The Fourth Victory / Razak Kechiche Al-Ghazzi

Dhi Qar
I may be exaggerated in the eyes of some, and imaginary in the eyes of others, and as soon as I make the first inference from what I will say or present. The simplest definition of the concept of victory and defeat is the achievement or non-achievement of the goals for which the confrontation was prepared and plans made. Victory is not achieved by means or mechanisms, nor is it achieved by wishes. , nor does it return to self-immolation or to driving the media and horse industry into the air.
Since the late eighteenth century, the nature of the civilized conflict between nations, the cultural conflict between nations and the political conflict between nations has been clear. I do not want to go too far, to reveal to all followers the beginnings of the liberation revolutions, the creation of identities and the imposition of wills, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was one of the young countries that began to shape its identity. in the region and has chosen for himself a position that enables him to manage his people on the one hand and to carry out his approach on the other. His greatest goal was to lead and lead the Islamic nation and to pull off the leadership of Egypt, Iraq. of Damascus.
Saudi Arabia has chosen Islam (Sunni, Salafi, Wahhabi) as a jurisprudential and epistemological approach, and a constitution in the light of which institutions, legislation and a value system are divided, morally, educationally and politically. agreed on the leadership of Islam and (the caliphate) of the Muslims, and if it is not declared, then they have the new religion, the new Mecca, money and new allies.
The revolution had to have opponents and enemies who would provoke the peoples and frighten the opponents with them and emphasize the need for confrontation and the danger of the challenge, so the Shiites were their ready opponent, and thereafter other rivalries like the Jews came. , Christians and the West and finally doubled and did not end the other Sunni sects !!
Their will prevailed, and in each region they had a mosque, an imam, finance and study, discourse and media began, and printing presses, publishing houses and competitions were established.
Saudi Arabia was almost unique in expanding its intellectual control over the Islamic pulpit and the Islamic library, and was even able to conquer the printing presses of Al-Azhar in Egypt, the University of Khartoum in Sudan, and even the knowledge platforms in the Maghreb. of Lebanon, and the imams of the mosques of Damascus.His armies encircled the mountains of Oman and reached the sanctuaries of imams in Karbala and Najaf and Samarra. Saudi Arabia was also able to join the club of adults, contribute to the biggest international decisions and as a strong and effective ally in the final say in international peace and war until it masters the game of states and has an advanced position in the international classification as one of the most important members of the twenty largest countries in the world.
And she was not satisfied with that, but her intellectual and ideological approach had an impact on winning the largest country in the eastern world until it won the war in Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries !!

Then the conflict took a dangerous turn that threatened the security and existence of Saudi Arabia, and I felt the horror of the sermons before me, because those who feared it emerged. The new civilization , its qualitative opposite in everything in creed, curriculum, race, culture, language, history, civilization and scientific research methods, Saudi Arabia at the time gathered its diaspora and prepared for the most dangerous struggle in its modern history and political future and what it has achieved .
Saudi Arabia left no means in the confrontation, but used it: money, bribery, the media, financing wars, hiring scholars, spreading lies, making allies, and cultivating rivalry in the heart of the Shiite nation until it fell into obsession and madness. its most important and integrated fortress fell into its sectarian project.
It was the first collapse, the collapse of Saddam’s wall on which Saudi Arabia spent its oil, rhetoric, funding, weapons and beliefs.
Saddam fell in Kuwait and defeated the largest army of Arabism and a protector of its eastern gate as required by the Kingdom. Then Saddam struck Saudi Arabia after leaving him alone. He occupied Kuwait and in Al- Khafji arrived and almost reached Riyadh if it was not for his fear and confusion. It was the beginning of defeat and failure in the first fatal war, amid relaxation for Iran and its breathing space.
Saddam fell into the hands of the Americans, and the Shiites began to achieve great political achievements amid Saudi astonishment and Salafi and Wahhabi madness. Their second madness was that Shiite Islam approached the border with it and joined them in it. the Arab League began to sit. the Islamic Conference. And what are they doing to the new partner in government and striving to head the Arab League and hold its summit in Baghdad and preside over it? The leader of the largest Islamic political party with a Shiite flavor and aroma. Thus, the astonishment began to turn into madness and complex hysteria. At the same time, with the acceleration of the confrontation steps, and in parallel with the march, Iran acquired the nuclear capability and began to negotiate with the United States and stood in its face as a fixed competitor. ISIS Iraq was a fatal strategic mistake (like the mistake of entering Kuwait), the unforgivable mistake. The Shiite fatwa that increased ideological and military unity. All Shiites were arrogant and responded to the call of their references amid the defeat and defeat of ISIS and their allies and the defeat of a project on which Saudi Arabia placed great hope and allocated large funds and mobilized for it Many allies , preachers, imams and theorists, this is the second great and decisive victory in the life of the nation, with the great military victory The democratic experiment in Iraq prevailed and resisted all the efforts of the Kingdom and its sisters to hindered, and the popular mobilization triumphed and became an official force funded, disposed of, and sponsored by the Iraqi state.
The Shiite crescent moon became increasingly clear, and political Islam began to gain more and more ground, and people began to focus more. The victory of the resistance in Lebanon, the defeat of Israel, the victory of the Hashd in Iraq, the the defeat of Saudi Arabia and ISIS, the victory of the Houthis and their steadfastness, the breaking of the will of the UAE and Saudi Arabia, the defeat of ISIS in Syria, the breaking of the American, Israeli and Saudi will until it a football match With it, it mobilizes all the cultural reserves to confront it and lifts the palms of its loss, albeit with Iran, let alone Iraq, but with any country that manipulates and confronts it.
Saudi Arabia was forced to withdraw in all its fighting against the Shiites, so Wahhabi Salafi Islam refused and his legend ended up in the hands of Bin Salman and they started receiving Iraqi Shiites with sweets and chocolates, and Riyadh was declared the city of love and peace, churches were opened, restrictions on governance were lifted, education curricula were changed and the division of power between the Sheikh and the slave ended. Dear, the myth of the righteous ancestor ceased forever, the practice of (religion) ceased, and the slogan of infidelity and heresy ended forever.
This is the victory that is not officially celebrated, and this is the unexplained defeat. The Shiites have announced their project to build the state and the renaissance of the nation. The project of resistance against Israel, the West and America has political, intellectually, ideologically continued. , socially and economically. The Saudis surrendered to the West and normalized with Israel militarily, politically, intellectually, economically and socially. One while shedding tears of love and the steadfastness of victory, the song of great guard
Peace be with you, peace be with you, my Mahdi

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