The “self-hatred” complex, as explained by Ibrahim Fanon .. Why do we betray homelands and friends?

In 1955, the Americans produced the emotional drama “Marty”. The film tells the life of an Italian-American young man named Marty, who works as a butcher and has reached middle age without love or marriage and without finding a wife who accepts it. him because he is “fat and ugly”, as he sees himself.

In one scene, he is sitting at the dinner table with his widowed mother, with whom he lives alone; Because all his brothers got married, he regrets his happiness and regrets his condition and tells his mother that he does not like what women like, and finds that he is ugly and fat with no beauty, no attractive body and no money , and he spends his time comparing himself to his brothers and others (everyone is happy and connected except me).

Regardless of the emotional dimension of Marty’s character, for which the actor (Ernest Borgnine) won an Oscar, he is a perfect case of a self-hating person, and he is not the only one, there are millions like him in this world.

self hatred

He lived in Algeria, a well-known black-skinned neurologist named (Franz Fanon) who came from the land of the Martinique Islands in the Caribbean Sea. Tunisia worked.

During this period, Fanon sought to study the relationship between the colonizer and the colonized, as well as the impact of colonialism on the people who owned the land. This is from a medical and psychiatric point of view, by taking advantage of his work and his effectiveness in this, and the case ended with the publication of his famous book (The Wretched of the Earth) in 1961, in which he set out in detail which he achieved.

Self-haters are characterized by a sudden and constant change in their mood and superficial personalities, and some of them turn their entrances away by paying attention to outward appearance and can succeed in their scientific and practical path.

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After his field and theoretical studies, Frantz Fanon was led to explain what happens in the minds of traitors and agents – and also in the minds of those like Marty – through what he called “self-hatred” as a psychological syndrome that arises in the mind of the individual due to intertwined factors that end in the implantation of the idea of ​​human self-hatred.

Frantz Fanon says: “Self-hatred over time results in hatred towards others. People who consider themselves inferior and distrustful cannot naturally love others on the principle that something is not given, so they resort to it – as a kind of revenge.- to try to convey what exists their being to the world.And here begins the behavior of betrayal, contempt, vitriol, excessive hatred, envy, and other various hostile behaviors of varying degrees of harm as a psychological response to the individual’s internal suffering, ”as the German writer and novelist Erich Maria Remarque says:“ Hate is one of the kinds of acids that destroy This acid does not distinguish between self-hatred or others who hate it.

Self-hatred stems from many reasons that all or some of them come together in a person, including difficult social and economic conditions, abnormal family education, lack of self-confidence due to a lack in shaping the individual’s personality since childhood and the harsh criticism what he constantly receives in his family and his environment, negative reaction to situations Negativity that a person experiences during his life, constant failure in social relationships, excessive focus on vitriolic reactions to his behavior and words, constant feeling of loneliness, shame and social anxiety, a person’s belief in his claim that he did not get, all these things make him believe that others hate him, reject him and carry him The impression that he is inferior in all respects to others, so the person eventually believes that he is a permanent disgrace, and a complex of inferiority is generated in him towards himself. In the end, man turns to forced total isolation from others, then the pain that is generated in him over himself makes him believe in the influence of the other on him, not only hates the patient himself, but also hates the other as cause and effect in the complex of “self-hatred” and attacks the other to defend himself.

Their self-haters are not just those traitors who sell their lands, but they surround us from all sides in every time and place, and most likely you have at least once in your life dealt with one of them, the self-hater may be your father or mother, it could be one of your family or friends. He may be a teacher with his students or a professor with his students, he may be a manager with his employees or a boss with his subordinates, he may be a writer with his readers or a doctor with his patients . He is that person who rejects his family and relatives and refuses to help others, criticizes everything his eyes look at and admires, destroys the dreams of every person he considers successful, dwarfs the achievements of others, regardless of their size, blames people and accuses them of absolute stupidity and bad intentions, and always questions the goals and objectives of people.He is someone who refuses to belong to anything and who refuses to participate in everything just because he despises everything that comes from others ; Because his primary purpose is to hate and destroy others.

Self-haters are characterized by the sudden and constant change of their mood and superficial personalities, and some of them turn their entrances away by paying attention to the outward appearance and can succeed in their scientific and practical path, but without a real upgrade in the nature of their personalities and way of thinking towards others, and some of them may possess certain talents but they do not care about it and see it as normal things in their eyes. Self-haters try with all their might to discourage the outside world and exert their selfishness and sadism on people.They envy, criticize, rebuke and bully, as far as they can, to convey their inner knots to the outside; Because they are not content to live alone is the pain of hate and hate, but it should rather be shared with others, and I think that is the only thing they really want to share with them.

These people may not be able to influence others on their own, and here they will turn to the side that is stronger than them, that serves their interests against those who are targeted, so the self-haters fall into the trap of the strong to respect. the weak, and this is what a group of people have done and are doing with the occupation through the history of the liberation movements against their people.

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