Golf News | Semi-automatic technology determines offside positions in the 2022 World Cup

FIFA has announced its intention to use semi-automatic technology to determine offside positions in World Cup matches The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, from the first day of the tournament, which coincides with November 21, to support referees and video referees to make faster and more accurate decisions after successful use of Video Technology Assistant for Russia 2018, FIFA President Gianni Infantino announced in a 2020-2023 vision speech. The Federation aims to exploit all possibilities and efforts to exploit technology in football and develop Video Assistant technology, and since then – that is to say three years ago – and “FIFA” has strived to continue the use of technology to the benefit of the game.

FIFA has invested time over the past few years in improving VAR and semi-automated technology to accurately determine burglary positions, through its diligent work with its various partners, and on They are led by the Foundation for Excellence in Innovation and Technology Service Providers.

This new technology uses 12 cameras installed under the stadium roof to detect the movement of the ball, and up to 29 data points running at 50 times per second, assigned to each player on the field, to determine the exact position in which the players were to calculate, these data points also include the players’ limbs and its limits related to offside status.

In addition to the above, the official Adidas Ball for the 2022 Qatar Championship, nicknamed The Journey, will play an additional vital role in detecting difficult burglary cases, it will be equipped with an inertial measurement unit sensor to send all motion data. The ball is sent to the VCR at a speed of 500 times per second, which will allow it to know exactly where it was kicked. By combining player track data with ball data and applying artificial intelligence techniques, The semi-automatic technology ‘ provides an automatic alert to the video and match officials when an offside attacker receives the ball from a teammate In the team, the video referees check the offside positions suggested by the program with a view to where the ball was kicked. The sideline before notifying the Referee of the decision. , and this whole delicate process takes no more than a few. Just seconds.

After the referees confirm the offside decision, the program is issued based on data and coordinates collected by 3D simulations, which perfectly show the position of players’ limbs the moment the ball is played, this 3D animation will be on the stadium’s giant screens are displayed. made available to FIFA’s partner broadcasting organizations to display on their screens in the most obvious way.

The semi-automatic stealth technology and ball data collection technology have been tested in many test events in FIFA tournaments, such as the 2021 FIFA Arab Cup and the Club World Cup “FIFA” 2021, and it has shown the extent of its success and effectiveness, and it has greatly contributed to the support of the video referees in Making more accurate offside decisions and in a shorter period of time.

The MIT Sport Laboratory also analyzed and validated the data collected from the examinations that were sometimes conducted and the program was linked to the internet and other times it was separate from it and approved by the University of Victoria in its procedures. Prove validity of limb- to detect technology scientifically, a research team at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich offers more ideas on the technological capabilities of multi-camera detection systems, and we will conduct more tests in the next few months To refine this program before applying it as a global standard for new technology in football. We will provide the qualified teams for Qatar 2022 with all the details related to the preparations for this program and the technology that carries the ball in a workshop. The work of the teams held in Doha on 4 and 5 July, and then we share it with the football fans all over the world.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino said: “We have taken a bold step in this year’s World Cup 2018 by using video assistant technology in the then largest world theater, and this technology has proved successful without any dispute, and the semi -automatic infiltration technology is nothing more than a development of the video assistant system applied to the scientist in various tournaments. This technology is the result of three years of research and testing to provide the best for teams, players and fans. The arrivals to Qatar late this year, and we are so proud of this work that we look forward to seeing the benefits of the world. in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, and FIFA will commit to leveraging technology in The benefit of improving the football game at all levels, and what is the use of semi-automatic technology to infiltrate the Qatar World Cup, is the best proof of that. ”

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