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Entrepreneur has published an article by Leanne Kacharovsky, who specializes in writing about beginners, technology, marketing, psychology and entrepreneurship, to help young leaders become independent and have a positive impact on society.

Kacharovsky began his article by saying that while young leaders have a vision and a goal for innovation and change, starting a business is not a walk in a park; It takes a lot of preparation, and he asked young people to try to answer the 10 questions below before embarking on their entrepreneurial journey:

Why do you want to start your own business?

Social media exaggerates and distorts entrepreneurship, because it’s really about building a business that solves a problem for the consumer, and not about driving beautiful cars or posting beautiful photos on these media. True entrepreneurship is the exact opposite of what we see on social media.

Do we need a certain level of happiness, genetics and the environment around us to be entrepreneurs? Yes of course. The choice comes in the decision to find people who have needs, desires and issues for which you can offer a solution, a choice that each of us has to make about how much we want to solve that problem, how obsessed we are with that solution, and how well we are willing to go to work to serve customers well. .

Which problem particularly affects you?

If you want a viable business, it is important to have a clear mission. Given the purpose of your project, you will need to know the real needs of your area. Start by doing market research to understand what people encounter on a daily basis and what they expect as solutions.

In addition to solving the business also comes personal and emotional responsibility; That is, to shape and develop ourselves so that we can deal with constant pressure and problems and maneuvering. This means developing a personal awareness of our shortcomings and compensating those who make smart business decisions, thus balancing planning and strategies with excellent actual execution.

What do you want to achieve?

Describe your ideal project, and imagine how it can thrive completely, ignoring current constraints. Through this exercise, plan for yourself 1 year from now and 2 to 3 years later, and define as precisely as possible what you would like to achieve by achieving this project Even if you are in the early stages of construction it is very important to think about your vision and mission and your goals.

Do you have the skills to implement your project?

You cannot influence the world with beautiful values ​​alone; To venture this path means to change your way of life, sometimes in a radical way, and it is necessary to identify your strengths and talents; These are the skills you have and are at your disposal.

On one side of the list, keep those skills you already have. On the other hand, learn the general skills needed to complete the project. From this point on, you will be able to see if you need specific certification, the ways in which you can learn these skills or even how you are going to train.

Determining the right skills also includes deciding which skills you will benefit from and which ones you will be looking for externally (e.g. finding a partner, considering partnerships with other professionals).

What are your needs?

To make your project a reality you will have many needs, such as: a sense of support, a professional network, and the most important money to start your business. Once you have listed your needs, assess what you currently have.

Once you have a clear idea of ​​the needs you need to meet, it’s time to act or seek outside help. Sometimes you have to turn to people around you who can help.

Who can help you?

Once you have identified your needs and got a clearer idea of ​​them, it’s time to evaluate your network of relationships (both personal and professional), and you definitely have people around who can help you in some way, so do not t delay to contact them.

Ask them to join you at a meeting or over the phone where you can exchange views with them and get their feedback on your project. The success of any entrepreneurial venture depends to a large extent on the quality of your professional network. However, do not forget to support your own circle (family and friends).

Another way to find the right support is to browse the help, training and support programs available in your city or area for entrepreneurs. You can find such programs on the internet.

Is your project viable in the long run?

Starting a business is good, but being able to make a living from it is even better. It is necessary to question the feasibility of your project, to see if you will be able to make a living from it and if it will succeed; The only way is to test it. The number one reason for business failure is the lack of need in the market, hence the importance of analyzing your market and testing your idea in your area as soon as possible.

Study your market situation?

As you study the market, you can see if there is a real need for your product or service. The term “market research” can often be intimidating, but rest assured, it is far from impossible, thanks to the tools that digital technology offers.

The critical question in market study is competition. Instead of seeing it as an external threat to your project, try to see it as a reality and an opportunity, and instead of reinventing the wheel Take advantage of what is already being done in the market, and think about what you can do differently (eg for example: adopt a different approach or method, or emphasize your talents and experiences, or find a unique style of communication).

Who are your customers?

When you sell to everyone, you do not sell to anyone! It is necessary to predefine the typical profile of your customers; In other words, divide them. Once you have completed the theoretical analysis of your goal, you will need to validate the theory on the ground through interviews.

How would you test your idea / activity?

Many entrepreneurs wait until they get the perfect offer before starting their business. There is no point in launching a product or service that no one wants, and instead of waiting for everything to become perfect, think about how you can test your idea as soon as possible (for example: gather a community to you, create your content, create a landing page, etc. what). This will let you know if the project is worth investing the extra time, money and energy into.

A business incubator is also a very interesting device; It provides a safe opportunity to test your work in real life. Discover organizations in your city or region that can help you correct missing points in your project and help you grow quickly.

Entrepreneurship is definitely a complicated path when you are not fully prepared. However, with the help of digital preparation, communication and good planning, you will be able to evaluate your business idea, create a business model and validate your idea through testing.

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