The collapse of services is driving the blockade of the government crisis


It was not surprising or surprising that the phenomenon of cutting off main roads and roundabouts in the heart of Beirut, as in a number of areas, returned to protest the deteriorating living and service conditions in several important public and private sectors, at a time when new waves of collapse rushed against the escalating political crisis. The ominous blockage in the corridors of the crisis created by the new government. The factor that most fears Lebanon is on the brink of a new maze of collapse is related to a new, dramatic decline in basic services, especially with regard to the extremely damaging development represented by the beginning of the closure. from thermal plants yesterday afternoon due to the worsening of the operational crisis and the financing of fuel for these plants. This electric collapse comes after other waves of collapse, including the crisis of the payment of salaries in the public sector and its delay, water cuts in the capital, and many other crises, around the great worrying question about any promised tourist season about which hope intensifies it, to paint. and dreams have been built to harvest at least three billion dollars, according to estimates. the people of power, and each time by the aggravation of the electricity disaster and other essential services.

As for the government’s political crisis, it has become clear, according to what was reported by Al-Nahar yesterday, that the political blockade has reached its peak due to the repercussions of the “Saraya Declaration” issued by the caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati and Foreign Affairs. Minister Abdullah Bou Habib on Hezbollah’s marches to the Karish field, although some data spoke of an ongoing process to combat the tensions that arise between Mikati and “Hezbollah” after this development. However, the scene of the writing process yesterday witnessed an overall paralysis, as no meeting was recorded regarding the government crisis, while data was distributed, even if not officially confirmed, about an escalating step that the Covenant and the “Free Patriotic Movement” is studying to push Mikati and push him to make a decisive choice to form a new government, and takes the President of the Republic’s instructions very seriously.

Amid the political stalemate, the most prominent development came through the return of the nightmare of a total eclipse, before information was leaked that evening about the attempt to secure the suspended funding for the factory operators. And the Lebanese Electricity announced that the operator of the Al-Zahrani and Deir Ammar laboratories had declared that he would stop performing his work due to his failure to receive his hard cash (cash dollars), according to Cabinet decisions no. 12 dated 14/04/2022 and No 171 dated 20/05/2022. This will mean that the Zahrani plant, which is currently the only thermal plant producing electricity on the grid, will be able to produce energy from yesterday afternoon.

It is reported that the payment of the amount due has entered the bazaar of messages exchanged between the Banque du Liban, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Energy, and official circles have postponed the Ministry of Finance and its bureaucracy, Al-Nahar, criticized. , which led to this delay.

That evening, the EDL announced in a new statement that, after being informally informed by the Banque du Liban, that it had the money from the operator of the Al-Zahrani and Deir Ammar laboratories in the hard currency paid which the corporation had previously sent to him, and was approved by the Ministry of Finance, The Electricité du Liban, as a result, immediately, by requesting the operator to re-employ the Al-Zahrani plant according to the production plan that in advance.

New race
Meanwhile, the repercussions of the maritime border demarcation file and the “Hezbollah” marches have not disappeared from the forefront of the political scene.

Last night, the Israeli army revealed that Iron Dome on Tuesday intercepted an additional Hezbollah drone en route to the Israeli gas platform Karish, and it was intercepted and shot down in Lebanese waters, far from the maritime border with Israel.

However, President Michel Aoun announced that “the period in which we will reach a solution regarding the demarcation of the maritime border file is short,” adding: “I think we have reached an understanding with the Americans, who are mediators between us. and Israel is. ” In an interview with OTV, Aoun said: “The results of the demarcation would be positive for the benefit of both parties, and if the atmosphere had not been positive, we would not have followed the negotiation process.” He pointed out that “the results of the tour of the caretaker government’s Minister of Energy and Water, Walid Fayyad, regarding the import of gas from Egypt and electricity from Jordan, are positive.”

On the other hand, the head of the Lebanese Power Party, Samir Geagea, believes that “Hezbollah” did not launch its marches to Karish to strengthen the government’s position, as he claims, but for two simple reasons: The first is because the negotiations that took place in Qatar between the United States and Iran did not lead to any result that prompted it. is not allowed, so this message was sent by Iran from Lebanon at the expense of its people. As for the second reason, it is to remind the Lebanese that “Hezbollah” is a resistance and can strike Israel and send marches after the Lebanese heard of its negative impact on the Lebanese sovereignty and living conditions. ” As for the presidency, Geagea called on “all opposition parties, including new MPs, independents and parties, to reach an understanding on a candidate other than that of the opposition.” The candidate of the current government, “and adds,” If we, as the opposition, do not reach an agreement on a single presidential name to fight the battle, then we will have the people’s trust granted to us was betrayed, and our work will only remain practical within the framework of similar permits to open the door to salvation for this people. “

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