The party’s invasion of the Sunni territories … Black money is forbidden!

It is said in “Central”:

This is not the first time Hezbollah has tried to invade Sunni and Jama’a territories. He had previously tried it on May 7 and was defeated, as well as on more than one occasion, occasion and failure. This time it seems that he began to realize his project by invading the territories of the Sunnis and the community by social and medical aid … In other words, he benefited from the situation of poverty and marginalization and the absence of all the elements of social resilience and infiltrated the homes of the Sunnis to capture them from the hand that hurts them: poverty and distress!

From Tire to the new road, to Tripoli and Akkar, Hezbollah seeks to extend its arms to help the poorest and most marginalized people of neighborhoods, whether from the state or from any institutions affiliated with religious or political references. Clearly, this gesture is starting to expand and expand after the attempt to recruit some families in the name of social assistance to later join the party in the name of work and social service!

The worrying thing is that the cities that Hezbollah put on the map of its conquests were known as “The Rebellion”, but it seems that they began to adapt to the reality of normalization with Hezbollah’s conquest in the light of the major political transformations and the social and economic crisis that casts its shadows on the homes of the poor to overwhelm them with a flood of distress and poverty. This scene is almost the title of the stage at the Tripoli arena, which is the spearhead of the Sunni league. “Only hunger is an unbeliever” is true. So what if hunger is associated with disease?

Just as the hepatitis virus has invaded the faces and bodies of Tripoli’s children and raised more than one question mark over the reasons for its spread in this city, which has been living in the epicenter of poverty and social neglect for decades and decades, so Hezbollah put his hand in to treat the injured by his medical staff. The “Cooperation” Association, affiliated with Hezbollah, provided assistance to the injured by providing medicine and serums to ensure the treatment of cases that necessitated their transfer to hospitals at the party’s expense and under the arrangement. of his Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah personally.

Writer and political analyst Ahmed Al-Ayoubi confirms that Hezbollah’s invasion is not limited to Tripoli, but appears in the media from the gate of the northern capital. He points out that this includes all the Sunni territories of Tire by the New Road and Tripoli, and not the end of Acre. This confirms the existence of “a solid plan to revitalize and market the so-called Resistance Brigade and a few other fronts.”

The hand of “goodness” includes everything that can be a guarantee for the party to attract the people of the Sunni regions, says Al-Ayoubi, and summarizes some of the projects of the invasions. In Tire, a Hezbollah minister inaugurated a solar project and leased it to the Lebanese Resistance Brigades. In Tariq al-Jadida, associations affiliated with the Umma movement launched a social aid campaign, as did the case in Tripoli and Akkar.

He does not blame the Mujua and the head of the house who testify to the empty stomachs of his children that they have accepted help from Hezbollah or the divorced person of any association, but so far there is no fear of the integration or acceptance of the majority of Sunni territories of any help from the party “even at the expense of starving it more and more.” Al-Ayoubi explains, “A percentage agreed to accept help from associations affiliated with Hezbollah in the complete absence of the state and its health institutions, but when they reached the people of the collapsed building in Dahr al-Maghar, the confrontation with the people and the affected people who refused any help from the party destroying the country, as they announced at their press conference.

Goals of the invasion? “Let us say that it is known,” Al-Ayoubi adds, “the attempt to normalize the Sunni community with the party and its illegal weapon, and not to object to its penetration of Sunni territories. achieve this by taking advantage of the great strategic vacuum by the coordinated withdrawal of Prime Minister Saad Hariri and deliberately leaving the arena for Hezbollah.Yes, a deliberate withdrawal.Otherwise, how can he explain his call for a boycott and his “Attack on the candidate lists, including current MP Ashraf Rifi and President Fouad Siniora? All this confirms what was needed to empty the arena for Hezbollah.”

What Al-Ayoubi fears is not that the Sunni public will be drawn into Hezbollah’s project, “but rather the exploitation of the state of poverty to bring about a security breach and the formation of groups of a security nature, except for the current.”

The existing efforts to confront and confront the current Tripoli MPs, including MPs Ashraf Rifi and Rami Feng, and the rest of the change MPs at the level of Lebanon as a whole, are somewhat reassuring, as well as the efforts that by President Fouad Siniora. away from the spotlight in terms of developing a plan and strategy for support and steadfastness, “but what is required is the safeguarding of The social pillars of steadfastness after all the old Sunni social institutions have been destroyed due to the insistence on one-sidedness of the political decision and the financial support of those who managed them. But I fear that the time for us is over, and that the current movement will be slower than the challenge, knowing that after the incident of the collapse of the building and the exposure of the invasion of Hezbollah, a campaign by mosque preachers and through social media to educate people and has had a positive impact, but words alone do not work and what is required is that there are practical solutions, because hunger is an unbeliever. ”

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