This child has become the most famous actor in the Arab world … and his daughter is among the 30 most famous artists in the world .. Who is he? !!

An artful page posted on a social networking platform, a photo of a very famous artist who is a 3-year-old child, and said that he is one of the most famous actors in the Arab world and his daughter is below the 30 most famous artists in the world.

This is Syrian star Salloum Haddad, whose rare photos of him as a young boy have been spread through a few artistic pages on social media platforms and sites.

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The photo garnered a large number of likes and comments, and followers and social media pioneers interacted with it, believing the attractive Syrian artist at that early age.

The big star Salloum Haddad, born in 1953, is a Syrian of Armenian origin. He joined the Syrian Artists Syndicate in August 1980. The artist, Salloum Haddad, is known as the “Knight of Arab Drama”.

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Haddad has won a number of awards, including the Best Leading Actor Award for the “Al Dawama” Series of the Cairo Arab Media Festival, and the Best Leading Actor Award for the “Letters of Love and War” Series of the Golf and Radio Festival Television Production.

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It is noteworthy that in the March 2020 issue of Forbes International, the magazine published a list of the 30 most famous artists in the world in the field of drawing and painting under the age of 30, and surprisingly, the name of Maryam Haddad, the daughter of the capable Syrian actor Salloum Haddad, is included in this list.

As Maryam studied at the Institute of Fine Arts in Damascus, graduated from there and then moved to the French capital, Paris, to complete her higher education.

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Plastic artist Maryam Salloum Haddad shares her drawings on her Instagram page, rarely publishing personal photos.

Salloum Haddad participates in the new Arabic series “The Board”

On the other hand, the series “The Board” will introduce a new dramatic work that will be filmed from the Emirati capital Abu Dhabi, with the participation of a large group of stars of the Arab world, and it is the new work of author Hozan Akko after his most prominent work “The Platform”, which was shown in 3 parts The past few years it has been very successful.

Hozan Akko, the Syrian writer, posted on his Instagram account a new photo of the scenes of the preparations for the series “The Board”, the latest drama he is preparing to film during this period, and of which the idea a state of ambiguity about the things that control the fate of man and do not know it, and Hawazen Akko revealed about Some information about the series, which confirmed that a large number of stars from Syria and the Arab world to the action championship will take place, led by artist Bassem Yakhour, Salloum Haddad and Nadine Tahsin Bek.

The series “The Board” will soon announce new names who will take part in it, according to the explanation of Hozan Akko, who also confirmed that he will direct the series, and writes: “The work houses a constellation of stars who will announce successively produced by Dionysia Studio, written and directed by Hozan Akko, the Syrian writer’s announcement received much attention from the stars who congratulated him on this step and the important event, including artist Joan Al- Khader, Samer Ismail, Marwa Al-Atrash, Tarfa, and others.

The board series “The Board” is considered to be the latest work by author Hozan Akko after the series “The Platform”, which was shown in 3 parts and written by him, and the artist Bassem Yakhour and Salloum Haddad also participated in it, while the board series “The Board” is a new collaboration that brings together the trio of Abu Dhabi, in which the series “The Platform” was also filmed, and the series in its three parts achieved great success at public and critical levels, specifically after it was shown on the “Netflix” platform, and it was at the top of the trend of the most watched works in more than one country.

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