifested every year in expressive images. Mecca for pilgrims with Zamzam water, distribution of traditional Mecca sweets such as lado and labneh, and sprinkling of roses for the arrivals’ groups, and “transport” to rejoice over their arrival and welcome their service.

The “Mutawafa” receive delegations of pilgrims from different countries of the world, in their homes that are open to the pilgrims throughout the year, especially during the Hajj season.

Zamzama and water (individuals who water the pilgrims from Zamzam water) have their share to serve the pilgrims, and with the tremendous development in the service of the pilgrims and the kingdom’s efforts of all its efforts to serve them, these professions become practiced in a wider and more. sophisticated scope as before.

Zamzam Company has introduced a self-service device to enable pilgrims to get bottles of Zamzam water in their homes for free, without human intervention from service providers.

Through this service, pilgrims can get 3 bottles of Zamzam water a day, through the Hajj smart card via a dedicated “barcode”.

The device (Bushra Zamzam) keeps the containers at a moderate temperature, providing daily quantities that cover all the homes selected to start this experiment, and it includes a display screen in several languages, while a team from the company the efficiency of the device to come up with the best field practices and expand this experiment in upcoming Hajj seasons.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah coincided with the start of the season, an awareness campaign under the slogan “Hajj begins with you,” as an extension of the ongoing efforts to strengthen its Hajj season awareness activities this year 1443 AH.

The Ministry, in collaboration with the General Authority for Endowments, has published a video clip in 7 languages ​​on its social media platforms, with the aim of giving a number of instructions related to the personal customs and general behavior of the pilgrim during his explain travel to perform the rituals.

The work, which is the main product of the campaign, contains a number of messages to correct wrong behavior in the Hajj, including the etiquette and desirable behavior in the holy places.

The awareness campaign aims to confirm that the successful Hajj journey begins with the pilgrim himself by ensuring that the correct instructions and important guidelines are followed and attention is paid to facilitate the pilgrim’s journey, and to provide him with comfort and tranquility. and the rest of the pilgrims, and to make sure to execute the correct paths in the Haram and the feelings to execute Hajj with ease and ease.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah recently released 13 detailed awareness guides in 14 languages, in collaboration with the General Authority of Endowments, to facilitate the pilgrim’s journey, in an easy and simple way that includes all the stages that include the pilgrim. goes through while performing the rituals.

Government and private agencies in the Kingdom continue their efforts to serve the pilgrims during the Hajj season of this year 1443 AH, by highly qualified human cadres, in addition to the projects prepared to benefit from it. With the aim of providing a safe and reassuring atmosphere for visitors to the holy places.

The Government of the Kingdom is eager to provide services to pilgrims in the Two Holy Mosques and the holy places, in order to improve the performance of the authorities in an integrated manner and to develop their work to play the role hoped for them is through the operational plans of the authorities to facilitate the pilgrims coming from different countries of the world to ensure the performance of their rituals in peace in a way that ensures the outstanding success of the Hajj season.

The various entities operating in the Hajj system, from the public and private sectors, mobilize their integrated efforts, under the guidance and support of the leadership, which contribute to the provision of all the necessary capabilities, and the creation of a system of health, security and technical services for the pilgrims so that the pilgrims can enjoy the performance of their rituals in safety, security and safety.

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