We laid the first building blocks for the reform road in Lebanon

Aoun in the future Director of Alvarez & Marsal in charge of forensic audit Daniel James (Dalati and Nahra)

The Lebanese presidency announced today, Thursday, that “the regional director of the criminal audit company” Alvarez and Marsal “James Daniel has informed President Michel Aoun that the company has already started the forensic audit at the Central Bank on 27 June 2022. , after the collection of data and information and the required documents have been completed, ie approximately two years and three months after the decision taken by the Council of Ministers to carry out this audit.

The Lebanese president expressed his satisfaction with the recent state of affairs regarding the issue of forensic auditing with the start of the company’s teamwork, during his reception at the Republican Palace, Daniel, together with Minister of Finance in the caretaker government Youssef Khalil, the government commissioner at the Banque du Liban Christelle Wakim, and minister former judge Salim Jreissati, and chief director of the presidency of the Republic, Antoine Choucair.

Aoun stressed that “the first building block of the reform path, on which he has insisted for more than two years and three months, has been laid, which means that the reform process will not stop after today, and that accountability will take place at all levels.”

The Lebanese presidency said in a statement that, “During the meeting, the issue of submitting the files and documents required was submitted to the company allowing it to carry out its audit work, and Aoun stressed that its compliance of this issue stems from his zeal to achieve law and justice in determining responsibility for the funds deprived. ” The Lebanese people of it, and of all those who have abused in this case against Lebanon and its people and directly contributed to the aggravation of the financial and economic crisis for more than two years. “

President Aoun expressed his reassurance that “the reform process has actually begun and will not stop after today, even if the issue took longer than it should have due to the artificial obstacles, but in the end things have reached where it had to be. “

Since the onset of the economic crisis in the country at the end of 2019, the Lebanese authorities have not taken any reform measures leading to the return of direct international cash aid to the state, while support has been limited to the humanitarian, health and food side in first place, and criminal audit was one of the basic demands for the return of international confidence in Lebanon, which yesterday The need for material assistance in the face of the collapse, which despite the passage of 3 years was unable to to stop whether Lebanese officials have rather taken a series of measures and decisions that increased the burdens and costs of the crisis, for which the citizens paid.

Lebanon first signed a contract with the criminal audit firm in September 2020, before withdrawing from the company months later for failing to obtain the information and documents required by the Central Bank, which at the time was a conflict between the President of the Republic and the government led by Hassan Diab on the one hand and Governor of the Banque du Liban Riad Salameh, before the company returned and resumed its work, knowing that stumbling block was the master of all stages.

The Minister of Finance in the caretaker government led by Najib Mikati Youssef Khalil returned and signed a contract with the company in September 2021, and the Ministry of Finance said in a statement at the time that the company would submit the initial report within 12 weeks from the date of commencement of work by his team.

On that day, Aoun said that “the criminal financial audit was reached after 20 months of sustained and daily efforts to achieve it, and it responds to the Lebanese right to the causes of economic, financial, social and living collapse to know what plagued the country and its people. ”

Aoun also assured the Lebanese at the time that “the last year of my term will be the year of real reforms, after it could not be achieved due to the preference of some concerned for their personal interests and they formed a system that the doors in the face of any reform, which provided protection for the corrupt and the perpetrators. “

It should be noted that the term of the Lebanese president remains for about 3 months, as it ends at the end of October 2022, and the country has not yet seen any significant reforms, and the international community continues to call on Lebanese politicians to launch urgent and urgent reforms to curb the collapse, and the Lebanese government is still in it. The caretaker stage has not yet been able to form the new prime minister Najib Mikati due to the political battle over ministerial portfolios, which is also stepping up any reform and threatening negotiations with the International Monetary Fund.

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