National Dialogue | Protecting the beaches and preserving the identity of Alexandria

The news continues to convey the demands and opinions of citizens and different groups of people in the ongoing national dialogue between the government, political parties, various powers and the opposition.

Citizens emphasized the maximization of the role of women and youth and the support of small businesses. They demanded the need to expand agricultural industrialization, legalize the conditions of small businesses, and support industrial zones. They stressed the return of the role of cultural palaces, the establishment of a bank for youth ideas, and the demand for the return of local councils.

The people of Alexandria are waiting for an enlightened national dialogue between the partners of the June 30 revolution, they demand the political parties and forces to give priority to the interests of the masses of the people over the political gains of the elite, they expects an agreement that draws a roadmap for all Egyptians to meet challenges posed by urgent global crises, and they dream of activating the innovative capabilities of the guarded minds and talents to bring the new republic to the To safety to cross over.

Taking a quick look at the experiences of history, lawyer Mustafa Ibrahim Talaat believes that Egypt is the oldest in the democratic, parliamentary and political structure, so that it can move forward to resume what it started decades ago.

And to present a unique political model by weaving a mixture of his creative experiences and the contributions of his highly skilled and experienced political work that serve his experience to survive the painful fate of societies trapped by strife, differences of opinion and conspiracies in the snare of retreat, backwardness, and fall.

Egypt’s new future democracy means the presentation of innovative and diversified programs for progress in all areas, with which the mother of the world regains her gentle, influential and attractive power.

Opportunities for competencies
The democracy of the new republic must bring about transparency and openness to others. This means giving the talents the opportunity to unleash their creative energy for the benefit of the nation, and this means clear and public accountability for every official in his position.

It means a serious confrontation of corruption before public opinion, and it means free opinions and political forces that participate in providing efforts and solutions to our problems and are not afraid of exclusion and distortion.

Talaat added that the climate of freedom, with its bright sun, eliminates the bats of darkness and the germs of extremism and terrorism and gives our country the opportunity for the hoped-for change and natural progress ahead and in the future, through honest and timely election programs , for which the voters they elected at the ballot box are held accountable.

Talaat emphasizes that there is no fear of Egypt in light of the expected participation of the political forces, which will further protect the gains that have become a reality, and ensure that creative ideas are launched that share and do not argue.

It prevents and exposes even those who invest in the suffering of some groups of the Egyptian people, in incitement from abroad, according to conspiracy agendas, because Egyptians will find national and honorable political currents that express all colors of their spectrum and their suffering and dreams within the spacious and welcoming map of the country.

As for Dr Ali Abdel Muttalib, a political researcher and member of the Political Bureau of the Reform and Ennahda Party, he says that the importance of the national dialogue stems from the state’s acceptance of it, which confirms its credibility, and points out that pres. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi got used to the idea of ​​success.

This was evident in the file of stabilizing the pillars of the Egyptian state and confronting terrorism and extremist ideology, then the economic reform program and the implementation of its promises to represent and empower young people.

corporate responsibility
He said the success of the National Dialogue was a shared responsibility of all, noting that Egypt, during the reign of President El-Sisi, benefited from the development experiences of countries that had achieved great success, such as Malaysia and South Korea, which started. with economic reform, then social reform, and then political reform.

He added that Egypt had already drawn up and succeeded in a leading economic reform program, and the Egyptian economy had begun to achieve high growth rates, and investment in human resources had been made through attention to the education and health files and the implementation of leading training. programs for workers in the executive body and the rehabilitation of young people for leadership, and this is what has made there a conducive environment for political development.

Najwa Ibrahim, head of the Al-Ward Club Charitable Association in Alexandria, praises the demands of citizens and the conduct of an extensive societal dialogue, and mentions their demands; What you see reflects a large part of Alexandrian society, in addition to preserving the city’s identity.

And to have a community dialogue before any changes are implemented in it, especially in historical and archeological sites, as happened in the park, which holds many memories for the people of the city, especially hunting enthusiasts and heritage lovers.

In addition to preserving the civilized appearance of Alexandria’s public squares, especially those of a historic nature, find radical solutions to street chaos and societal violence, and permanent solutions to the street vendor crisis, especially in the most famous squares such as Manshiyya, Misr. and Raml Station; In addition to attention to the side streets and popular areas and paving.

Najwa Ibrahim also calls for the conservation of public parks such as the zoo and the international park, which is an outlet for the people of Alexandria, and talks about the importance of considering hygiene a national issue because it is public health , the environment and the climate, and said: “Unfortunately, Alexandria suffered from the spread of garbage and scavengers.”

As for Najat Ali, a housewife in Alexandria and mother of four girls, she says: I hope for the return of our ancient Alexandria and to make decisions to preserve the spirit of the leading coastal cities, to protect our right to the beach and the open sea, and prevent the fencing and walls of the beaches that block the sea and prevent the people of the city from enjoying it.

Najat Ali complains about the economic pressure that is causing the middle class to wither, saying: “We are with you, President, and we stand up for our country, but prices are constantly increasing, and some traders are manipulating prices unsupervised, in addition to the outrageously high prices, ”calls for stricter control over markets and the provision of alternative goods.

Nagat Ali turns to road crises and calls for the legalization of the use of “branches”, which are widespread in some areas of Alexandria, and to prevent children from driving.

creative industry
The art critic and film historian reiterates the call for expansion and state support for the return of Egyptian art and creations to the pioneering platform, which is a giant industry that requires investments that are guaranteed returns if properly exploited.

Egypt has several comparative advantages not available to other societies, in addition to the integration of all the components of that industry, the historical dimensions of leadership, and the regional acceptance of Egyptian creativity and its popularity.

And the commitment and love of the peoples of the Arab nation to Egyptian creativity in all areas, which serves to market the content of popularity, and indirect returns on sectors such as tourism, entertainment and promotion of Egypt’s archaeological treasures.

As for Ahmed Al-Suddi, a “building materials trader”, he sees the need to put the problems of the private sector and small manufacturers and traders on the national dialogue table, and to speed up the government’s issuance of the building requirements law.

He refers in particular to small contractors and builders whose work is related to some 40 occupations that were severely affected by Corona and then suffered another blow in the Russo-Ukrainian war, the rise in raw material prices and the suspension of imports of ‘ a number of production requirements, and consequently the burdens on professionals and contractors increased.

In turn, adviser Sami Mokhtar, a road safety expert and president of the Egyptian Association for the Welfare of Road Victims and Their Families, said: There is no doubt that the national dialogue, demanded by the political leadership, is an important and window event. to present what many institutions and individuals have struggled to achieve, and represent the goals of our dream.To achieve on the ground and indeed achieve part of it, but not to the extent we want.

Road Maintenance
In his meeting with Al-Akhbar, Mokhtar added that road accidents at world, Arab, African and local levels are among the biggest obstacles to development as they represent a social, economic and health problem.

In this regard, I must shed light on one of the most important solutions to reduce the rates of road accidents and achieve the greatest degree of road safety by first maintaining it, and in a hurry and briefly, to address this important project from our point of view. my capacity as President of the Egyptian Association for the Care of Road Victims and Their Families and the Road Safety Expert in To begin with, we must offer the elements of peace and safety on the road, which include the maintenance of the road, the car and the human element.

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