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Barcelona officials are getting Bayern Munich star Robert Lewandowski. Although the Bavarian team is demanding at least 50 million euros, the Catalan team seems ready to pay the amount, even though it is a financial obstacle and owes about 1.2 billion euros! How does it fit in with the club’s desire to sign new big stars?

“It is very simple,” writes the German sports website Ran. The website adds that Barcelona are currently trying to make as much money as possible, noting that the club is “playing a dangerous game and selling its future” by selling television rights, in addition to other rights, some for many years, to be able to to introduce new players to its fans.

Ran explained that it was announced last week that Barcelona had sold 10% of its TV broadcasting rights, until 2047, for about 207.5 million euros to the American investment company Sixth Street. This means that television rights revenue is expected to be lower in the coming years.
But it turns out that this case is of “secondary importance” at the present stage, as the website says. With this money, the club closes the financial year with a positive budget, which helps him not to lower the salary ceiling for players, and the reduction would have meant the difficulty of contracting new players. But it’s not over yet! According to the Spanish newspaper, El Mundo Deportivo, the Catalan club is considering selling more television rights (about 15%), for another 400 million euros.

The club also sold, according to Ran, 49.9% of its company, Barca Licensing and Merchandising (BLM), which is responsible for licensing, promoting and selling the club’s products.

The club’s recent steps to sell its rights are worrying many fans, according to “Ran”. In an effort to reassure them, Barcelona president Joan Laporta explained that the club had agreed in the agreement to sell the TV rights and the deal to sell a stake in “BLM” to the possibility of acquiring the rights for sale again, and note that the club has all rights in “the best financial times”.

Although what Barcelona are doing is a “dangerous game”, according to “Ran”, the club is constantly looking for creative solutions to solve its financial problems. The club has entered into an agreement with music and podcast broadcasting company Spotify to become the new sponsor of the shirt, and has changed the name of its stadium to “Spotify Camp Now” since July 1, 2022 for approximately 435 million euros to 2034. in addition, he decided The club rents out its stadium for private weddings, and is expected to earn about 14,000 euros per wedding.

But in general, it seems that the club at the present stage bears the slogan “No success without risks”. It remains to be seen by fans whether this “dangerous game” will really pay off!

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