To Arafat Allah – The Week

On you, my God, I have come to respond. God bless my argument and my plea.

I came to you when I was forced, and I came to you crying. God forbids you to respond crying

. It’s enough for me to be proud to be a slave of yours. My joy is to become a loyal slave

. I came without your presence being desired. And he is not afraid of those who seek your presence, seeking

. Beck, my God, I came with hope .. the salvation of my heart from my sins

Years ago, God honored me with the pilgrimage. And whenever the spiritual opportunity returns, my soul longs for God’s Arafat. My husband and I went and felt that the invitation was divine, and that the person who issued the invitation pleased us every step of it. I was planning to perform Umrah two years ago. I paid the travel expenses to one of the NGOs, which was named Better Life for Better Youth. But it was never the best

Long days of waiting after the preparation of the ihram clothes and bag and promises to travel once the visa was obtained, which did not arrive on time, with the change of travel conditions of the person responsible for the association. And recover the amounts paid after half of them were deducted from the administrative fees, and even my young daughter at the time tore up the riyals we had saved for a trip that did not take place. ”

At that time, I cried heartily because the dream of Umrah and to visit my loved one has been in my mind since I was thirteen years old. At that time, my grandfather, may God have mercy on him, returned from the Hajj and he told me about that bright journey, and he singled me out for the rest of the grandchildren with a book on the rituals of Hajj. Since then, this book has not left me

The most important thing is that the visa came to find me between one day and one night invited by the Lord of the Worlds to be among the guests of the Most Merciful. How do I know? “Procedures end in a jiffy. Money comes from here and there, and strange situations happen to me, the summary of which is one thing I would say to anyone who knows that I travel for Hajj, as I used to. to say, “Our Lord intends that I will perform Hajj.”

We traveled to Madinah with the easy invitation of a friend of Omar’s. Her sister recommended that we stay there and provide a hotel so that the friend’s sister would provide her home for the guests of the Most Merciful. There our first destination was the “Habibi” Mosque, the Messenger of Grace, the crowd was fierce, and the Muslims came from all sides, eager to see the beloved and pray in the honorable nursery school, which gathered all who I knew. Bakr and Omar, may God be pleased with them. Oh, what is this splendor and comfort that you feel while you are next to the beloved, “as if you possessed the world and what is in it”

At dawn we had to visit the Quba Mosque because of its great merit, as the Prophet Muhammad said in it: Whoever cleanses himself in his house, then goes to Quba Mosque and prays there, will have the reward of Umrah. Umrah and Hajj

So that the easy journey of light continues, and we repeat with our hearts before our tongue to You, O God, to You

And amidst the joy, tears fell with the sound of the Friday call to prayer and the sight of the Kaaba and that violent tremor you feel in your heart, why not while you are in the Holy Mosque. And before the old house my tears fall and I find great anxiety fill my heart and why not while I am in the “House of God” the first house erected for people, we started the circle while repeating to You, o God, to You. Beck, you have no partner, for Beck is praise and mercy for you and the kingdom. You have no partner

The circumambulation does not distinguish between one nationality and another.The Egyptian man and woman are next to him, the American, the Chinese, the Japanese, the white and the black. Everyone comes to Ihram in his white unstitched clothes. Men and women, you do not know which of them is the ruler and who is the poor, all came to invoke the Lord of the Great Throne and to greet this ancient house through the perimeter of seven circles to perform. A greeting to the Holy Mosque, whose greeting is by circumference and not by praying two rak’ahs in his area.

Around, everyone is crying out for longing and greed, and some of them are crying for crying. In this scene, you only hear the word of “Lord,” which comes from the heart. I turned around while I was in the last revolution and found next to me a sheikh who was older than seventy, who was moving with difficulty and moving away with his eyes fixed on the Kaaba. He murmured to them with incomprehensible words and tears. his face. He did not know whether he had been oppressed, pleading for a grievance, or whether he had come unjustly, weeping with remorse while asking for forgiveness and forgiveness alone. My Lord knows what is in the hearts

From the perimeter and its seven circles to Al-Safa and Al-Marwa, seven more, beginning with Al-Safa and ending with Al-Marwa, we remember what our mother Hajar did while fighting between them, in search of a drink of water and safety for her and her son Ismail, peace be upon him. To end the quest and increase the blessing by doing the afternoon prayer in Marwa. Let’s drink after the end of the quest a little Zamzam water, that blessed water for which you can not get an explanation, and which as soon as it sinks into your stomach until you feel satiated and at ease. We completed the Umrah and prayed Maghrib and Isha in the Holy Mosque, in which the prayer is equivalent to one hundred thousand prayers and is equivalent to the prayer of about fifty-five years.

The next day we left for the Hajj rituals, to begin the journey with repentance and repentance for every sin we had committed. Each of us wants to continue to return from his journey, like the day his mother gave birth to him again. We bypass the Kaaba at seven m. After your Ihram you go to Mecca, where you go to the Holy Mosque to bypass the Kaaba. House seven circuits of the Arrival Circumambation. From there to Mina, where we spent the day of Tarwiyah and prayed the prayers there, in a palace without gathering, and spent the night in the desert. After sunrise, let’s go to Arafat, “Oh, Arafah.” How does it feel while flying like a butterfly in the midst of a crowd you do not feel because you are in the company of the Most Merciful? We were not weak in Arafah as we prayed to our Lord to forgive us and accept us from His repentant servants. The scene in Arafat can not be forgotten by groups of pilgrims, and people running around you to serve the pilgrims of the House of God.

From Arafat to Muzdalifah, then the Day of Sacrifice and the Great Pilgrimage, then to Mina, we throw 7 beads as big as a fingertip, which you throw in the face of the accursed Satan. We throw without a prayer in the first and pray in the second and third without asking why we do it. Rather, we perform the rituals as God has commanded us, contented and satisfied. Let us then go to the Kaaba again, circumvent seven times, then pray two rak’ahs behind the sanctuary of Abraham, then seven times to Safa and Marwah, and from there to (Mina) to spend the night there .. The days of Tashreeq and throwing stones will pass. So the Hajj ends with the farewell circumambulation around the Kaaba, and the tears return this time, eager to return, even if you have not left yet

Seven runs in the farewell of the farewell, which was the end of our reign in the Holy House. Let us go into the heart, long for the meeting again and the blessing will come with us in what we spent in the Hajj, and as our noble Messenger said: “Hijjah and the architecture, and God is glorified and exalted, give them what they asked, They did not spend the dirham a thousand.” … God accepts those who come to your house this year went. And make us among your visitors, always and forever, and repeat for You, O God, for You

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