Algeria recovers interest in split file. Rajab Abu Sariya

Not because it is the sister of Palestine, because the sisters of Palestine from the Arab countries are many, but because it has long suffered from colonialism that lay on its chest for one hundred and thirty years, and because its independence was expensive , for what it paid one and a half million martyrs.Palestina, the people, the leadership and the factions exchanged all sincere feelings of brotherhood.
Palestine preserves all the good memories. On the land of free and independent Algeria, Palestinian reunification took place after five years of internal strife by the Eighteenth National Unification Council, and from its ground the immortal leader Yasser Arafat announced the declaration of independence, and on his On the sixtieth day of independence, Algeria brought together both President Mahmoud Abbas and his accompanying delegation, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, and a number of his associates.
Although the scene is not new, and it did not come in any case, and the internal Palestinian situation is at its worst, because despite the continuation of the internal divisions, the internal relations do not witness tension or media- strife, as was the case in the early years of the division, but the scene came after a stagnation It has been going on for more than a year, on the water of reconciliation and the end of the division, to the extent that many of us believed that “frustration” in the hearts of the Palestinians as a result of all previous failed attempts to end the division, and that everyone has become accustomed to the existing situation, so that the success of Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, By President Bringing together Abbas and the head of Hamas, even on the occasion of Algeria’s independence, he intends to remind us of the need to resolve that file, without which it is difficult or even impossible for P alestina to achieve its independence and liberation from the yoke of the Israeli occupation.
Although Algeria did not announce anything about what happened on this issue, the closest thing to logic is that the two sides of the internal equation responded to Algeria’s invitation to take part in its celebration of its Independence Day, given the love of the general Palestinian people. for the Arab sister, who remains steadfast in her vow of loyalty to Palestine, and that taking the photo in which President Tebboune met for President Abbas and Haniyeh was nothing more than a compliment, or even a gift from the Algerian president to his people who are eager to give all they can to Palestine, and they realize that there is nothing more precious than to end the division in the hearts of Palestine, Palestinians, in these days leading up to Eid al-Adha.
But because Algeria is struggling to achieve that goal, which more than one Arab capital, especially Cairo, has previously sought without success, and despite this, Algeria has been trying to break into the impossible by the factions since the beginning of the year. to invite. , successively, to search for this file, which was intended to crown By meeting the internal summit, to announce the good news, which means that Algeria is not yet discouraged, and that it is still trying, and here it recalls this file after it seemed to have been included in the folds of oblivion.
And if the renewal of hope for the termination of the division has become difficult, after all the previous attempts, there is no other alternative, and to keep that file in circulation is considered a positive thing. Rather, it is seen as a political card in the hands of the Palestinians. leadership in particular, while preparing to receive the US President after about a week from now, and in light of the Israeli situation that has returned to face internal paralysis again, and led by Yair Lapid , the government faces the most important challenge, which is to leave the right track that closed the doors of a political solution, almost a decade ago.
In fact, the Palestinian leadership, which has been seeking for years to force Israel to accept the agreements signed between them and the PLO, needs a pressure card that goes further or is added to the threat of implementing the decisions of the Central Council, which includes the withdrawal of the recognition of Israel, until Israel recognizes a state of Palestine, and not just the PLO, and to stop all forms of security coordination between the two sides, as well as to pressure Washington to fulfill its previously announced promises regarding the opening of its consulate in Jerusalem, and the return of political deals with the MTF, as well as pushing back the wheel of negotiations, according to The Road to International Legitimacy, and which stipulates in the agreements between the two sides word.
There is no stronger card than the end of the division, and more serious, on the Israeli side, and the case with Algeria does not seem impossible, because the Arab brother does not have special accounts, which he is only trying to grow through the eyes of its people, and nothing but to see an independent Palestine, as is the case Algeria, after long hardship and trouble.
This is possible after the Palestinian Authority tried to open the door to negotiations without “Hamas”, and it faced every repulsion and rejection, not only by Israel, but by the Republican and Democratic White House administrations, although with a difference in only the degree of repulsion, and after Hamas tried with Turkey and Qatar, and before them with Syria and Iran, the siege of Gaza broke, and it was proved to all that the approaching Jerusalem and the West Bank from the moment of liberation from the occupation in the face of division is an illusion and impossible.It has also been proven that breaking the siege on Gaza, without the cloak of The PLO, the government and the official leadership is nothing but an illusion that does not throw ashes in the eyes.
That is, it is possible, even on the basis of current political calculations, and not on the basis of long-term national calculations, and under Algerian protection, on which all Palestinian parties are unanimous, that we approach, or at least dream of, consensus within the general unity framework, that is to say, to end the division, even within the framework The general, which unites geography and brings the factions together, even in a federal and not just unity form, especially since Hamas itself has finally realizing the need to neutralize Gaza not only from the circle of flames with the occupation, but also from the circle of regional conflict.
It is possible to agree on a formula that was reached in any case on the eve of internal unity before the split, and after the opposition against Oslo entered the circles of power in 2006, and ended with the formation of the tenth government , which was led by Ismail Haniyeh himself, and under President Mahmoud Abbas, with amendments. This could happen in the government formation, where its mission is to preserve Gaza as a lever for the national project, by developing it, breaking the siege on it, and launching popular resistance in all its forms in Jerusalem and the West Bank. , with which can change the reality of the situation, not only in Palestine, but with what can rearrange the maps of all the big and small players in the whole region.

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