Gareth Bale needs the MLS and LA more than they need

Gareth Bale needs the MLS and LA more than they need

The Welsh striker is counting on his new move to regain his level and prepare well for the 2022 World Cup

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Gareth Bale has selected the MLS to play regularly before the World Cup (AP)

London: Graham Ruthven

Wales star Gareth Bale needed a new destination. This was clear for some time, even when he was still under contract with Real Madrid, as he became persona non grata at the end of his nine-year stint in Spain. The Los Angeles Club is expected to be a more welcoming environment for Bill, not least because California has some of the best golf courses in the US!
Some started exchanging jokes about the player who once held a banner that read “Wales, golf, Madrid.” In that order. ” But there are strong reasons for Bale to be in Los Angeles, as the 32-year-old is counting on the American club to help him regain his level and prepare well for the 2022 World Cup, which will be crucial and very important. in the career of the player he has already won five Champions League titles and three La Liga titles and scored more than 100 goals with Real Madrid. Wales need Bale to be in full physical and mental shape by November, when he launches his World Cup campaign against the United States.
It’s also easy to make assumptions that Los Angeles and the MLS have signed an aging European star whose dedication and professionalism have been questioned recently. The NBA has been shocked in the past by players treating this league as a last resort to get as much money as possible before retiring. The news of the Los Angeles club’s contract with Bell has sparked a new mockery of the NBA, which some have described as the “retirement league”.
But Bale is not a typical “Retired League” signing, as Los Angeles has not signed him to be the beating heart of his team, and the team’s fortune is not related to the success or failure of this deal. not, as Los Angeles is currently the best club in the American football league, and therefore it is There is no urgent need for Bale’s efforts on the field.
Bill was contracted under a so-called “target allocation fund” agreement, which is money earmarked outside the salary limit to reduce the number of times players’ salary limit is reached. The club also included former Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini in the same way during the current summer transfer window, but it is clear that LA has found a way to fit Bale into his current strategy without any drastic changes.
This is in stark contrast to Toronto’s signing of Lorenzo Insigne, for example, where the Italian international agreed to join the American club for four years for $ 60 million earlier this year, but only arrived in Toronto last week. Insigne is not expected to play any games with his new team before the 9th of July (July), knowing that Toronto has only 18 points out of 16 games played this season. Torrento is therefore eagerly awaiting Insigne’s participation to make a difference to the team and help them get through this difficult period.
There are some prominent players who have not passed in the MLS and have already contributed to the image of the “Retired League”, such as Steven Gerrard, but there are others such as David Beckham, Robbie Keane, Wayne Rooney, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, David Villa and many others who have proven that veteran players can still continue The brilliance in American stadiums, and that they can continue to provide respective levels in case of moving to the right team in the appropriate circumstances, and it is the bet that Los Angeles posted on Gareth Bale.
Depending on the time Bale enters the games, it is possible that he will not be influential with his Los Angeles team during the period before the start of the 2022 World Cup, as Bale will initially need time to To adapt. to also move to a new team, a new league and a new country.He will be very careful not to sustain any injury that could prevent him from participating in the World Cup. It will therefore not be surprising that Bale avoids strong interventions during matches, and even avoids playing on industrial courts so that his knees are not affected by this kind of stress.
Los Angeles plays in a 4-3-3 way. This will allow Bale to play left or right, and he will even be able to play deep in the field to give the team another dimension within the green rectangle. Los Angeles will have one of the best, most effective, smooth and flexible lines of attack with Gareth Bale and Carlos Vela, not to mention other great players like Christian Arango and Brian Rodriguez.
But Bale will face a big problem when his team loses ball possession, as he is not good at carrying out his defensive duties as he should be, and the evidence is that only three players from Real Madrid’s 26-man squad are less wash. as Gareth Bale in terms of the number of interventions and interceptions per 90 minutes Last season. His new teammates in Los Angeles may therefore have to make up for this inability or unwillingness to put pressure on the opposing team’s players.
Gareth Bale probably needs LA – in many ways – more than LA, which says something about the evolution of MLS over the past 15 years or so. The Welshman must play in a team high enough to keep him strong and fit but not injured before this winter’s World Cup, and he must also be involved in matches on a regular basis to regain match sensitivity and to come back. on course. The interests are not that big in MLS.
Los Angeles may not see Bale’s best level before 2023, and even then the Welshman may struggle to deliver a consistent and consistent performance during the season starting in February, especially as the player’s initial contract for only 12 months is, but it is believed that It has an extension clause until July. But even if Bale gives a good look at brilliance in a short period of time in the MLS, Los Angeles will definitely benefit. And when that happens, and Bale arrives at the World Cup in good physical and mental shape, it means both sides get what they want.

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